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    What would family find on your PC’s?


    by jdclyde

    We recently had a purchaser die suddenly.

    Sure, he was very over weight, but no known health issues that I was aware of and it came as a shock to everyone. Did I mention he was as Mae once put it “Monkey butt ugly”?

    Anyways, I got the draw to go pick up his system, as this was at a remote location.

    As he was the purchaser for the location, the top brass asked me to get in and see if there was any data on the system “if I could” because it was running Windows XP and had a password, and EVERYONE knows that keeps you out, right? ;\

    Drop in the ultimate boot disk and reset the password, BAM! and I am in! (sorry, was just watching the cooking channel! 馃榾 )

    So I look and don’t find any data. All files he was working on were saved on floppies, that know one knows about. Oh, did I forget to also mention he was a crook and the price of supplies went up when he took over and changed vendors to an aquantance of his?

    Anyways, no data.

    I go into IE and what do I find? This huge, monkeybutt ugly MARRIED man was going to every site he could find looking for “women that like to be whipped”, and other such sites. :0 Man, did that give me some horrible visuals!

    (oh, and do I tell anyone about that part? I haven’t yet!)

    This got me thinking, what is on any of my systems that I would not want to be general knowledge? Turns out, nothing that people don’t already know about. They WOULD find all the information I have on the EX’s affair that I never told her or family about. Been holding that back for a rainy day! B-)

    Do you think about what is on your systems? Do you encrypt the data, so even if someone were to reset your password, they could not see that data?

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      If I died tomorrow

      by jmgarvin

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      My account(s) are open to my wife, but she probably doesn’t know about all of them…

      Oh, if I die tomorrow, I want an honorary PhD…Why? That’s probably what killed me 馃槈

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      I have nothing to hide..

      by jim_p

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      My computer doesn’t contain anything that confidential.


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      If a guy is dead, let your conscience

      by ontheropes

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      be your guide as far as telling anyone. I’d wonder what would be the gain. It’s always easy to make myself [b]look[/b] righteous by talking trash about someone else. If living people are any hint, people [b]may[/b] talk bad about me when I’m dead and gone. I can’t say I like the idea but… whatyagonnado? 馃榾

      If [b]I[/b] croak tonight there isn?t anything on the three computers I use everyday that my immediate family would be shocked to find. I keep it that way.

      Everybody has their own pc on a network here so my computers aren?t shared but I don?t care if my wife, adult-daughter and son or my Mother sat down and looked at anything. The only files I generally encrypt are backups and my wife knows the PW for those and my daughter knows where to find it.

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        That was how I was approaching that part

        by jdclyde

        In reply to If a guy is dead, let your conscience

        It didn’t serve any purpose to tell anyone else, so I haven’t.

        I don’t like to talk badly about the dead, even if I didn’t like them when they were alive.

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          once upon a time

          by jamesrl

          In reply to That was how I was approaching that part

          I had the duty of conducting a church choir. Some of my choristers were older, somewhat set in their ways and cranky at the best of times.

          I had great relations with the priest (anglican) and the deaconate. Some of the older parishoners had an issue with me being paid to conduct. Thats fine, but they continued to bring it up in church meetings ina very nasty way. So I wasn’t entirely happy with the situtation to start with.

          But one chorister, like many of the women in the choir, came from the caribean and was set in her ways. She was always complaining about her hip, the choice of music etc. But she had a good voice, so I put up with it.

          One day at as we were preparing for service, she was particulary grumpy and she couldn’t find the piece we were performing, even though she had it for the provious rehersal. She accused me of not giving her the music on a consistent basis because she was an “old black woman”.

          I was upset. I walked out, robes and all… Days later when discussing it with the priest, who was very understanding, I didn’t blame her for everything, but she was clearly the straw that broke the camel’s back.

          Couple of years later, I received word that she died. I was asked to join the choir for her funeral. Because I needed to scan the music and get robed up, I arrived early. I was dragooned into carrying the coffin into the church.

