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What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

By jdgretz ·
So just what do we like to drive and why?

I currently own a 2005 Acura TSX with the Navigation system - completely spoiled by this one.

My all time favorite was my 1972 240Z (sold it at 10 years old with 268,000 miles on the odo and it would still outrun most of the competition. Closely followed by a '64 Mini.

Least favorite - 2004 PT Cruiser. A blast to drive, but not comfortable, poor mileage (only 24.5 on the road).

Most dissapointing - 2000 Chevy Impala. Loved the car until it needed major engine and transmission work at 5 years and 128K miles.

Other stuff(tm) I've owned included 62 Corvair Spyder (tuned to 225hp delivered to the wheels), '69 Olds 442, MGB, 66 Mustang, 60 something Dodge Truck, VW Sirocco, Porsche **4 and **1s.

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The List...

by jkaras In reply to What vehicle do you drive ...

1. '68 Camaro Deluxe interior all number matched was my first car at 16. My dad went to "look" at it to disuade me from my "pipe dream". Low and behold my dad bought it on sight and talked the old man selling it down to an affordable price since it was going to be my first car. It was stolen after 6 months in front of school and was never recovered. My dad was soo angry about it being stolen because he loved it more than me.( the amount of affection towards the car not the car before me) There were only 890 cars made in 68 with deluxe interiors and we were the second owners.
2. the '68 Camaro aka Hot rod, or The Beast. This was my replacement, never have I enjoyed more fun and more pain from a car. This car was Christine. It didnt like loosing to other cars in races. Somehow it beat cars that it shouldnt, it would drop down a gear and rev higher than normal against faster cars. This car was always breaking down and I never could restore it over the 17 years I owned it. I finally sold it a year and a half ago because I couldnt bear to see it waste away not taking care of it, it was a really sad day when I sold it.
3. Now I own a '97 Accord. This has been the best car I've ever owned except for getting hit by every idiot in Orlando. Six times, no lie and I've never got hurt once even during a broadside hit that the little car never spun out. This car has given me the least headaches ever owned by a car. Sure it's boring and has odd issues but this is the most solid car I've ever owned, no regrets. One day I'll get another Hot rod, but now it's all about dependability and just key turn and I'm gone baby.

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Practical cars mostly

by RexWorld In reply to What vehicle do you drive ...

I tend to own practical cars. Currently driving a 2003 Honda CR-V. Yes, a mini-suv or "cute-ute" as they're sometimes called. Decent compromise between mileage (21 mpg city) and size (spacious rear cargo area).

Favorite was the Inifinti G20t I owned before this CR-V. Sporty fun, loved the climate control system and leather seats. Also loved having a stick shift until I started commuting in the city then it became a drag.

Least favorite was the 4-cylinder Ford Mustang. What a travesty, having a car with the Mustang name yet a weak 4-banger under the hood.

First vehicle was a Mazda B2000. Loved that little red pick-up, got me thru college and my first couple jobs.

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Saab 93

by mcdonjer In reply to What vehicle do you drive ...

I have a 2003 Saab 93. The GM designed Saab. Nice car it is currently in the body shop with $14,000 worth of damage after some chick tried to make a left into it. I can't wait until the lease is up as it has too many little nagging problems. My fav is either my 73 Beetle that I should have never sold, or my 1990 Audo 90 20V Quattro that was awsome to drive, but a money pit to maintain. I still miss that car.

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by NoCubes4Me In reply to Saab 93


Emotionally, I loved my 1978 Saab 99 Turbo and my first Jetta GLI (1987) about the best. They were the most fun to drive, and gave excellent service (over 200K each).

Technically, I've liked my 1999 Volvo S80 and my 1985 VW Jetta TurboDiesel best. Again, they're a pleasure to drive, and are surprisingly well built. Both returned surprising mileage - I expected good mileage from the diesel, but it was a treat to drive as much as any other Jetta. The Volvo's just plain odd. It's a 200+ hp 6-cylinder, weighs nearly 4000 pounds, and has an automatic, but turns 28 MPG dependably and better on highway trips (as high as 32+). Why can't more vehicles behave this way?

Overall... my very favorite vehicle was my 1979 VW bus. No real reason other than because. You had to drive it to appreciate it, because it sure wasn't pretty (neither was the Saab, but that's a wholly different kind of driving).

Least favorite is a three-way tie: any Chevrolet Cavalier, a Dodge Omni, and a 1994 Buick LeSabre. All pieces of crap.

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Car or bike?

by DC Guy In reply to What vehicle do you drive ...

Favorite vehicle of all time: 1969 Triumph TR6R, 650cc road bike. Yeah it leaked oil all over my feet, had marginal electrics, and a mean time between failure of around 8,000 miles. But it was the sweetest piece of machinery I've ever owned. The only motorcycle that never went down. I felt like it was part of me and it would have gone straight up to the moon if I'd pointed it that way. I've had about six BMWs and if I ever got up the nerve to get on a motorcycle again I'd probably get another one, but when I have dreams about motorcycling I'm riding a Triumph.

