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    What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?


    by jdgretz ·

    So just what do we like to drive and why?

    I currently own a 2005 Acura TSX with the Navigation system – completely spoiled by this one.

    My all time favorite was my 1972 240Z (sold it at 10 years old with 268,000 miles on the odo and it would still outrun most of the competition. Closely followed by a ’64 Mini.

    Least favorite – 2004 PT Cruiser. A blast to drive, but not comfortable, poor mileage (only 24.5 on the road).

    Most dissapointing – 2000 Chevy Impala. Loved the car until it needed major engine and transmission work at 5 years and 128K miles.

    Other stuff(tm) I’ve owned included 62 Corvair Spyder (tuned to 225hp delivered to the wheels), ’69 Olds 442, MGB, 66 Mustang, 60 something Dodge Truck, VW Sirocco, Porsche 914 and 911s.

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      The List…

      by jkaras ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      1. ’68 Camaro Deluxe interior all number matched was my first car at 16. My dad went to “look” at it to disuade me from my “pipe dream”. Low and behold my dad bought it on sight and talked the old man selling it down to an affordable price since it was going to be my first car. It was stolen after 6 months in front of school and was never recovered. My dad was soo angry about it being stolen because he loved it more than me.( the amount of affection towards the car not the car before me) There were only 890 cars made in 68 with deluxe interiors and we were the second owners.
      2. the ’68 Camaro aka Hot rod, or The Beast. This was my replacement, never have I enjoyed more fun and more pain from a car. This car was Christine. It didnt like loosing to other cars in races. Somehow it beat cars that it shouldnt, it would drop down a gear and rev higher than normal against faster cars. This car was always breaking down and I never could restore it over the 17 years I owned it. I finally sold it a year and a half ago because I couldnt bear to see it waste away not taking care of it, it was a really sad day when I sold it.
      3. Now I own a ’97 Accord. This has been the best car I’ve ever owned except for getting hit by every idiot in Orlando. Six times, no lie and I’ve never got hurt once even during a broadside hit that the little car never spun out. This car has given me the least headaches ever owned by a car. Sure it’s boring and has odd issues but this is the most solid car I’ve ever owned, no regrets. One day I’ll get another Hot rod, but now it’s all about dependability and just key turn and I’m gone baby.

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      Practical cars mostly

      by rexworld ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      I tend to own practical cars. Currently driving a 2003 Honda CR-V. Yes, a mini-suv or “cute-ute” as they’re sometimes called. Decent compromise between mileage (21 mpg city) and size (spacious rear cargo area).

      Favorite was the Inifinti G20t I owned before this CR-V. Sporty fun, loved the climate control system and leather seats. Also loved having a stick shift until I started commuting in the city then it became a drag.

      Least favorite was the 4-cylinder Ford Mustang. What a travesty, having a car with the Mustang name yet a weak 4-banger under the hood.

      First vehicle was a Mazda B2000. Loved that little red pick-up, got me thru college and my first couple jobs.

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      Saab 93

      by mcdonjer ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      I have a 2003 Saab 93. The GM designed Saab. Nice car it is currently in the body shop with $14,000 worth of damage after some chick tried to make a left into it. I can’t wait until the lease is up as it has too many little nagging problems. My fav is either my 73 Beetle that I should have never sold, or my 1990 Audo 90 20V Quattro that was awsome to drive, but a money pit to maintain. I still miss that car.

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        by nocubes4me ·

        In reply to Saab 93


        Emotionally, I loved my 1978 Saab 99 Turbo and my first Jetta GLI (1987) about the best. They were the most fun to drive, and gave excellent service (over 200K each).

        Technically, I’ve liked my 1999 Volvo S80 and my 1985 VW Jetta TurboDiesel best. Again, they’re a pleasure to drive, and are surprisingly well built. Both returned surprising mileage – I expected good mileage from the diesel, but it was a treat to drive as much as any other Jetta. The Volvo’s just plain odd. It’s a 200+ hp 6-cylinder, weighs nearly 4000 pounds, and has an automatic, but turns 28 MPG dependably and better on highway trips (as high as 32+). Why can’t more vehicles behave this way?

        Overall… my very favorite vehicle was my 1979 VW bus. No real reason other than because. You had to drive it to appreciate it, because it sure wasn’t pretty (neither was the Saab, but that’s a wholly different kind of driving).

        Least favorite is a three-way tie: any Chevrolet Cavalier, a Dodge Omni, and a 1994 Buick LeSabre. All pieces of crap.

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      Car or bike?

      by dc guy ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      Favorite vehicle of all time: 1969 Triumph TR6R, 650cc road bike. Yeah it leaked oil all over my feet, had marginal electrics, and a mean time between failure of around 8,000 miles. But it was the sweetest piece of machinery I’ve ever owned. The only motorcycle that never went down. I felt like it was part of me and it would have gone straight up to the moon if I’d pointed it that way. I’ve had about six BMWs and if I ever got up the nerve to get on a motorcycle again I’d probably get another one, but when I have dreams about motorcycling I’m riding a Triumph.

      Favorite car: 1987 Toyota Supra. Very similar experience. Did everything I told it to and did it perfectly. Drove it like a maniac and could never even get the tires to squeal, much less break loose. Unfortunately it wasn’t the legendary bulletproof Toyota because I bought an dealer “executive car” that hadn’t been well treated. The bottom end went out at about 80,000 miles. I thought about getting a rebuilt engine for $6,000 and I still wish I’d done it. I would never have ended up with the Worst Car that you’ll read about shortly.

      Least favorite bike: 1964 Maico 250cc. Maico was famous for off-road machines and I should have realized what that meant. There were about a hundred of these in the whole country and they all burned out the same part at the same time. An old-fashioned mix-the-oil-in-the-gas two-stroke single. Noisy, dirty, chain drive, 18 horsepower, cramped seat, mediocre brakes, tiny lights, all the things that people used to hate about motorcycles whether they were riding them or sharing the road with them.

      Least favorite car: 1989 Porsche 928-S4. I bought this car in 2002 with a mere 95,000 miles and then all hell broke loose. Apparently it was designed to run 100,000 miles and then you’re supposed to trade it in for an impressive newer model, stupid. The first 3,000 miles were a trip all the way across the country and it was one of the most pleasant experiences I ever had. It wouldn’t quite out-corner the Toyota or out-road-feel the motorcycle, but it was just so effortless, it was like driving in a dream. And it would out-accelerate anything I’d ever had. Step on the gas to pass a couple of big rigs on a twisty mountain road, the next thing I look down at the speedometer and I’ve been going 125mph on a road I never would have deliberately hit 80 on, without any sense of exceeding the car’s limits. But then it needed a new torque tube ($900 plus THREE FULL DAYS labor, they had to practically dismantle the entire car to get at it), all the electronics disintegrated, it has a stupid PLASTIC RADIATOR–everything on the car was designed for lightness so it could outperform a Corvette, and they sacrificed durability and even common sense for that goal. I calculated that it cost me $1.50 per mile JUST FOR REPAIRS, plus gas, insurance, and another fifty cents a mile for depreciation. Nobody was stupid enough to buy it from me, I had to wholesale it to a mechanic.

      What I’m driving now? Don’t laugh. A 1980 Mercedes-Benz 300SD turbodiesel. The big body with the turbocharged 5-cylinder oil-burner. A sizzling 100 horsepower in a 4,000 pound car. Had it for years, it will run forever. It handles like it’s on rails, motors along perfectly adequately at cruising speed althought it’s not very peppy off the line, has an amazing turning radius designed for cramped German hotel underground parking lots, will protect me against being run into by a naive SUV owner without a truck driver’s license, has a trunk that will hold a small elephant, and gets 23mpg. And people still come over to me in parking lots and say what a dang fine looking car it is! The most beautiful sedan body Daimler-Benz ever designed. After that other German car? I simply love it.

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      Don’t drive much, but…

      by smorty71 ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      I currently drive a black 2001 Wolfsburg edition Jetta with the 1.8T engine. I love the car; however, my commute is only about 4 miles each way, so I don’t drive it much. After almost 5 years of ownership, I only have 29K miles on it.

      My favorite (and least favorite) car was my 1974 Dodge Dart Swinger that I got in college (in the early 90’s). It was bright yellow with a black top. Could seat about 15 people comfortably and could hit very hard objects without denting.

      I loved that car right up until it died (rear differential fluid leak) on the interstate as I was returning to school after Thanksgiving break. Had to hike a couple of miles to a gas station and wait for my dad to make the drive to pick me up, transfer all of my stuff to his car and then return to school carless. Bummer.

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      Any pickup truck drivers?

      by m_a_r_k ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      2002 Ford F-150 Super Cab. Best of all worlds unless you want luxury or crap-in-your-pants acceleration. Seats five adults or you can put the back seat down to provide as much inside cargo room as a small SUV. Pickup bed extremely useful for hauling everything from rocks to furniture to pillows. Engine has plenty of power for towing. Flexible enough to use on the ranch or in the city. It’s even high enough to drive over curbs and through ditches if you’re ever stuck in traffic. 😉 Only negative is the gas mileage. And it’s kinda hard to maneuver in tight spaces.

      My backup is a 1992 Ford Explorer. Not a bad vehicle but I don’t see any advantages to having a SUV over a super-cab pickup.

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        by puppybreath ·

        In reply to Any pickup truck drivers?

        Just recently bought a Honda Ridgeline. The only pickup truck with a trunk and the comfort of a Honda Accord. It only tows 5,000 lbs. but that’s enough for me.

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          Interesting coincidence

          by m_a_r_k ·

          In reply to Yep

          I saw a TV commercial for a Ridgeline yesterday. First time I heard of this thing. It reminds me of the Chevrolet Avalanche. The Avalanche has more towing capacity I think. 5000 lb towing is more than enough for most people. Those Avalanche/Ridgeline types of SUV/pickups might be even more versatile than my super-cab pickup. It’s a different body style than people are used to and it will take a while for people to get used to their looks though.

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          Escalade EXT

          by surflover ·

          In reply to Interesting coincidence

          Extremely versatile, all the plus’s of the supercab and all the gingerbread of a seville… and a lot of power (7.5L) …not my favorite vehicle though… the only vehicle I ever kept more than a year was an 87 Jeep Wrangler, ragtop, 4.2L 6cyl., 5sp, 4WD (Chrysler’s first year)… I used it as my daily driver for over 7 years (wish I’d never sold it)…

          I love ragtop sports cars too…

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      Tough questions

      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      I can tell you what I drive now:
      A 2005 Toyota Tacoma. Not great on gas (about 20mpg) but can haul and go where I need it to go. As a matter of fact, I’m going out to get a cord or two of firewood…

      I have a 1970 Bug that I’m restoring, but that won’t be finished for some time…

      I really miss my 1982 BMW 320i. That car was just built right. I had to leave it back in Germany, it was just too expensive to ship home.

