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What would family find on your PC's?

By jdclyde ·
We recently had a purchaser die suddenly.

Sure, he was very over weight, but no known health issues that I was aware of and it came as a shock to everyone. Did I mention he was as Mae once put it "Monkey butt ugly"?

Anyways, I got the draw to go pick up his system, as this was at a remote location.

As he was the purchaser for the location, the top brass asked me to get in and see if there was any data on the system "if I could" because it was running Windows XP and had a password, and EVERYONE knows that keeps you out, right? ;\

Drop in the ultimate boot disk and reset the password, BAM! and I am in! (sorry, was just watching the cooking channel! )

So I look and don't find any data. All files he was working on were saved on floppies, that know one knows about. Oh, did I forget to also mention he was a crook and the price of supplies went up when he took over and changed vendors to an aquantance of his?

Anyways, no data.

I go into IE and what do I find? This huge, monkeybutt ugly MARRIED man was going to every site he could find looking for "women that like to be whipped", and other such sites. :0 Man, did that give me some horrible visuals!

(oh, and do I tell anyone about that part? I haven't yet!)

This got me thinking, what is on any of my systems that I would not want to be general knowledge? Turns out, nothing that people don't already know about. They WOULD find all the information I have on the EX's affair that I never told her or family about. Been holding that back for a rainy day! B-)

Do you think about what is on your systems? Do you encrypt the data, so even if someone were to reset your password, they could not see that data?

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If I died tomorrow

by jmgarvin In reply to What would family find on ...

My account(s) are open to my wife, but she probably doesn't know about all of them...

Oh, if I die tomorrow, I want an honorary PhD...Why? That's probably what killed me ;-)

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I have nothing to hide..

by Jim_P In reply to What would family find on ...

My computer doesn't contain anything that confidential.


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If a guy is dead, let your conscience

by OnTheRopes In reply to What would family find on ...

be your guide as far as telling anyone. I'd wonder what would be the gain. It's always easy to make myself look righteous by talking trash about someone else. If living people are any hint, people may talk bad about me when I'm dead and gone. I can't say I like the idea but... whatyagonnado?

If I croak tonight there isn?t anything on the three computers I use everyday that my immediate family would be shocked to find. I keep it that way.

Everybody has their own pc on a network here so my computers aren?t shared but I don?t care if my wife, adult-daughter and son or my Mother sat down and looked at anything. The only files I generally encrypt are backups and my wife knows the PW for those and my daughter knows where to find it.

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That was how I was approaching that part

by jdclyde In reply to If a guy is dead, let you ...

It didn't serve any purpose to tell anyone else, so I haven't.

I don't like to talk badly about the dead, even if I didn't like them when they were alive.

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once upon a time

by JamesRL In reply to That was how I was approa ...

I had the duty of conducting a church choir. Some of my choristers were older, somewhat set in their ways and cranky at the best of times.

I had great relations with the priest (anglican) and the deaconate. Some of the older parishoners had an issue with me being paid to conduct. Thats fine, but they continued to bring it up in church meetings ina very nasty way. So I wasn't entirely happy with the situtation to start with.

But one chorister, like many of the women in the choir, came from the caribean and was set in her ways. She was always complaining about her hip, the choice of music etc. But she had a good voice, so I put up with it.

One day at as we were preparing for service, she was particulary grumpy and she couldn't find the piece we were performing, even though she had it for the provious rehersal. She accused me of not giving her the music on a consistent basis because she was an "old black woman".

I was upset. I walked out, robes and all... Days later when discussing it with the priest, who was very understanding, I didn't blame her for everything, but she was clearly the straw that broke the camel's back.

Couple of years later, I received word that she died. I was asked to join the choir for her funeral. Because I needed to scan the music and get robed up, I arrived early. I was dragooned into carrying the coffin into the church.

Through the service, I gained a little perspective. She had a hard life, helped a lot of people, and perhaps even earned the right to be curmudgeonly. I didn't "forvgive" the action she took, but I did forgive the woman herself. Hate the sin, love the sinner. I was glad I got the opportunity.


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Ye Gods <bangs head against brick wall><repeatedly>

by gadgetgirl In reply to What would family find on ...


jd, don't do anything else on that hard drive without duplicating it first.

Grief - you, of all people, who have asked specifics on my job, and got a sanitized version of a working incident log, didn't think to duplicate before digging??? What happened? Brain disengage??

Look, babz, you need to get things copied immediately. If he's any sort of crook, the company will find out. They'll need the evidence to prove or disprove. That may mean talking to his family; who can then accuse YOU of looking at inappropriate sites.

Whatever is stored on the hdd, or back to the server, you need to get it out, NOW, and duplicated. Remember to do this with a witness; as you don't have an incident response team, make the witness your most trusted IT colleague.

Needless to say, there is a LOT more to this than meets the eye, but you know where to find me.

CYA, jd, CYA. HE may be gone now, but the company isn't, and more to the point, neither are you.

As for my own lappie - nothing on it. Back up discs? Passworded. And daughter knows to destroy them. All of sentimental value, nothing work related, nasty or inappropriate anyway, but have the possibility of causing hassle in the family. So they get trashed.

Besides, all the images in my pics folder at the moment are pink ribbons!!!


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no incident reporting

by jdclyde In reply to Ye Gods <bangs head again ...

They were just looking for records that they might need to give the next person that does that job.

He was also in charge of keeping track of maintance records, as certain industrial equipment needs to be inspected daily.

His direct supervisor has already been "removed", but not for theft, and no talk of legal action.

This is a small family business, and I gave them what they requested. The computer is sitting in a corner, untouched. The only thing I did was open exploiter and look at the history file, which is dated. No, I did not check out any of the sites!

Did I mention many DATING sites as well?

For the future though, I believe you are correct, and I should learn the proper process. I am not a security tech, I just play one in real life. ;\ I'm a network guy/server!

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Dating versus porn.....

by JamesRL In reply to no incident reporting

Here is my perspective.

As long as the companies policies permit dating sites, then whether or not the user is married is not your concern. You can have your opinions, but you should separate that from your professional duties. My thought is that dating sites (not allowed on my net, but on others I am sure its ok) are different (unless they show adult content) than porn, which has problems from a hostile work environment perspective even if there isn't an explicit policy.

And to boot, porn sites are a great way to accumulate tracking cookies (spammers) and viruses.

I worked at one place where the CIO tried to date an employee - not a direct report, but someone at a mid level management level who reported to one of his reports. He was married, she was not. He crossed the line when he pressed the issue. One should not feel pressure, and when one is told that they feel pressure the instagator should back right off. I may not like the fact he was married - and I know the family. But it isn't my business to judge, until it negatively impacts the job.

He ended up breaking up his marriage and moving in with yet another employee who was a single mother. Again, I find it distasteful to leave a marriage to move in with an employee, and I can't help speculate what may have occured before he moved out, but from a how do I deal with him professionally perspective, I had to try not to let it colour my professional working relationship.

Now a suspicion of theft? Lock that sucker down and be very careful.


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Locked down

by jdclyde In reply to Dating versus porn.....

and only was touched to look, and at the direct request of the top of the food chain.

It is now unplugged, and in the corner (behind other systems) in my office which is locked when I am not here.

That system will just sit, even though there isn't any data on it. Will be interesting if they find his floppy disks though.

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by CuteElf In reply to What would family find on ...


did you hurl?

and...what bootski disk are you using?


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