Favorite car: 1987 Toyota Supra. Very similar experience. Did everything I told it to and did it perfectly. Drove it like a maniac and could never even get the tires to squeal, much less break loose. Unfortunately it wasn't the legendary bulletproof Toyota because I bought an dealer "executive car" that hadn't been well treated. The bottom end went out at about 80,000 miles. I thought about getting a rebuilt engine for $6,000 and I still wish I'd done it. I would never have ended up with the Worst Car that you'll read about shortly.

Least favorite bike: 1964 Maico 250cc. Maico was famous for off-road machines and I should have realized what that meant. There were about a hundred of these in the whole country and they all burned out the same part at the same time. An old-fashioned mix-the-oil-in-the-gas two-stroke single. Noisy, dirty, chain drive, 18 horsepower, cramped seat, mediocre brakes, tiny lights, all the things that people used to hate about motorcycles whether they were riding them or sharing the road with them.

Least favorite car: 1989 Porsche 928-S4. I bought this car in 2002 with a mere 95,000 miles and then all **** broke loose. Apparently it was designed to run 100,000 miles and then you're supposed to trade it in for an impressive newer model, stupid. The first 3,000 miles were a trip all the way across the country and it was one of the most pleasant experiences I ever had. It wouldn't quite out-corner the Toyota or out-road-feel the motorcycle, but it was just so effortless, it was like driving in a dream. And it would out-accelerate anything I'd ever had. Step on the gas to pass a couple of big rigs on a twisty mountain road, the next thing I look down at the speedometer and I've been going 125mph on a road I never would have deliberately hit 80 on, without any sense of exceeding the car's limits. But then it needed a new torque tube ($900 plus THREE FULL DAYS labor, they had to practically dismantle the entire car to get at it), all the electronics disintegrated, it has a stupid PLASTIC RADIATOR--everything on the car was designed for lightness so it could outperform a Corvette, and they sacrificed durability and even common sense for that goal. I calculated that it cost me $1.50 per mile JUST FOR REPAIRS, plus gas, insurance, and another fifty cents a mile for depreciation. Nobody was stupid enough to buy it from me, I had to wholesale it to a mechanic.

What I'm driving now? Don't laugh. A 1980 Mercedes-Benz 300SD turbodiesel. The big body with the turbocharged 5-cylinder oil-burner. A sizzling 100 horsepower in a 4,000 pound car. Had it for years, it will run forever. It handles like it's on rails, motors along perfectly adequately at cruising speed althought it's not very peppy off the line, has an amazing turning radius designed for cramped German hotel underground parking lots, will protect me against being run into by a naive SUV owner without a truck driver's license, has a trunk that will hold a small elephant, and gets 23mpg. And people still come over to me in parking lots and say what a dang fine looking car it is! The most beautiful sedan body Daimler-Benz ever designed. After that other German car? I simply love it.

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Don't drive much, but...

by sMoRTy71 In reply to What vehicle do you drive ...

I currently drive a black 2001 Wolfsburg edition Jetta with the 1.8T engine. I love the car; however, my commute is only about 4 miles each way, so I don't drive it much. After almost 5 years of ownership, I only have 29K miles on it.

My favorite (and least favorite) car was my 1974 Dodge Dart Swinger that I got in college (in the early 90's). It was bright yellow with a black top. Could seat about 15 people comfortably and could hit very hard objects without denting.

I loved that car right up until it died (rear differential fluid leak) on the interstate as I was returning to school after Thanksgiving break. Had to hike a couple of miles to a gas station and wait for my dad to make the drive to pick me up, transfer all of my stuff to his car and then return to school carless. Bummer.

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Any pickup truck drivers?

by M_a_r_k In reply to What vehicle do you drive ...

2002 Ford F-150 Super Cab. Best of all worlds unless you want luxury or crap-in-your-pants acceleration. Seats five adults or you can put the back seat down to provide as much inside cargo room as a small SUV. Pickup bed extremely useful for hauling everything from rocks to furniture to pillows. Engine has plenty of power for towing. Flexible enough to use on the ranch or in the city. It's even high enough to drive over curbs and through ditches if you're ever stuck in traffic. Only negative is the gas mileage. And it's kinda hard to maneuver in tight spaces.

My backup is a 1992 Ford Explorer. Not a bad vehicle but I don't see any advantages to having a SUV over a super-cab pickup.

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by puppybreath In reply to Any pickup truck drivers?

Just recently bought a Honda Ridgeline. The only pickup truck with a trunk and the comfort of a Honda Accord. It only tows 5,000 lbs. but that's enough for me.

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Interesting coincidence

by M_a_r_k In reply to Yep

I saw a TV commercial for a Ridgeline yesterday. First time I heard of this thing. It reminds me of the Chevrolet Avalanche. The Avalanche has more towing capacity I think. 5000 lb towing is more than enough for most people. Those Avalanche/Ridgeline types of SUV/pickups might be even more versatile than my super-cab pickup. It's a different body style than people are used to and it will take a while for people to get used to their looks though.

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Escalade EXT

by Surflover In reply to Interesting coincidence

Extremely versatile, all the plus's of the supercab and all the gingerbread of a seville... and a lot of power (7.5L) ...not my favorite vehicle though... the only vehicle I ever kept more than a year was an 87 Jeep Wrangler, ragtop, 4.2L 6cyl., 5sp, 4WD (Chrysler's first year)... I used it as my daily driver for over 7 years (wish I'd never sold it)...

I love ragtop sports cars too...

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