      I hated:
      1) 1985 Dodge Daytona – what a hunk of junk. Not only was it craptacular, it had strange electrical issues and interesting problems that kept cropping up.
      2) 1986 Chevy Camaro – I thought it would be a cool car, but it was nothing but nightmares. It had various mechanical issues that I had to sort out and the interior was the cheapest interior I’ve even seen.

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      Well my current car is a Merc

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      I have a 1976 280 SE but I actually prefer to drive my wifes 1973 250 CE the Coupe with Electronic everything except windows as I just hate those things.

      My least favourite car was a Dahatisu Charade I real pain in the back to drive and even worse to do any work on. I hated the thing with a vengeance and my daughter drives it!

      For my favourite Motorcycle that would have to be a Vincent Black Shadow but as “She Who Must Be Obeyed” will not allow me to have one I’ve settled for a 82 900 SS Ducati which I love to bits even if it doesn’t get much use. 😉

      My least favourite motorcycle was a Kawasaki Mach 3 750 one of those 3 cylinder 2 strokes that you just couldn’t ride safely in any manner and with a vicious power band that tried to kill you whenever you hit it. Terrible bike to ride and even worse when the Police where around as you couldn’t move off from stationary without lifting the front wheel off the ground. It handled like a pig in mud and was just downright plain and simple dangerous.

      Col ]:)

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        not a motorbike guy but

        by jamesrl ·

        In reply to Well my current car is a Merc

        In my high school days one of my older brothers bought a mid 70s Yamaha RD 350 – a 2 stroke sports bike. As he was mechanically inclined and a bit fearless, he put on custom headers and bored it out to 400. It was a real light pocket rocket. He took it to the track on a few occasions for some fun – duelling big muscle cars was really unfair (for them) but fun. It handled well and could easily wheely if you weren’t careful.

        He loved that bike but got engaged to a sane woman who wanted a whole husband. So he sold the bike to a friend, who failed to use the right specialized injection oil. The bike seized while the guy was rounding a corner. The rider was ok, the bike was a write off.

        Now as a mature adult, he owns a Harley.


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          The RD’s burnt quite well too

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to not a motorbike guy but

          I’ve seen a few of them go up in smoke generally while they where being ridden so the riders got badly burnt and spent weeks if not months in the burns wards of hospitals. 😉

          One guy that I know complained bitterly about the burns apparently he didn’t worry too much about is upper legs but his groin area for some reason was of particular importance to him. :^O

          They never did tell me how they treated that one but he had pressure bandaged everywhere else after the skin grafts so I would image that the same happened there as well. :p

          As for Harley’s they are way to slow for my liking and have quite a few associated problems like they are the most stolen bike out there and quite a few are stolen while people are riding them over here anyway they are a No, No from my point of view. Besides they are way too slow compared the the Ducati which tops out at 130 KPH in first at the beginning of the red line. I’ve fixed quite a few Harley’s and they actually make Ducati Parts look easy to get and cheap as well.

          Besides I can wear out a set of boots in 3K front and rear at the same rate so it must be doing something right. 😀

          Col ]:)

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          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to The RD’s burnt quite well too

          My brother never had a problem with the RD – it worked like a charm, but he was pretty into engine mechanics and did all his own work. He did some work on a lot of 2 stroke snowmobile engines and dirt bikes back then – all 4 stroke now.

          As for Harleys I dont see the charm, but I think the quality has improved alot since the 80s. They aren’t fast – if you want fast you buy a Buell, who take harley engines and soup them up. They really are for either bikers or older guys who wanna cruise – all show… Personally I would get a Yamaha or Honda cruiser before I’d get a Harley – more reliable and a lot cheaper.


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          If I remember correctly it was the RD

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to motorbikes

          With the Red Frame that was the Factory Racer of its day a lot of people used to strip down a stock RD and paint the frame red we on the other hand striped down the factory bikes and had the frames powder coated black as it allowed better heat transfer. But we where constantly getting told to get a real Bike and when our bikes kept beating the so called Factory Bikes and where reliable into the bargain we got a name for ourselves but everyone thought that we where just tricking up the Proody Bikes and not running the Factory Bikes of the time. We where always replacing fuel lines and Reed Valves as they had a limited life so we never had a fire but I did see quite a few that did burst into flame at max RPM’s on the main straight at Peek Revs. With all the Magnesium in them they just burnt very well and where almost impossible to put out once they caught fire.

          The guy that got that area of his body burnt was riding one of the look a like factory bikes on the road and it went up like the provably Candle hitting the Christmas tree. The next day I went out to the scene of the crime and found a pile of molten alloy which I dug out of the road surface and found a complete Float bowl intact apparently the rest of the molten metal was the remains of a carby which by then had set.

          I still have that as a Paper Weight around somewhere or one of the Kids probable has stolen it for themselves most likely but it did look impressive. :^O

          I’ll have to ask a Doctor mate just how they would have treated the guy one day when I have him drunk enough, I’d nearly forgotten about that one I can just remember thinking how painful it would have been. 😉

          As for the Vincent I’m a bit biased as I knew Phil Irving when he was alive and even though he lived in Melbourne {I didn’t hold that against him} he was one of the greatest Mechanical Engineers that it has ever been my fortune to meet along with the Old Man at Porsche they made me the complete lunatic that I am today. But I really enjoyed talking to both and even Dr Tagolini from Ducati was another nice guy but I don’t think I left a good impression on him as the people I was staying with in Italy drank “Rough Red” like others drink water during a heat wave and the day that I meet Dr T I was really fuzzy in the Head. I think that he thought slightly differently of me when he found out that I was working for Porsche and working on the design team on the 959 {shows my age there doesn’t it?} :p

          But both Ferry and Dr T where considered as brilliant where as Phil was hardly mentioned in the engineering circles at the time even though he was responsible for the V Twin Vincent and several other designs the most notable being the Repco V8 that powered the Brahmas when Sir Jack owned the Team. That was a lovely motor and he also designed a cylinder head for the old grey Side Plate motors that where built here that just by bolting on gave them 90 BHP at the Crank instead of the designed 65. The company that originally made those heads is still going today and making some very nice 6 & 8 cylinder heads but I don’t think that any of them show the Genius that Phil used in that Old Side Plate head. 🙂

          Col ]:)

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      hyundai accent

      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      I hate this car! It gets great milage but the trani was replaced after the first year, the heads were rebuilt after the third year. The milage went from 35 to 20 in the first two years, I had regular maintenance and did all the things needed.
      The best car I ever had was a 69 Ford Thunderbird, blue with dark blue seats, It could go from 0 to oh sh*t in seconds! It would push you back into the seat and just hum as it did so. It had 150.0000 on it and all I did was replace the trani. once.
      It was a gas hog but it was a great car!
      The car of my dreams is a 57 ford Skylark, red with all the extras. Old cars rock!

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        Well if its a dream then…

        by jkaras ·

        In reply to hyundai accent

        I desire a real not kit car ’69 AC Cobra. By far the prettiest, most explosive production vehicle ever created. The only way I could ever have one is either win the lottery, blackmail some rich celebrity, or settle for a model of the car or a kit car. OH the dream!!!!!!! The fun dream car, would have to be a fully restored (I believe a ’69 what a great year for automobiles)convertable Caddie with an unbelievable glassy black paint job with full leather interior and a killer sound system so I could cruise around turning heads. They just have so much style that everyone can appreciate. There is a longer wish list, but nothing like Leno, well maybe. 😉

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          Dreams versus reality.

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to Well if its a dream then…

          I watched an interesting episode of BBC’s Top Gear, a great car show, full of humour.

          They did a retro on what it was like to own a vintage Jag E type with 12 cylinders, and an similar vintage aston martin. They talked the cost of purchase and ownership.

          Then they dragged the E type with a 6 cylinder modern Honda Accord – guess which one won? They made the point that the horsepower figures were exagerated in the 60s, and that while they had lots of power, it didnt always translate into great sprints – the Jag would eat the accord for lunch in 60 – 80 mph acceleration times, but the Accord was faster in the 1/4 mile(the Jag has power but really heavy). Furthermore, the brakes and tires on the Jag were not very good compared to today. They went on to say that there are companies that will take these vintage vehicles and upgrade the parts to modern stuff that will vastly improve the handling without changing the look of the car – but its so expensive you are better off looking at a slightly used modern Ferrari or Porche.

          My point, and there is one, that a kit car AC Cobra may be a better car if you plan on driving it hard. You can get an engine that puts out as much horsepower, but you can also get modern suspension and brakes that really allow you to run hard, and safely.

          I saw another car show where they showed a British Columbia built Lotus Super 7 kit car with a 1200 cc motorcycle engine that really flies, and only costs about $40K Cdn. Thats just a little more than a Miata.


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      05 Prius and ’57 Chevy Belair

      by ldyosng ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      I LOVE my Prius. The Chevy (Baby) is sitting in the garage waiting for a set of tires & wheels (and probably a rear tranny seal by now, since it’s been sitting for a while). I LOVED my ’46 Dodge 3/4 ton dually flatbed. The ’66 Mustang was far more trouble than it was worth. The VW bugs have all been fun. The most fun I’ve had with a car was when the ’57 was my daily driver but was in the body shop cause it was hit while parked. I campaigned the rental Barretta at the drag strip all summer while Baby was being repaired. BTW – if you own a tri-Chevy and live in Southern California, NEVER do business with Drake Restoration. That #$%^& pulled as much of the original equipment as he could from my car and replaced it with Danchuk parts. But just try to prove that to your insurance company . . . .

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      Holden (Opel) Astra CD, Subaru and Saabs

      by toivo talikka ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      I’ve been driving the rebadged Astra for the last three years, close to 90K now. Before that we had a Subary Liberty stationwagon which had done 170K when we got it but it was such a beautiful car to drive. The boot was so good to sit down and put your hiking boots on or to change the nappies.

      My first car was a front wheel driven Saab 96 back in 1976. It came with the gear shift in the steering column and the overdrive. Very good in the snow or icy roads, even though early one morning I spinned on an icy road which had no gravel and the rear hit the only kilometer stone (not milestone) within 1.999 kilometers, hidden inside a meter of snow.

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      by afram ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      My current car is a 2001 Chevy Cavalier – such a great little car.

