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What will come of this?

By maxwell edison ·
What should come of this?

And it makes the reason for France's and Russia's opposition to the Iraq invasion very clear. (And the Democrats as well, as it doesn't bode well for the Clinton administration's turning a "blind-eye".)

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Have never understood why 1st world nations should be controlled by the 3rd

by sleepin'dawg In reply to What will come of this?

The UN outside the Security Council is an exercise in futility. Why the 1st nations permit it is beyond me. I fully understand the frustrations of the US. Why should we care for a bunch of people who cannot and will not adhere to the most basic rules of a civilized society. These people should be not permitted to immigrate and should be kept quarantined until they accept and obey the rules. Citizenship should not be granted until they prove their ability to live by our rules and any infractions of our laws should revoke their citizenship and that of any offspring and return them to their origins. Bet that would put a crimp in the tails of those who would mean us harm.

Dawg ]:)

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Is THAT why?

by jdclyde In reply to What will come of this?

Is THAT why we didn't get the support of our "allies", France and Russia?

So the people that opposed the war stating we were only going in for the oil, were just trying to keep us out for the oil? Been saying that for years, it is just nice to see SOMEONE finally report it besides FOX.

Anything short of a complete replacement of anyone involved with the corruption or allowing the corrupton is nothing short of criminal.

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UN incompetence and corruption

by M_a_r_k In reply to What will come of this?

This is the reason the US felt compelled to go to war in Iraq. Oil-for-food was a joke. Monitoring and restricting Iraq's WMD capability was another joke and, like the Serbia-Bosnia-Kosovo debacle, a big black eye for the UN's competence. I guess now we know why nobody gave a crap about whether or not Saddam thumbed his nose at UN resolutions.

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I think some gave a crap

by jck In reply to UN incompetence and corru ...

Just that not only did France and Russia have a big stake financially, but also Germany.

Essentially, Saddam was buying off votes by buddying up to powerful countries and letting them make profits.

In the end however, Saddam got in debt and left those "buddies" high and dry and billions in debt to them...which they'll not collect now.

Plus, I don't think food-for-oil did much good anyways. Did you see how many people were still starving in Iraq?

It's just another example of what happens when you send bureaucrats to do a thinking man's job

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