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What was the best part of the Torino Olympics??

By DMambo ·
** This discussion is limited to people who actually ENJOY sports entertainment ** :)

What do you think was the coolest part of the Winter Olympics?

My favorite moments were the arial skier whose skis came off just as the jump was launched. Thank heaven he wasn't hurt.

Also, having in-laws who are monster curling fans (go figure) it was great for me to see the U.S. capture a curling medal.

As a fan of Bode Miller for quite some time, I was disappointed that he didn't do better. He didn't even seem to care about it. It did seem in keeping with his character, though.

It was great to spend some of the time in Canada where there is all-day coverage on CBC as opposed to the crappy coverage on NBC.

Did anyone see the feature on Eugenio Monti, the Italian bobsled driver from the 60's? Showed true Olympic spirit.

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NBC Coverage

by JamesRL In reply to What was the best part of ...

The challenge with any US Olympic coverage over tha past few decades is this: They are so far from the Olympic spirit it doesn't seem to be on the same planet. They only show sports where the US has a medal hope. They always announce it as if the US is favoured and its a suprise when someone else wins, but most importantly, they only highlight US athletes - as if no one else at the games makes a significant achievement.

Canadian coverage includes events where Canada is well out of the running, but might be of interest to Canadian viewers. They do profile Canadian athletes heavily, but they also feature and talk about the other big winners/favourites from other countries.

Bode made some stupid sour grapes remark about the Olympics not being important. If they weren't important to him, he should have given up his spot to someone who would take it seriously and give their all.

I thought the Italians were fun to watch in Hockey and Curling - they were so enthusiastic even though they had little chance of a medal. Home town advantage big time.

I am philosophical about Men's hockey. Perhaps its not a bad thing that the big bad NHLers(from Canada) got taken down a couple of pegs. I personally don't think Tod Bertuzzi should represent my country at the Olympics. And perhaps they were a little too cocky, thinking they would come together the next game. They showed that individual talent is not enough, that team cohesion is very important.

The women's hockey was great - they had charecter and skill and passion for the game.


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About hockey

by DMambo In reply to NBC Coverage

To say thet the Cdn hockey team of NHL'ers got taken down a notch is fine, but the Swedes, Finns, Czechs and USA were practically all NHL players too. I think that the way that the teams were coached must have had a lot to do with their success, since each team was thrown together with very little practice time before the tourney. It was a nice addition to Swedish hockey lore that Forsberg has had the two most important goals in the history of the country - Winning goals in 1998 and 2006. (Sorry to bring that '98 thing up to you. I'm sure it still hurts :) )

I thought that Bertuzzi should have been excluded, too. Whether it's fair or not, he has come to represent everything that people hate about hockey.

As far as the woman's game, since the big money is not there, they play it more for the love of the game, which is what the Olympic spirit is about anyway.

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The difference

by JamesRL In reply to About hockey

The Swedes, Finns, Czechs etc had national teams that added a few NHLers to their lineups. The national teams had weeks together, rather than days. Finland also had a hot goaltender :)
Canada didn't do much together other than a couple of practises in Toronto before they boarded the plane.

I don't particularly like Gretzky's choice of coach, Pat Quinn. I think they should have let Crosby play - he has had more recent international experience than many of the NHL vets, and perhaps more importantly, he has energy. The big question is whether or not the Canadian system will learn something in time for the next Olympics. It would be nice to win hockey gold on your own territory.

What did you think about the commentary on women's hockey. There were a few statements that "Thank goodness USA women lost, since we now have evidence that its more than a 2 country sport". There was some grumbling because if it is only a 2 country sport, it doesn't belong in the Olympics.

What happened in '98? Was there an Olympics that year?


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Oops - I meant '94

by DMambo In reply to The difference

Jagr had a big tourney in '98. Forsberg scored the winning shootout goal in '94.

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Oh how I wish...

by azul In reply to NBC Coverage

"They showed that individual talent is not enough, that team cohesion is very important."

I wished all athletes understood that, particularly in the U.S.

My favorite is speed skating and down hill skiing

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Not true, James

by M_a_r_k In reply to NBC Coverage

NBC showed a lot events where the US had no chance for a medal. Cross country skiing is an example. The US didn't have anyone closer than a week behind the medal contenders. NBC showed the hockey bronze medal game and televised the gold medal game live (Sunday morning). Same goes for luge, skeleton, ski jumping and others.

Do you think Chicago TV news shows more news about Phoenix or Chicago? Of course NBC (an American TV network) will profile American athletes and sports where we have a good chance for a medal. That is to be expected. After all, almost all of their advertisers ARE American companies and the network is targeting the American audience.

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I was speaking over a number of Olympics

by JamesRL In reply to Not true, James

I did catch some of the Olympics on NBC this time, some on CBC.I have actually watched the same event on both networks. Thats pretty telling.

I don't expect that NBC will cover more foreign athletes than others. Part of it is tone.

Of course the mens hockey is a premier event, so they will show it no matter who is in it. Thats why they leave it until the last day.

Maybe Mambo should comment since he has watched on both networks too.


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CBC's coverage was about the sports

by DMambo In reply to I was speaking over a num ...

I find that NBC tries to make it's coverage about "the story". They try to jazz it up to generate interest, usually by hyping the personalities involved, like Bode or Johnny Weir (ick). I also have a sneaking suspicion that since the broadcast is delayed for prime time, the announcers are voiced over after thay know the results. Also, the event announcers seem to feel that they have to scream to make it exciting. It does get annoying to hear them squealing with excitement. Enthusiasm is one thing, but when it's the 16th bobsledder shown and the difference between the runs is that one guy nicks the wall on the straight-away, I think they announcer should try a little harder to contain himself.

The biggest difference is that CBC's broadcast is live and NBC's is highlighted and packaged for prime time. Also, CBC covered it from 5:00 AM until midnight with some replays of the big events. NBC had about 4 hours of coverage nightly. Both networks attempt to interview the athletes from their own country, which is understandable.

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It was

by rob mekel In reply to What was the best part of ...

hilarious to see his skies going up just as he turned facing down. And yes, good to see him not getting hurt.

As was the bobsledge's turning over (happy non where injured). Did remind me of the Japanese team that once forgot to hit the brakes and crashed on top of a parked car(they weren't injured as well nor any one else).

The ice speed skating was great to.


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Speed Skating

by DMambo In reply to It was

Only the Dutch care about speed skating! And you know what they say about the Dutch.......

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