      I’m in the market for a new one since the Lincoln Mark VII I inherited just went to the big junkyard in the sky.

      I’d love to get a hybrid (yeah, I know the higher price cancels out the money you’d spend on gas), but I think I will end up with a Chevy Cobalt or a left over Cavalier.

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        Don’t count out the hybrid

        by jdgretz ·

        In reply to Chevy

        When my girlfriend got her Prius, she paid exactly sticker price for the car, not the $3,000 to $5,000 over sticker some (most) dealers were/are asking. A fully loaded Prius which includes the Navigation system and all is only $27,000 ($5k for the all option package included in this). Compare that to a regular Camary with the same options (a little difficult to do since the Camary has leather seats and the Prius does not) and you have a $28,000 car.

        In California, the battery pack is warrantied for 10 years or 150K miles. Not too bad a deal.

        How did she pay only MSRP? Easy – our favorite broker at Autoland found the car for her. Took him a week to deliver the car with 1 mile on the odometer. He tells me it takes a bit longer right now, but if you can wait a bit he can still do that same deal.


      • #3068651

        46 MPG @ $3 per gal . . .

        by ldyosng ·

        In reply to Chevy

        Even if I had paid a little more – but I didn’t – the Prius would be worth it. I drive 29 miles each direction to work in So Cal traffic. At a true average of 46 MPG, and an out-the-door price (including tax, lic, prep, whatever) of under 24K, who can complain? AND I get to drive a computer to work. Now that ROCKS!

    • #3069652

      I still own my favorite…

      by cortech ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      I still own my favorite…a 1968 MGC roadster. Original BRG with matching factory optional hardtop, 3.0 litre straight-six, knock-off wire wheels and 68,000 miles. I’ll have owned it twenty years next year.
      Least favorite would have to have been my 81 Chevy Impala I had in college. I just drove the crap out of that beast.

      Current everyday is a 2003 Ford F-150 4X4 Supercrew. Great, comfortable truck that carries six people, but with the price of gas now it cost nearly 90 bucks to fill up. Ouch!!!

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      I love all my cars equally(oh wait that is the kids)

      by anykey??? ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      I have only had my license for about 13 years and have owned at least 30 cars and trucks, mostly because I am never satisfied with any of them. All of the mods listed I have done myself, meaning myself and a bunch of my drunken buddies.I will make a small list kinda highlighting some.

      As a side note with the exception of my 99 4X4 all of my favorites were owned before I was 21 and my daughter was born, mostly because serious mods are expensive.

      currently and my 2nd favorite
      99 GMC SIERRA 3/4 ton 4X4
      364cid 6.0 liter (if you need the conversion)
      it has a hipo chipset, custom built (by me) cold air induction,custom stainless dual exhaust,underdrive pulleys, bigger cam,larger fuel injectors and pump,bigger throttle body, aftermarket MAF sensor,headers,hi flow catalytic converters making around 400hp.All of this rolling on a set of 305/70/16 mud tires(tyres for our southern hemisphere faction) and averages 13.8 mpg sadly I drive 28 miles one way to work so I had to take over my wifes Taurus.

      My most favorite was my 80 Chevy malibu bucket seats and console shifted auto.This car had alot of mods including a, NASTY 406 small small block, turbo 400 combo, pushing real close to 500hp, it would rip off a 11.70 1/4 mile at close to 130mph when I had the 4.88’s and slicks. I also did an aftermarket 4wheel disc conversion on this beast with an adjustable proportioning valve so that I could dial in rear wheel brake bias,perfect for throwing it sideways going around a corner.I built this sucker when I was 17

      the others

      79 Chevy Impala 4 door, my first car done up to kinda resemble state police cruisers at the time, affectionately known as the $hit Mobile by all,sadly lost in an accident(not my fault)

      78 GMC Suburban 3/4 ton trailering special, healthy rebuilt 355 small block with turbo 400 and factory 4.56 gears, could do burnouts for miles.I unbolted the rear seat and slid it to the tailgate and could get about 15 people in this bad boy. Affectionately known as “The Party Barge” Can anyone guess the real reason I bought this at 16 years old, I’ll give you 3 guesses but you will only need 1.

      79 Ford F100 inline 6cyl,3 on the tree, no power steering, power brakes or anything else for that matter,weird electric problems made it so undependable I never went anywhere with out my suzuki RL250 in the back.That is until I built a stroked 302 for it and rewired it. it was much more dependable with close to 400hp

      89 toyota 4X4 (sadly no mods)

      87 chevy S10 pickup I ran that 4cyl like it had 1000hp until it puked its guts on the ground at 260,000 miles (gladly added no mods)MY LEAST FAVORITE

      89 beretta 4cyl only good thing I can think of is that I drove from central Indiana to Daytona fla and back for less than 40 bucks.

      84 grand prix
      91 lumina
      94 grand prix
      84 suburban
      93 plymouth voyager(sux)
      72 chysler newport (this was a true pimp ride)
      and various pre 82 american cars and lots of trucks.

      Well I just realized how long this is I will shut my yap and get back to work now.

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        Keanu says “whoa”

        by jkaras ·

        In reply to I love all my cars equally(oh wait that is the kids)

        Good lord man, enough cars? Got a heavy foot? You could have been your own used car lot, or a reality car restore show, lol.
        I love the “party barge” title, the grin from ear to ear was priceless on the visual, and the moniker.

        I too had a small block 400 bored 30 over to a 406 maxi-mouse motor. It had flat topped pistons, a Crane 272 cam, Holley 650 mechanical secondary spreadbore, 3 speed automatic with a B&M shift kit, and a performer manifold. This was put into my ’68 Camaro to replace my 327 because I was finally getting beat and I wanted more power and had to contend with California Smog regulations. It was rated about 360 hp and oogles of tourque around 600+. MAny of articles were written about this setup and I raced against my buddies bought RHS motor in a ’55 Belair, and I smoked him, not even fully tuned. The 327 smoked most cars getting second gear scratch dominating most cars between 30-80 mph. When that 406 got in there, whoa mama. I went through soooo many tires it was insane. Each time it got 2nd or third gear scratch the car would lurch to the side threatening to spin out from breaking loose the tires only to grab traction. Everyone in town wanted to race me, it didnt matter if it was a grocery getter or hot rod or bike. I won more than I lost but man that car was crazy. So many stories, so many scares, so many thrills, ahhh nothing like old American know how. It’s a shame we lost that passion in our cars.

        • #3069138

          ENOUGH CARS? are you kidding?

          by anykey??? ·

          In reply to Keanu says “whoa”

          I would open a junkyard if the envirowackos wouldn’t freak out about it.

          Heavy foot? Heavy as hel my friend.I worked through highschool to feed my habit of performance parts and tires, luckily my best friends dad owns a tire business, used tires were $10.00 but I had to mount and balance them myself. I think he was trying to teach me a lesson(never worked).

          I have never been totally satisfied with any car I’ve had, but the malibu was close, that is why I am always trading. As for having a resto show I did a little resto work on them, mostly filling dents and cleaning up surface rust,I just wanted to go fast and make lots of noise doin it,I found out a half a$$ed primer job gives a car that total sleeper look.

          The party barge, that thing put a smile on more than one persons face let me tell ya. I had my own personal joke I would use on people when they asked if I had enough room.they ask and I would say “I got more fvckin room than a travelling whorehouse, cos when not pulling party barge duties it was a bedroom on wheels. yeah baby.

          as for thrills and chills I had so many I could start a blog just on that topic. I was voted best driver in high school and believe it or not no other guy even recieved a single vote, I was that good(go speed racer go go)

          Man this is bringing back some fun memories.

          I haven’t lost my passion I have just lost the budget for it,but I have recently purchased a clean, solid 79 impala 4 door just like my first car (the shit mobile)and plan on building a bad a$$ family truckster when my 2 youngest get into school, only 3 years to go

        • #3068932


          by jkaras ·

          In reply to ENOUGH CARS? are you kidding?

          My rod was primered for some time. My friend had a 78 Dodge Van 16 lug that was the biggest van Dodge ever made that was primered. WE used to paint the words “more beer” on the side of it. One day my buddy got me back during a re-primering of my car and wrote it on the driver’s side with the last of the paint. So I had to go to work while waiting at a light this toothless old man riding shotgun in an old pickup up yelled at me in a very deliverence old man voice “heh there sonny, you, you like beer huh?” Yup I replied both amused, weirded out, and embarrassed. He responded “heh beers bad news, you always wind up waking up next to ugly fat women….that’s how I got married” The driver said hey dont talk about my sister like that!! The old man said shuddap she’s fat and ugly and you know it!!” Just then the light turned green and I hauled butt before the arguement got worse, pulled into a car parts place and and wiped it out primering over it as two motorcycle cops pulled over looking at the phrase and inquired to my sobriety. They made me pop the hood so they could get a closer look at my car, telling me all about their mustangs that could eat me up and challenging me to a street race anytime. What a surreal day going to work, classic.

          Heehe, the point of lost passion, was that of car makers and everyone restoring cars and driving them proudly. Nolthing puts a smile on my face seeing a classic car roll down the street, the pride an owner has when you give them the approval thunbs up at their pride and joy. I wish I would see more rods or classic cars on the road, but they tend to only show up at swap meets or car shows. Todays cars have abandoned that flashy style that yesterday had. When today’s cars are considered classics, no one will restore them. I wonder what car collecting will be like in twenty years? I guess only the real rich, not the common man.

          I was an ok mechanic at best, nothing in your ballpark. My brother was a great mechanic, still is, eveytime he tweaked my car it screamed like it was possessed. Man I miss my hot rod!!! Hopefully I will get another before it’s too late.

        • #3069088
          Avatar photo

          Well I’ll put my 65 Beetle up against you

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Keanu says “whoa”

          And you’ll see nothing but my exhaust smoke V8’s are eaten by it for breakfast and it’s stock standard as it left the Factory floor I’ll just avoid saying which factory. :^O

          The number of people who just had to follow me to see what I had in it where funny particularly as the wife drove it most times and used to cane the living daylights out of it but never got a speeding ticket as she would just run to the speed limit and drop it into 4 th or 5 th depending on the current speed limit and go down the road at the speed limit some cop tried telling her about excessive noise but had to leave things alone because he couldn’t find any exhaust leaks. 🙂

          She used to work for the Community Services Department with the old people and they all spat the dummy if she showed up in the Merc and not “Herby!” That made so much noise that the car alarms would be triggered at 100 meters with it just idling by it had the same effect on Fire Alarms as well and as the wife used to drive into Hospitals and other places in the wee small hours for her job I expected some complaints but none ever came.

          It’s the only car I’ve ever seen with a LSD that turns a corner with its front wheels at least 12 inches off the ground on decomposed granite. I put it down to the air flow across the front wheels acting like a rudder or something nothing else makes any sense. and that was with the last motor I’ve since built up another motor slightly bored and stroked so it’s now only 2.5 litres on a pair of 1600 crankcases and I’ve 8 dowelled the flywheel just to keep it in place but some one went berserk with the lathe and lightened the flywheel slightly from the original 40 Lbs to 6 Lbs so it should be really responsive even if the idling is slightly on the high side. 😉

          A guy who owns a Camero insists that the speedo is actually a Tacho and that was with the old motor fitted it should be even better with this new one his last words on the subject was “It’s a Freak of Nature!” :^O

          Of course the down side is that with 220 degrees of valve overlap it only gets 8 miles to the Imperial Gallon so it is horrendously expensive to actually drive. Also with only .5 of an inch of suspension compression available it’s slightly rough to ride in but it goes round corners like it’s on rails and tyres seem to last forever because they don’t have any weight on them. Of course when it rains I have to change the tyres to the Razor Blades that originally came on the car so they they have some weight on them and can actually pump away the water and not aquaplane everywhere. 🙁

          Col ]:)

        • #3068947

          Rear engines cars!

          by jkaras ·

          In reply to Well I’ll put my 65 Beetle up against you

          I did get quite an education on VW’s. I always thought that they were cool when fixed up but always laughed at suping them up. Then one day a bug pulled up beside me and another hot rod poised to launch from the light. the light turned green and the howl of all three cars squealing, and redlining was a kind of orchestra. Me and the other car spun too much on the line, however when I grabbed traction I caught it in no time but it was holding me off pretty good, and the other car was in the dust. Just then we saw a cop and had to back down, we circled around then did a running start where that’s my power band. Low and behold it was a toss up on who won. What got me was how it squatted on take off lending to a superior weight/thrust ratio. I pulled over with him and talked motors and enjoyed eachothers vehicle. Prior to that I used to make a joke that when a bug got on it the weber carberators reminded me of a toilet flushing, never again.

          Another time at the 1/4 mile watching my buddy bracket race for fun on friday nights I saw the coolest bug ever. A GTO pulled up in the far stall, blown, idling so rough it looked like it was going to fall apart. It did its burnout, most impressive I said to myself, then everyone began to chuckle as this little bug pained vibrant orange with a circular while racing stripe following the rear trunk line complete with a giant turn key (which turned btw) like it was a toy wind up mouse staged. It lit them up and the sound was instantaneous, like something happened but no one knew what. The laughter subsided. The GTO staged and got the earlier light due to the dialed in time with the little bug waiting for its turn. Then its tree went, the GTO halfway down the track before the bug got its green, then the most violent launching I have ever seen from a vehicle happened. It spun for a second, swelled like it got caught in a wave ( or like the old speed buggy cartoon)then it was gone, I mean gone. It caught the GTO and passed it making it look stupid. The bug turned in just under 10 sec breaking out of its time loosing but holy cow I was impressed. To this day everytime I talk about drag racing or watch it that little bug comes to mind.

        • #3071827

          that’s not that bad… my list is rediculous

          by surflover ·

          In reply to Keanu says “whoa”

          I actually got a letter from the State Tax Office when I lived in New Orleans telling me that I had to get a dealers license to buy or sell another car that year 🙂 (so I just waited till January)… I frequently had 4 or 5 I was driving and/or turning, most of them I made a few bucks on…

          My List (almost all bought used);

          69 Boss 302 (could’ve been a 68, can’t really remember 🙂
          73 Nova w/tricked out 396
          75 Nova SS w/6cyl no less 🙂
          CJ5 and CJ7 (early 70’s)
          74 & 75 Monte Carlo
          69 Grand Prix (w/400, and the luxury package… had over 250k on it when I sold it, still running strong)
          73 Grand Am w/455 SD
          73 & 79 Cutlass Supream
          74 Kingswood estate w/454
          73 Malibu Wagon (YUK)
          84, 89, & 94 Custom Chevy Van
          85 & 87 Custom Dodge Van
          85 Custom Ford Van (POS)
          (the wagon & the vans were due to adopting 4 kids and needed something to haul them in)
          66 Baja Beetle
          85 Camaro Baretta
          85 Prelude
          89 & 92 Maxima
          85 Fleetwood Brougham
          87 Seville STS
          87 Wrangler
          86 Fiero GT
          80 Firebird Formula 400
          80 Fiat Spider 2000 (fun car)
          87 Nissan pulsar
          87 Mustang GT convertable
          89 Licoln Towncar
          91 Pontiac GTP w/heads up display
          96 Trans Am Convertable
          71 Kharman Ghia
          95 Explorer
          96 Blazer
          96 Tahoe
          98 Bonneville SSEI
          97 M3
          02 Wrangler
          04 Sequoia
          05 Escalade EXT
          95 Mustang GT Convertable

          … and my one true Hot Rod… 69 Chevelle SS/396 bored over, balanced and blueprinted by Mowtown Speed (I grew up in Detroit), dual quads, double disk solid hub clutch, muncie shifter, tubbed, centerlines, gyro wheelie prevention governor to keep from rippin the rear bumper off :-), all glass from the doors forward… SCARY FAST… should never have let me on the street with it… could pass anything but a gas station :^O… won a fair amount of beer money on Saturday nights :-)…

          but what’s really sad about the list, is that I’m sure I’ve forgotten some :^O

    • #3069638

      Piece of crap beater

      by dmambo ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      When I was 17, I bought a 72 Chevy Kingswood station wagon from my boss for $100. I tore out the right side of the rear bumper, banged in the front pretty badly, and my buddy “borrowed” it one night at a party and whacked the left rear quarter panel. This thing would not die. It was the first vehicle I owned and was essentially a travelling flop house hotel. My girlfriend even agreed to stay in it the weekend after our high school prom. The memories alone make it my favorite. It was truly a party wagon. Sold it after almost 2 years for $50. Now I’m gettin’ all misty-eyed.

      I currently drive a Subaru Outback. Totally practical in Vermont and I love it, but it’s a mature love.

      • #3060096

        Mature love

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to Piece of crap beater

        Does that mean no tongue or you wear protection?

        Not suppose to kiss and tell!

        Bad Mambo, Bad!

        • #3070682

          Cut it out!

          by dmambo ·

          In reply to Mature love

          You’re turning my rear view mirrors red.

        • #3070635
          Avatar photo


          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Cut it out!

          That’s just your face STOP looking in the mirrors and watch the road you’ll be none the wiser. Those mirrors are there for seeing what is attempting to sneak up behind you not for doing your makeup. 😀

          Col ]:)

        • #3070555

          Now you stop it, Col

          by dmambo ·

          In reply to NAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I don’t wear makeup. I’m not one of those metal-head musicians that JD listens to. I was just referring to JD’s and GG’s normal discussions which are not fit for a family forum. They will go on and on just to make me blush.

          But, since you brought it up, a loooong time ago, I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh, a nut-case conservative radio host. He had a shtick running for a few weeks to stop women from “farding” in their cars. It’s an old word for painting faces, or applying make-up. Of course, over the radio, it sounded like “farting”, which was his intention. Even though the guy’s a total pr|ckhead, that was pretty funny.

        • #3068715
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          What makes you think Mambo

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Now you stop it, Col

          That this is a Family Forum? 😉

          We are all IT people here so that immediately rules out any family connections. We all are on call 24/7 and if we do actually get home it is only to have a shower change clothes and go back to work. 🙂

          You should know by now that we are all owned body and soul by our bosses and are generally kept locked away unless needed as polite company has been known to run away terrified when they see someone from IT walking toward them. :^O

          While no where near as bad as programmers there are more of us so we are generally the first that some innocent sees of the IT Sector and we have to break them in gently for when & if they actually see one of those unkempt programmers who are kept in the deepest dungeons so as not to scare away potential customers or staff. :p

          Col ]:)

    • #3069606

      88 Mustang GT

      by antuck ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      I drove that car for ten years and loved everyday I drove it. All kinds of power and would handle nicely for an American car. I never worried about getting into traffic with that car.

      I sold that for a 97 F150 Lariat. I wanted to go to a truck and boy that truck did not disappoint me. That was when Ford first changed the body style on the F150’s. What a great truck.

      I then got into 4X4’s and bought an 88 Chevy 2500. This thing would almost climb a wall when in low gear. I had a blast with it.

      My vehicle now, a Ford Focus. Great on gas and gives a good ride and has a lot of room in the interior for a small car.

      Least favorite, an ’87 Z28. Bought this when I was married and the wife thought it was cute. Should have known by that word what was going to happen. Since this was to be “her” car she bought the carburetor instead of the fuel injection. What a dog. I also didn’t like the handling of the car. Very stiff and you never knew when the breaking point was.

    • #3068939

      my cars

      by jck ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      I currently drive a 2000 Kia Sportage 4 door. Mileage isnt’ great and it’s not the most comfortable. But, it gets me where I need to go and I can do some work with it as well hauling small stuff.

      The car I loved the most: My 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT coupe. 23 City, 30 Hwy, and did over 140 before I got scared and slowed down. Had a great AM/FM/CD 6-speaker concert stereo, leather seats which were more comfy than BMWs I’d ridden in. Still wish I hadn’t sold it.

      Car I hate most: 1977 Lincoln Town Car. That thing rode great, but it was just hell to maneuver.

      • #3068877

        77 Lincoln Town Car???

        by dmambo ·

        In reply to my cars

        I didn’t know you were that old 😀

        That is an old man car if they ever made one. In the mid-90’s my boss bought a new Lincoln, and since his research showed that the average Town Car owner was 64, he got vanity plates “041040” which was his birthday. In his mind, it proved to the world that he was young for owning that car.

        As far as the Mitsubishi, I have a friend who owned one. He never let me drive it, but it looked hot and he loved it. Might have bought one if kid #1 didn’t show up in ’92.

        • #3060215


          by jck ·

          In reply to 77 Lincoln Town Car???

          I’m 36. drove that 77 lincoln in high school…it was my parents til I got my 78 chevy half-ton pickup.

          As for the 3000GT…if I ever find one in good shape with 150k miles on it, I might buy it and replace the engine (for $3k) and re-do the suspension (for another $2.5k) and enjoy it as a daytrip car. It was just a joy to ride in. Drove it on 3000 mile road trips without discomfort and I’m a bit under 6’6.

        • #3060207

          ’77 Lincoln

          by m_a_r_k ·

          In reply to yeah

          Did you endure a lot of kidding for that driving that battleship? If you’d been my high school classmate, I would have teased you unmercifully. Hell, I’m even teasing you right now for driving that babe magnet.

        • #3060162

          Mark, are you kiddin’?

          by dmambo ·

          In reply to ’77 Lincoln

          In HS, that would actually attract the chicks. Think about it. It had plenty of room for makin’ out, it could accommodate double dates easily, it was expensive when new, it was probably loaded with accessories, it had a trunk that could hold 2 or 3 mafia hits, man, it had it all. In HS, it would have been cool. Beyond that, it was just a bad choice for anyone under 60. Tease jck if you must, but not for a Town Car in HS. Now, if he drove it after Sept 1st of his graduation year, you may flame away.

          For a point of reference, see my “Piece of crap” post. The big rigs were great in HS. Certainly better than pick-ups. It was all about interior space, IMHO.

        • #3060156

          About boats hi HS

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Mark, are you kiddin’?

          ANY car was cool in high school. You were driver and we were going!

          A car like that just meant that the group would all fit without having to make someone ride in the trunk.

          I was VERY popular with my van. Old Dodge sportabout with a million windows, and that big 360. Never lost a race and always had room for more.

          Had the bumber sticker in the window [b]”Don’t laugh mister, your daughter might be in here”

          My best car is my current car. Chrysler Concorde LXi. Loaded. Lots of leg room for the boys so they love it too. I spend anywhere from 10 to 20 hours a week driving for work, and comfort is a must.

        • #3060139

          Girlfriends HS Boat

          by mcdonjer ·

          In reply to About boats hi HS

          My GF in HS (now wife) had a 78 Olds 98! Black with a Red velvet like interior. Fun car to date in! And man she could squeeze and bend that thing in the smallest parking spaces.

        • #3060103

          g/f’s HS boat

          by m_a_r_k ·

          In reply to About boats hi HS

          [i]”And man she could squeeze and bend that thing”[/i]
          That deserves a searing comment but since she is now your wife, I will show some respect and will hold back my sharp-as-a-knife sarcasm. 😉

        • #3060113

          making fun of it

          by jck ·

          In reply to ’77 Lincoln

          yeah well…while other guys were cramped up in the back seat of the Monte Carlo or Mustang…

          Any girl I made out with …the Lincoln had 2 fully reclinable seats (including the armrests) that basically made the 4-door into a queen sized bed.

          And I got made fun of…hahahaha…at least my arse wasn’t up against the little window in the back seat for the world to see.

          Plus, I really didn’t care. I also had a 1974 Ford Gran Torino Elite 2-door with a 351 in it later that smoked most cars in town 🙂

          oh well…I never was out to impress anyone with a car. I got what got me around to school and friend’s houses and later…parties.

        • #3070662

          OK, OK!

          by m_a_r_k ·

          In reply to making fun of it

          You convinced me. A 4-door Lincoln Town Car is the perfect teenmobile. But I’d be willing to bet that most teens would prefer a Ferrari. 😀

        • #3070631
          Avatar photo

          Well most Teen Parents would prefer

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to OK, OK!

          The Ferrari as they would be certain that their kids where not getting any. :p

          Have you ever actually sat in a Ferrari? while they are great for driving they are abysmal for throwing a leg over. :^O

          Col ]:)

        • #3068589

          Riding in high-end sports cars

          by jck ·

          In reply to OK, OK!

          In my younger days, a friend of mine grew up with the son of a high-end exec at Phillips Petroleum. He had a Lamborghini Countach. I got to ride in it…and yes…it was like riding in the space shuttle. Seats were nice, but they’re not built for tall people like me.

          Rode in a Ferrari Testarossa too when my friend dated the daughter of one of the guys who was part owner in Big Red Sports and Imports in Norman, OK. Like the Countach, ya had to be about 5’10 to be comfy. I was 6’4 at the time.

          Both were really fast though. Was a great experience for when I was younger. I’ll take my Kia nowadays tho. 🙂

    • #3070524

      So many….

      by jamesrl ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      Least favorite -tied. My ’83 Hyundai Pony and My 97 Chrysler Intrepid(Dodge in the US, Chrysler in Canada).

      The Pony was Hyundai’s first export to North America. It was only sold in Canada. A rear wheel drive 4 door compact hatchback like a Chevette. It had a 92 horse Mitsubishi engine, with Hyundai electricals. There was nothing wrong with the engine itself but the electricals were cheap crap and placed just in the wrong place as well. The car would faint in the fog or damp, just stall out. I kept silicon sealant and wd 40 on hand but mostly you just had to wait. It was given to me, and I gave it away. When it ran it was ok, though being rear wheel drive and light rear end it was a handfull in snow.

      My Intrepid was financed over 5 years, and cost as much in repairs as it did to buy. When it was working it rode and handled well, with respectable power (215 hp from the 3.5 engine). But it spent a lot of time in the shop: tranny replaced (140k kms)and was wearing out again at 230k kms. The AC was completely replaced and died two years later, vacuum leaks, fuel rail gaskets, bad valve springs, engine mounts, replaced both the ECM and PCM, as well as the normal wear and tear items.

      My favs – well I only drove it a few times, but a friend of mine had a 77 Maserati BiTurbo coupe that he tried to sell me. It had six speed and gobs of power. That was the one that got away.

      My Nissan Axxess was a quirkly little fun car/van – 2.4 litre engine straight from the Stanza/240 SX sports car, 140 horse – 5 speed manaual. It really thought it was sporty and had lots of low end grunt. Sadly someone hit me from behind and totalled it.

      Currently – I traded the Intrepid for a 2002 Mazda MPV minivan – zoom, zoom, zoom! I always preferred a car for handling, but my three kids are getting bigger. Its amazingly practical – the third row folds under, middle seats come out – I’ve transported a full size couch. For a minivan it handles well. Gas mileage is dissapointing.

      For looks, my brother had a 68 El camino, in a creamy yellow with black vinyl roof. It had the standard chevy 350 with barrel carb. It was beautiful. He never let me drive.

      I’ve driven all kinds of vehicles, from a panel truck to pickups, to every car ever rented.


    • #3068611

      BMW 2002 1970

      by michael2244 ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      Was my favorite. It would go 130 MPH forever, I could change the disributer in under a minutes. change the brake pads in under 5 minutes, it got 22 mpg, until it rusted apart. I miss the old days…

    • #3068564

      Silver 1982 Volvo 244 GL

      by jardinier ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      You can forget the wisecracks about Volvo drivers. Sure they’re a strongly built car, but this didn’t stop some stupid woman from writing off the whole left-hand side of my car.

      The 240 series ran from about 1982 – 1991. I live in the heart of Volvo country in Sydney. There are many, many 240s around — most of which are still in mint condition — after 14 – 23 years.

      With power steering and power brakes and excellent handling it’s a delight to drive.

      It doesn’t like hills, but NOBODY gets away from the lights faster than me. Of course the cars with larger engine capacity catch up and overtake me.

      Recently my mechanic’s assistant, after servicing the car, made all kinds of derogatory remarks about it’s general performance. HOWEVER, shortly afterwards I found myself at traffice lights beside this mechanic, Leigh. He was driving some small car with 3.5 liter V 6 motor which developed twice the horsepower of mine.

      Of course I got away much quicker than him and he was in awe. “Julian beat me off at the lights!” he exclaimed to his boss.

      My first car was a 1938 Ford V8. Pretty indestructable and reliable and I got a lot of mileage and a lot of fun out of that one.

      I particularly liked the first car I ever bought brand new — Ford Cortina 1500. It seated 6 people, had an ample boot and handled very well. Fuel economy was 32 MPH around town and 38 MPG cruising.

      The GT series of this car — basically the same but with twin carbies — won the very demanding Round Australia rally two years running.

      The very WORST car I have owned was a Hillman Imp. If there was any mechanical part that could wear out, it did. I traded it in on a VW Super Bug (1600 cc) which was very nice but the workshop boys destroyed it at the mandatory 600 miles service and it never recovered.

      • #3071848

        In my driveway right now – 1983 Volvo 264 DL

        by jamesrl ·

        In reply to Silver 1982 Volvo 244 GL

        It needs a little TLC to get back on the road, but its in pretty good shape. The 6 cylinder engine is sourced from Peugot and the auto tranny is not as robust as the manuals, but it drives pretty well. The AC is gone but it has a sunroof. The leather seats are worn but serviceable.


      • #3071780
        Avatar photo

        Jules did you ever see a Stiletto?

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Silver 1982 Volvo 244 GL

        They where basically an Imp with the top cut off and some tweaking to the motor twin carbs and the like. Nice car to drive terrible to work on but no where near as bad as that 16 cylinder Masarati motor but it was lovely to drive if only you didn’t have to work on it. 😉

        Hillman made the bulk of their profits on the sale of spare parts personally I think they would have given you the car if you agreed to buy all the parts and the required service from them. The Stiletto had a plastic T piece between the 2 carbs that broke with alarming regularity and required the removal of one of the carbs to refit and then you had to balance the carbs again. I eventually made up my own part after the second one broke for my brothers car and he never had to replace my bit ever again and what was even better I didn’t have to pull a Carby to fit it. :^O

        Col ]:)

        • #3071569

          Another quaint habit

          by jardinier ·

          In reply to Jules did you ever see a Stiletto?

          of the Imp was that because it was such a light car, with the engine and transmission in the rear, when driven at near its top speed (can’t remember what that was) the front started to lift off the road.

          I did have a Hillman Minx which served me rather better than the Imp.

        • #3071560
          Avatar photo

          Jules do you remember the Hillman Hunter?

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Another quaint habit

          That Hunter sticker along the side added about $500.00 to the cost and was a Must Have Car for those going through a Mid Life Crisis.

          Personally I thought that they where rubbish but at the time I was working on a 26 Silver Ghost that had a seized Preselector Gear Box. RR where marvellous we sent them the stuffed parts and about 18 months latter we got the replacement parts along with a complete Service Manual for the Car and another one for the Gearbox. We knew it was going to be a long job so we took lots of photos way back then several rolls of film and kept them with the car just so we would know what it should look like when it came time to reassemble the thing.

          Everything else was easy as all that was required was replacing every bearing in the car as they had all corroded from a total lack of use. It had all of 17 Miles on the Oddo when we got it apparently the owner couldn’t push it out of the garage to wash it so he wanted it repaired. When we drained all the oil from the car it was as clean as the day that it was put in there and it was the original Oil. 😉

          When it was eventually finished I took it out for a road test and ran up several hundred miles on the thing which was beautiful to drive and a real head turner as well. I worked the oil all through the entire car and when the owner came into pick it up he went berserk because of all the mileage that had been put on it. Apparently when he bought it he had it trailered home and when it went out it was trailered everywhere it was never actually used and beside being pushed out once a week for a wash I don’t think that it ever left the garage other then when it went out to shows where again it was pushed everywhere once off the trailer.

          What can I say I really enjoyed driving that car and my excuse was that I had to bed in the Piston Rings as they had been replaced along with the valve springs both of which had long since lost their tension. It’s the only time I’ve ever seen heavy rusting inside a running motor as there was no oil spread around the thing everything was bare metal and rusted even the pistons where a mess but at least they cleaned up nicely and where beautifully engineered. I don’t think that we could have found anything as good to replace them with.

          But I understand that after that he actually ran the motor once a week to charge the battery instead of relying on the battery charger. 🙂

          And I gave him firm instructions to change the oil at least once every 3 years, that was a perfect case of no use causing far more damage than actually using the poor thing but the original paint work was extraordinary along with the chrome plating it looked like it had just rolled off the production line and was brand new. 🙁

          Col ]:)

        • #3053557

          That story reminds me ….

          by jardinier ·

          In reply to Jules do you remember the Hillman Hunter?

          When I was a youth (or very young man) my mate used to work at a Mobil Service Station on weekends. It was great because I used to service all the family cars and just pay $2 for the grease used (my mother’s FC Holden had 21 grease nipples which had to lubed every 1,000 miles).

          The only time my father EVER let me drive any of his cars was to give a free lube to his Jag Mark V.

          Anyhow on to the story. Parked in a paddock adjacent to the service station was a Buick straight eight coupe. Well of course we would have loved to get it up and running but the owner refused to sell it, even though he obviously had no intention of ever doing anything with it.

        • #3053546
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          BAD BAD Jules

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to That story reminds me ….

          How you dare use that sexist term “Grease Nipples” many years ago I got into a lot of trouble from the PC Police for using that term as it is so sexist and demeaning to women as the woman told me. 😉

          Of course I had to rip open my overalls and point to my chest and ask what those funny coloured things that I had two of where? And if both men & women had nipples just how was it demeaning to women calling them Grease Nipples? 🙂

          She went and made an official complaint about my actions and claimed that I got undressed in front of her but she didn’t have an answer to my question so she had to act all offended. :^O

          Col ]:)

        • #3053537

          Oh dear …

          by jardinier ·

          In reply to That story reminds me ….

          I can’t think of any politically correct description for those items.

          Lubrication access points?

          Or how about grease thingummies? Or grease thingumabobs? or grease thingumajigs?

          Well as modern cars to not have these thingummies, I will probably be safe from the Politically Correct and Sex Discrimination Police.

    • #3068558


      by smee63 ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      Since the title is favorite “vehicle”… I drove big trucks full-time for 10 years, and part-time for many more, before working in a factory. My favorite vehicle was a 1990 Peterbilt 379 long nose tri-axle milk tanker. It had a 3406 (350 HP)CAT engine with an 8 speed OD transmission. I have one word to describe it. Sweet!

      I like vehicles where I can sit up high enough to see past the car in front of me. The seats are usually more comfy. Mini-vans are my all around favorite small vehicle. I can haul people, building materials, computer equipment, ect. I have an ’01 Chevy Venture currently. It has ample power, rides great and get about 27 MPG highway.

    • #3071817

      Pontiac Fiero

      by joedcook ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      Currently I drive a 97 Trans-Am which I like very much. I have put 133K miles on it since 1998 but my favorite care was a 1988 Pontiac Fiero.

      It wasn’t fancy.. 4-cyl, 5-speed. But I bought it new in 1988 after it was announced that they were being discontinued. It was the best combination of reliability, fun-to-drive, sporty looks, economy that I have ever come across.

      I sold it after 5 years to a friend who now collects them. It had 126K miles and the only repair costs during that 5 years was a valve cover gasket and an accessory drive belt and tensioner. Still had the original brake pads when I sold it. He still drives it some and it looks brand new. I miss it more now that gas is 2.50/gal.

      • #3071694

        Pass the Marshmellows…

        by jkaras ·

        In reply to Pontiac Fiero

        you got sooo lucky that the car didnt live up to its name and roast you. They were notorious for electrical fires. However after they were decommisioned they made a huge resurgance in the car world when it was discovered that they were the ultimate kit car. Their frames fit perfectly on kit car shells that their value sky rocketed almost overnight.

        I had a few friends that had those cars. I didnt like the body style, however I saw some tricked out with great paint jobs that turned my head more than once. To me the MR2 was the superior car, but the Fiero body style had the better design.

        I agree on the Trans Am. I believe it was that year that they got the body style so right or 95? One night I was driving home and a black shark was right next to me just to my right dancing in my blind spot. I was so transfixed I had to know what it was. When we got under a street light my jaw dropped realizing that it was a Trans Am. I never liked them, except as a kid from the Smokey and the Bandit movies. We were all young and dumb at one point or another. The looks of that car and the sound made me want to buy one that night. The only thing that stopped me was I wanted a dependable car not another headache hot rod, but it was a close call for a few days.

      • #3115521

        1986 Fiero with a V6

        by ryoung2 ·

        In reply to Pontiac Fiero

        It was a money pit from the day I bought it but I would buy another in a heartbeat if I could. Somewhat impractical for two passengers. It flew below the weeds at the side of the road. It was a great commuter car. Most truck headlights cleared the roofline so I didn’t get many in the rearview. I could feel it hug the ground at speed. Anyway, best car I ever had and the most expensive to keep.

    • #3071529

      I drive a Mega-SUV

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      This sucker is so big that it takes a step-ladder to climb into it. The wheels are as big as most cars, and my exhaust is aimed to discharge right into your open window. And because I love to breathe dirty air, I make sure this truck spews plenty of earth-destroying pollutants into it …. cough! ….. cough!….. Since I’m such an oil-hog, I powered this baby up to about 500 horsepower, and down to about two gallons of fuel to the mile. I take up two lanes and three parking spots, but with only one passenger, since carpooling is for weenies. This is my macho-machine, my alter-ego, my big p…..

      • #3053547

        That’s OK, Max

        by jardinier ·

        In reply to I drive a Mega-SUV

        We understand. You don’t have to feel that your masculinity is under question just because you drive an early model VW.

        • #3124251

          ’73 Plymouth ‘Cuda

          by road-dog ·

          In reply to That’s OK, Max

          Slapstick 3 speed and 340 CI.

          I loved that car, but sold it to a buddy when getting out of the Marines. He sold it to a young cousin who rolled it off a mountain in PA the very next week-end. He spent the summer in plaster but the ‘cuda was a total loss.

          The worst car was a ’75 Pinto. 2.3L. I called it “the turd”. It was brown, tapered at both ends, smelled terrible, and was the most effective chick-repellent that I have ever encountered. It really made my high school social life a complete wasteland….

          Honorable mention:

          I got to drive a couple of the real military Hummers. Those things are pretty close to unrollable and I have snorkled through streams that soaked my cigarettes in my breast pocket. Gotta love a vehicle that will run over an econo-box car and you turn to your copilot and ask, “did you hear something?”….

      • #3053543
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        Great to see someone else into Smiles per Mile!

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to I drive a Mega-SUV

        My wife can tell you all about doing something like that she was driving the mobile home around and of course forgot that the doors where 3 feet off the ground. When she pulled into a pub directly in front of the Police she fell out of the Mercedes because she forgot about the height of the thing. She actually had the police come over pick her up dust her off and send her on her way. They where so used to seeing her driving my VW Beetle on Steroids that they where in fits of laughter seeing her drive the 408 Mercedes and falling out of it. :^O

        But even my VW Beetle gets 8 miles to the Imperial Gallon and you dare not light a match anywhere near the exhaust pipe while it’s running as there is so much fuel spewed out the exhaust. I run 120 Degrees of Valve Over Lap so I’m sure that the cylinders are full and not only part way charged before they begin their compression stroke. Of course that means that there is a lot of unburnt Fuel Air pumped straight through the upper cylinder and out the exhaust. I have to be very careful of leaks in the exhaust because on the overrun the unburnt fuel air ignites and gives about a 2 foot long flame out of the exhaust pipes. If there are any leaks the fuel air mix blows the entire exhaust off. 🙂

        But it looks very spectacular at night. 😀

        Col ]:)

      • #3053534

        Well I don’t want anyone to think that I am bragging

        by jardinier ·

        In reply to I drive a Mega-SUV

        but my 1935 Studebaker with an awesome top speed of 70 MPH, used 12 MPG.

      • #3072393

        Don’t feed the trolls

        by jamesrl ·

        In reply to I drive a Mega-SUV

        I couldn’t help thinking of one of my favorite Simpson’s episodes when I read this rant….


        Can you name the truck with four wheel drive,
        smells like a steak and seats thirty-five..

        Canyonero! Canyonero!

        Well, it goes real slow with the hammer down,
        It’s the country-fried truck endorsed by a clown!

        Canyonero! (Yah!) Canyonero!
        [Krusty:] Hey Hey

        The Federal Highway comission has ruled the
        Canyonero unsafe for highway or city driving.


        12 yards long, 2 lanes wide,
        65 tons of American Pride!

        Canyonero! Canyonero!

        Top of the line in utility sports,
        Unexplained fires are a matter for the courts!

        Canyonero! Canyonero! (Yah!)

        She blinds everybody with her super high beams,
        She’s a squirrel crushing, deer smacking, driving machine!

        Canyonero!-oh woah, Canyonero! (Yah!)

        Drive Canyonero!

        Woah Canyonero!


    • #3053524

      Best=1980 Mazda GLC. Worst=1989 Honda Accord SEi

      by larry brown ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      Hey…what fun to take a break from techno talk.
      Best car: 1980 Mazda GLC. This was the world’s greatest car. We bought it as a junker for $300 with 80K miles on it and drove it to 180K. It died from lack of care rather than wearing out. It has the best air-conditioner, a necessity in Houston and always wearing out in lesser cars, but this A/C continued to work well to the very end. We drove the car all over the United States and through Mexico several times, Guatemala, and El Salvador, with lots of abuse all around. I rescued many cars, including pushing a stranded police car in the middle of Mexico into the next town. My wife also loved it.

      Worst: 1989 Honda Accord SEi. This is a pretty car, but the world’s worst for reliability. It’s very delicate. Anything less than the best fuel causes it to knock. Everything has been replaced several times. The fuel injectors leak. The rack and pinion has gone. The CV joints wear out an a regular schedule. It leaks all over the engine, fuel, power steering fluid, and oil. Timing belt requires regular replacement, and the tensioner wore out. The radiator cracked. The brakes are weak and don’t stop the car well. The car is too light in the rear and skids easily. The A/C has gone out several times with expensive repairs and I have trouble with the A/C clutch. Has always idled rough and this can not be fixed. Difficult to start. Honda discontinued the carpet mats….and on and on. Even worse, the Honda parts are exorbitantly expensive. Example: Power steering hose: $300????????? After market substitution: $30. Windshield glass: $700, when it should be more like $100. I could not understand how this car should be so terrible when Honda enjoys a good reputation. I searched the internet and found many people swearing by Honda, but I also found many people with experiences similar to mine. I will never own another Honda, no question.

      Other cars:
      1969 Fold Country Squire Station Wagon with 429 cubic inch engine. That was a big motor.
      1973 Camaro-generic 1970s Chevy trash.
      1979 Toyota Celica – was Ok but I expected better performance all around from this famous car. I expected better gas mileage, sportiness, and reliability.
      1987 Camaro RS-Limited – This was a beautiful car. I only owned it for 2 years so it held up fine. I enjoyed it. Fun to drive, sporty sound, gorgeous style. I bought “IROC-Z” design details from the dealership and tricked it out with the decals and emblems. The one problem: a nuisance to keep it looking gorgeous. Every nick or ding means a trip to the bodyshop, and I’m embarrassed to drive such a nice car with a spec of dirt on it.
      1989 BMW 525i – Excellent car and a pleasure to drive and own. Good compromise of luxury and economy. A good non-BMW mechanic allows me to keep this car running at low cost. Cheaper to keep than my Honda. Parts are expensive, but so is Honda. Non-BMW parts, junkyard parts, and family in Germany help (parts are cheaper there).

      1989 BMW 735i – Excellent car. Same comments as the 525i, but less compromise for economy. I paid $8,000 for this car with 80K miles, but I like the idea of driving around a $60,000 car. BMWs are cheap to buy on the used market because just a few small problems can add up to a lot of money to repair. That keeps their price low on the used market. This car is very reliable for me. Studded with elaborate gadgets so there is a lot to break. I just fix this non-essential equipment when I feel like it. 525 is almost as nice as the 735, but once you get used to the extra luxury, you can’t go back.
      1990 Subaru Loyale – worked out fine with just a little unexpected leaking of oil at the heads that we had to repair. But the unconventional design of this horizontally opposed 4 cylinder engine would make me avoid this. It’s really different.
      2000 Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor. Nice enough, but my 1989 BMWs are far nicer despite being 11 years older. Benz is studded with design short comings, like low visibility, that annoy me.

      • #3053481
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        No that is only the Modern Benz’s

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Best=1980 Mazda GLC. Worst=1989 Honda Accord SEi

        The older one like early 70’s where great and even as nice if not nicer to drive than the 528 I BMW that my son has, which currently isn’t running because he killed Skippy with it. 🙂

        If he had of been in the Benz it would have broken a headlight but nothing more. I currently am working on the wifes 73 250 CE and the only thing it doesn’t have that a modern car does is air bags crumple zones designed obsolesce, About the only thing that could be improved is some electronic control of the 4 speed Auto as currently if you are mad enough you can bung it into reverse while travelling at 100 KPH and it will select Reverse and mess up the gear box. But I can live quite happily with the EFI, Engine Management System 4 wheel independent suspension and the ability to crash the thing and still be able to open the doors and walk away from the wreck.

        I don’t need idiot lights telling me that the engine requires an Oil Change, or that the brake lights are not working to me these are just more things to break and repair but so many people think that with all of those lights it must be good instead of realising that you are locked into preset service intervals that you can not change or override.

        The 528i is great for that I use a good lubricant in it that should only be changed every 100 K but it still insists that you do an oil change at 6 K and you have to either take it in to have it plugged into the diagnostic equipment to turn off those silly lights or try to ignore them which eventually you can not longer accept. Then they try to change the oil and put in some cheap rubbish that should never be used in any engine. I settle for allowing them to change the oil filter and then I give them the Lubricant that I want in there. A very expensive 4 second button pushing exercise if you ask me but the tool is well over $850.00 AU to turn off those oil change lights so it works out cheaper to just take it in and have them change the oil filter. 🙁

        Col ]:)

        • #3053452

          Just get an independent mechanic to rest the service indicators

          by larry brown ·

          In reply to No that is only the Modern Benz’s

          Hi HAL9000….great chatting with you on several threads provided that you don’t get murderous.

          Regarding some of your points:
          Early 70s Benz may have been glorious, but most of us can’t live that far in the past. Benz are not asking the premimum price they once may have….that 2000 230 Kompressor that I mentioned starts at a very reasonable price. You can get into that for a price similar to the Japanese luxury brands and that’s worth a lot, to be able to buy a Benz for a reasonable price. That may make up for some of the loss of quality. Still, if you compare similarly priced modern Benz and BMWs, I think the BMWs compare favorably. Another annoyance on the Benz….the key costs over $200????????? No way. That security solution should have been shot down on the drawing board as “unthinkable.” A key should cost $1, not 200 times that. Front plastic license plate bracket: $200. This qualifies as robbery. That part should cost about $20, not ten times that. Of course BMW probably offends in this area as well.

          BMW 528 uses a timing belt that needs regular replacement, am I right? 525 with the timing chain is better.

          Regarding the service indicators….I agree with a lot of what you say. All those fancy gadgets are just more to go wrong, and more expense to fix. This is an annoyance with my 735. However, I wouldn’t label BMW as “malicious” as I do Microsoft. The service indicators and trouble indicators help BMW and most of their customers. Maybe the technically sophisticated like you don’t need them. A lot of people will adhere to those schedules. Those people get something that holds their hands through the service intervals, they get a car that will never strand them, and BMW gets good money from the regular maintenance calls and delivers a car that never breaks down on the road, because it’s been serviced correctly. That’s largely a win-win-win situation. I don’t get into an accident because I have a brake light out because the dash board has notified me. I agree it’s not a perfect system, but I think it’s useful.

          Regarding your situation: 1: There is no law against resetting those service indicators. A relationship with an independent mechanic should allow resetting the indicator with little or no expense. 2: Often the indicators can be reset with a paper clip if you know what to jumper.

          Thanks for the weekend reply and regards from Houston, Texas, USA.


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          Well Larry it’s my wife who has a weakness for the old

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Just get an independent mechanic to rest the service indicators

          Mercedes so I just play along and keep buying them for her as something interesting becomes available. 🙂

          Currently I have 5 awaiting restoration 3 fully restored and one fully restored written off because a truck driver couldn’t look in front of his truck and rear ended the Merc at 25 KPH while it was stationary. A fully loaded 10 ton refrigerated truck hitting a stationary Merc does quite a lot of damage but I could still drive it away even though it was technically un-roadworthy because a tail light was smashed. At the time I was taking my 28 year old son to hospital for cardiac surgery and the little sod was looking out the back watching the truck and he didn’t say anything. Although there was very little that I could have done as there was a semi driving past at the time and my only option would have been to drive under the trailer. Not a good idea as it might have hurt the newly rebuilt motor. 😉

          MY wifes favourite car currently is a 250 CE with EFI and a complete Electronic Engine Managment system I did a compression check on the motor with 92 K on it and the compression ranged from 159 PSI to 161 PSI so I’ll have to pull it apart to find out what is happening to those extra 2 PSI. Not Likely. :^O

          I a few weeks it’s going up to be repainted properly by a friend of mine who will strip it to bare metal and remove dents and any rust and then repaint it in 2 pack. I’ve got a few panels to go with it for the repair and a spare dash board which can be fitted when the front screen is removed so that will be another one finished when it returns and should look lovely. Even the insurance companies seem to realise that these are something special as they get me to put a value on them rather than them setting a value as when the last one was written off I suggested that they pickup one of those “Old Junkers” as they described them and I would be quite happy to accept that car, {Of course at the time I knew that there where none available in all of AU for any price. ” 😀

          So after that they came back with a much more reasonable offer as to the vale of the car the 250 is currently insured for 45K but I’ll up that when the Restoration is complete after the paint job there is only a few minor items to get hold of like high Back genuine Mercedes Front Seats currently I have a couple of Recaro’s in there but they just don’t look the part and the original seats didn’t have head restraints and as every car that I’ve driven in the past 20 years has been hit in the back I’m a bit concerned about rear end shunts so I always have High Back Seats fitted.

          The 528 i BMW is only the second BMW that my son has had he also has a 323i with a ex racing M3 motor in it. when his girlfriend destroyed the original motor I picked up one of the 2 LT M3 motors from a racing team which had just switched to the V8 series as the 2 Lt series was dieing here so everyone was selling off their supply of parts. The 323 when like a rocket with that brand new un-run motor in it even if I did commit a horrendous crime and mate it to an auto transmission. But it drove quite nicely and then his girl fiend broke it again after only 6 weeks so I dug my heels in and refused to repair it this time so for the last 5 years it’s been sitting in the garage with a replacement motor waiting to go into it but I’m refusing to fit it as they don’t look after it properly.

          Even the 528 is another car that they do not look after properly as they drive it all over the place and don’t care for it the way it should be looked after. When they told me that they where going out in the country I gave them some items to stick on the underside of the front bumper to scare away the roos which they couldn’t be bothered sticking on as that would require some effort. So they hit Skippy on the way there and didn’t get paid for the job that they where going to and lost the car into the bargain. For some reason there is no spark which I’ve traced to either a module or the distributer but I’m leaning toward the module on the inner right hand guard being the problem as that area of the car is all bent up so I would imagine that it has suffered some damage in the crash. Actually it’s also the cheaper of the 2 options so I would be replacing that first before considering the distributer which I can not see how it could be damaged in that incident after all it’s only a Hall Effect unit so it should be extremely reliable.

          As for the tools both my kids just expect me to buy any specialised tools required for their cars even though I’m only going to use them a couple of times and never on one of my cars so I just dig my heels in and refuse. If they can not but their own tools for their cars I don’t see why I should. If it was something important that involved safety it would be a different story but for something to reset the oil change indicator I can’t be bothered and I refuse to buy the manuals either for the same reason both of my kids are now well and truly adults so they should be looking after their own cars and not constantly running to me to fix them when they break them.

          Actually I’m a Mechanical Engineer so I sort of have a vested interest in things and since I did a report for the Coroner about the damage suffered by a then new Mercedes 3 years ago where my Cousins daughter died I very biased about the so called safety features of the “New Cars” to me it is unacceptable that the drivers side front wheel should have ever ended up on the drivers seat no matter what that just shouldn’t have ever happened. I can accept the steering column coming up and going through her chest and killing her by impaling itself in the rear seat but I can not accept the actual damage to that particular car, if you didn’t look at the right hand front corner it was perfectly straight and even though it did hit a tree that amount of damage should never have occurred to me it was just unacceptable. I could accept the girl dieing from the collision but not the amount of damage that the car suffered as it was out of proportion to the actual collision where it hit a tree after she lost control on a narrow road. I visited the accident scene and had free access to the Police Photos and reports to do that report as well as free access to the wreck. To say I was horrified at the damage caused is an understatement I did a test with an old junked 114 Chassis Mercedes and ran it into the same tree much faster and it didn’t suffer anywhere the same amount of damage and I think that the girl would have survived the collision. Now both her parents who are both QC’s {Queens Councils} have got rid of their new Mercedes and are driving early 70 models around and they actually feel much safer in these than what they did in their new ones the fact that parts are cheap doesn’t hurt either. Currently a set of genuine Front Disk Pads are $28.00 AU compared to the latter model ones at $135.00 AU a set. There are quite a lot of items much cheaper for these cars that it is unbelievable like a complete tail light only costs $118.00 AU + the bulbs as the company is so tight that they can not supply the few light bulbs with the tail light assembly. :^O

          While a bit more expensive the BMW parts are not that bad either the only real problem is availability as quite a lot of those parts have to be brought in so they are a bit time consuming waiting for them to arrive. Also BMW doesn’t have the suppliers who buy up all the old parts and specialise in selling them like the Mercedes do over here. I got a rear screen seal for $180.00 AU the next day from a place in Canberra and it was a genuine Mercedes part where as Mercedes AU wanted $320.00 and a 2 -3 week wait for the part to arrive from overseas apparently the nearest one was in Hong Kong so if I had of ordered it through them I would have had to wait for it to arrive in AU and then be sent here from Head Office.

          And don’t get me started on those new Keys that are supposed to be theft proof to me that are nothing more than a total waste of money and even if you carry a spare key that is self defeating as the battery only last as long in the spare as in the key that you use so you quite likely will find yourself in a position where you can not get into the car or if you can you can not start it to drive it home. Even the cost of those silly things isn’t such a big deal it’s the time taken to replace the thing. I can just see it now a guy rings up their local Mercedes Sales outlet and says “Hum my keys gone flat and my spare doesn’t work either although it did manage to open the doors but the motor will not start and now I can not lock the car either can you supply me a new key?”

          Mercedes spares parts Guy “Yes certainly Sir can you give me your name and the model of your car and I’ll order up a replacement key you should have it in about 2 weeks!”

          Owner “Well thanks! But how do I lock up the car or even move it?”

          Mercedes Spare Parts “we recommend XYZ towing do you want me to give them a phone call so they can tow your car to a holding yard until the new key becomes available?” :^O

          Col ]:)

    • #3072404

      05 Infiniti M45 Sport

      by el guapo ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      just bought the car new 1 month ago. My previous car was a 1991 Toyota Corolla. Fast, no, durable, yes. It’s a HUGE step coming from a corolla to an infiniti.

    • #3118854

      I like Scooter

      by parthiv_13 ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      I like my BAJAJ scooter 1996 model as on two wheeler and still using it. In cars I do like Maruti Gipsy 4×4 drive and TATA Safari more like SUV type of car it is.

      I hate PEUGOT cars.

    • #3130549

      Cool Q…

      by kevin dubya ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      Nice Question…
      I currently own
      1 x Petrol V6 Shogun Mitsubishi 4×4
      1 x Diesel 2.7TD Shogun Mitsubishi 4×4 (my wife’s)
      I currently drive a Seat 1.9 Tdi Diesel (v economical)

      I used to own…
      Audi S3 – SUPER quick – like the Golf GTI but better – 4wheel drive quattro with a twin intercooler system that gave many Porsche Boxsters a shock as I overtook them!!
      Audi A3 1.8T sport great car like a golf but with a better badge – yes I am a car snob…
      Also drove A6 2,7Twin Turbo on loan from my ol man for a summer in France – needed aircon and space (we’d just had a baby)…

      Prior to this (yawn) company cars including
      Peugot 406 glx, 206 gtdi, cavaliers (vauxhall) ford mondeos – umm interesting…

      Volvo – 245 glt 360 gls…
      Ford Escorts,

      other than that not much…

      dream car that I am working towards…

      Audi RS6 avant…obviously…
      If not Rs4…


    • #3124263

      Favorite and Least

      by dilbert9 ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      Probably my favorite vehicle is my current one. I drive a 2001 Mercedes SLK320. It’s close second is a tie between the 1983 Porsche 944 and a 1980 Audi 4000. When I drove the Audi, I was driving a $10k car but living in a $3500 house. Go figure.

      My least favorite was a 1981 Toyota Diesel 3/4 ton pickup. It delivered 55mpg but it took 12 miles on flat level highway to get to 70mph unless you had a good tail wind.

      Not a favorite but not my least is a succession of 10-12 FIAT spiders from the 60’s and 70’s that I have owned and restored. I’m considering looking for another as a project car soon. Not fast but a lot of fun and really cheap and simple to restore and repair.

      For motorcycles, my favorite is a tie between my 1974 Triumph Bonneville 750 and my 1981 Honda Hawk 400. The Hawk was riced into a cafe racer (this was before the crotch rockets were available at the dealer)with rearsets and bikini fairing. It was fast for it’s size, ran flawlessly and was a joy to ride. The Triumph had soul but leaked every fluid it was associated with and the old Amal carbs went out of adjustment so often they were fitted with knobs on the ratio screws so you could tune them as you rode down the highway without pulling over.

      My least favorite bike was my 1975 Suzuki RE-5. It was a gas hog, it had a lot of mechanical issues and parts dried up almost immediately. I traded a perfectly good Kawasaki H2 750 triple for it. Big mistake.

      I can’t even remember all of the cars trucks and bikes i’ve owned. I tried to list them once and stopped at over a hundred different models in thirty five years.

    • #3124886


      by a777 ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      Fave – MINI Cooper
      Worst – Buick Regal (a ‘mother car’)

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        Love it Max

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to My Car

        Is that the paint in poor condition or has your [b]Silver Hammer[/b] been busy again? :p

        Col ]:)

        • #3196765

          A little of both (EOM)

          by maxwell edison ·

          In reply to Love it Max


        • #3198138
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          Well in that case Max

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to A little of both (EOM)

          Perhaps you could bring your [b]Silver Hammer[/b] over here and help straighten out this mess that I’m in [b]Deep Do Do[/b] for doing.

          I was supposed to be road testing the car and the next day it was going up to be painted properly and I did this. 🙁

          As it is my Wifes pride & Joy she’s no longer speaking to me particularly as after I rang the guy who was going to paint it and told him that the Insurance company would be doing some work he went on holidays and now I can’t get anything done until he returns. She Who Must Be Obeyed keeps reminding me not to go through green lights without first looking for traffic coming the other way.

          Col ]:)

        • #3198415


          by maxwell edison ·

          In reply to Well in that case Max

          I don’t think my silver hammer would help on that automobile.

          But consider this, Colin. Maxwell’s silver hammer was never intended to be used on the likes of an automobile, but rather on the likes of “She Who Must Be Obeyed”. Remember? “Bang, bang Maxwell’s silver hammer came down on her head. Bang, bang Maxwell’s silver hammer made sure she was……”

          (Oh MY!)

        • #3196319
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          Works for me Max

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to OUCH!

          But I’m not sure that anyone would be brave enough to sneak up on “She Who Must Be Obeyed” and try it out. The last time that something like that happened the hammer broke and it only made her mad! :p

          Now a composite Carbon Fibre Titanium Hammer just might stand a chance but a [b]Silver Hammer[/b] wouldn’t have a hope in hell of surviving. 🙂

          But apart from the radiator/oil cooler I have everything to put it right only problem is finding the correct oil cooler as the current one had the power steering pump go through it and being aluminium most of the radiator re corers here can not repair it. 🙁

          Col ]:)

      • #3081524

        Col, Max; remember there is a corollary that applies here.

        by sleepin’dawg ·

        In reply to My Car

        [b][i][u]If it has t:ts or wheels; it’s going to give you trouble!!![/u][/i][/b]

        [b]Dawg[/b] ]:)

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      Does Anybody Drive a Nissan?

      by jocey ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      My mom bought a Nissan Sunny(1999/2000)model.She has only changed stuff in it about three times since she bought it and it is flawless she has not had any accidents in it.I live in the Caribbean and it is almost impossiable to get that kind of car to buy.Everyone one who has this particular model refuses to sell it and quite a few people want to buy them even though they are so outdated.But if I had to buy a car right now I would want a Mazda 6. Zoom Zoom.Lol

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      Anything NOT associated with General Motors

      by sundancer268 ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      Favorite probably my 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL Convertable or my 1975 Scout II. Ford was letgo in 1973 but the Scout still sits in the Barn waiting to be repaired after some IDIOT driving a Ford Explorer thought he knew how to drive in snow. Hit the lady in front of him and came accrost two lanes to wipe out my Scout. I drove the Scout from the Back of the Tow Truck into the Barn with a bent frame and no sheet metal from the firewall forward. Just have to rebuild it again. Took three years last time, will be a lot longer this time. Least favorite 1973 Plymouth Fury III. Felt like Cheap Oil Can. Rebuilt Trans twice and had to de-coke the Intake Manifold every three to four years. Still would have kept it if rust hadn’t won. Currently have 2000 Dodge Durango w/ <14,000 Miles (Custom Order in Sept 1999 and 2005 Focus ZXW SES. >12,000 Miles. Like them both. Seldom change vehicles unless forced to.

    • #3090705

      So I like soft tops

      by syncyourdogma ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      Boxster S – fast, comfortable with lots of boot space (worry that I’m old before my time)
      Lotus Elise S2 with added TT190 supercharger – very basic but nothing corners like it (keep wondering why I sold it)
      Clio 172 (all the toys, fast and fun)
      Fiesta (sister car, very cheap and reliable)
      MG Midget 1500 (?300 first car, great fun)

    • #3103099


      by ericl_w199 ·

      In reply to What vehicle do you drive now, what was your favorite and least favorite?

      first car?1979 vw scirocco sierra,ford ranger,honda vfr800

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