          Through the service, I gained a little perspective. She had a hard life, helped a lot of people, and perhaps even earned the right to be curmudgeonly. I didn’t “forvgive” the action she took, but I did forgive the woman herself. Hate the sin, love the sinner. I was glad I got the opportunity.


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      Ye Gods

      by gadgetgirl

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?


      jd, don’t do anything else on that hard drive without duplicating it first.

      Grief – you, of all people, who have asked specifics on my job, and got a sanitized version of a working incident log, didn’t think to duplicate before digging??? What happened? Brain disengage??

      Look, babz, you need to get things copied immediately. If he’s any sort of crook, the company will find out. They’ll need the evidence to prove or disprove. That may mean talking to his family; who can then accuse YOU of looking at inappropriate sites.

      Whatever is stored on the hdd, or back to the server, you need to get it out, NOW, and duplicated. Remember to do this with a witness; as you don’t have an incident response team, make the witness your most trusted IT colleague.

      Needless to say, there is a LOT more to this than meets the eye, but you know where to find me.

      CYA, jd, CYA. HE may be gone now, but the company isn’t, and more to the point, neither are you.

      As for my own lappie – nothing on it. Back up discs? Passworded. And daughter knows to destroy them. All of sentimental value, nothing work related, nasty or inappropriate anyway, but have the possibility of causing hassle in the family. So they get trashed.

      Besides, all the images in my pics folder at the moment are pink ribbons!!! 馃榾


      • #3202011

        no incident reporting

        by jdclyde

        In reply to Ye Gods

        They were just looking for records that they might need to give the next person that does that job.

        He was also in charge of keeping track of maintance records, as certain industrial equipment needs to be inspected daily.

        His direct supervisor has already been “removed”, but not for theft, and no talk of legal action.

        This is a small family business, and I gave them what they requested. The computer is sitting in a corner, untouched. The only thing I did was open exploiter and look at the history file, which is dated. No, I did not check out any of the sites!

        Did I mention many DATING sites as well?

        For the future though, I believe you are correct, and I should learn the proper process. I am not a security tech, I just play one in real life. ;\ I’m a network guy/server! 馃榾

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          Dating versus porn…..

          by jamesrl

          In reply to no incident reporting

          Here is my perspective.

          As long as the companies policies permit dating sites, then whether or not the user is married is not your concern. You can have your opinions, but you should separate that from your professional duties. My thought is that dating sites (not allowed on my net, but on others I am sure its ok) are different (unless they show adult content) than porn, which has problems from a hostile work environment perspective even if there isn’t an explicit policy.

          And to boot, porn sites are a great way to accumulate tracking cookies (spammers) and viruses.

          I worked at one place where the CIO tried to date an employee – not a direct report, but someone at a mid level management level who reported to one of his reports. He was married, she was not. He crossed the line when he pressed the issue. One should not feel pressure, and when one is told that they feel pressure the instagator should back right off. I may not like the fact he was married – and I know the family. But it isn’t my business to judge, until it negatively impacts the job.

          He ended up breaking up his marriage and moving in with yet another employee who was a single mother. Again, I find it distasteful to leave a marriage to move in with an employee, and I can’t help speculate what may have occured before he moved out, but from a how do I deal with him professionally perspective, I had to try not to let it colour my professional working relationship.

          Now a suspicion of theft? Lock that sucker down and be very careful.


        • #3199502

          Locked down

          by jdclyde

          In reply to Dating versus porn…..

          and only was touched to look, and at the direct request of the top of the food chain.

          It is now unplugged, and in the corner (behind other systems) in my office which is locked when I am not here.

          That system will just sit, even though there isn’t any data on it. Will be interesting if they find his floppy disks though.

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      by cuteelf

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?


      did you hurl?

      and…what bootski disk are you using?


      • #3202010

        boot disk

        by jdclyde

        In reply to ewwwwww

        It boots up, and has a menu available that will allow you to clear out the password saved in the SAM file. Of course doing this will make any encrypted data toast……

        hurl, lets just say I didn’t eat for several hours after that. Just didn’t seem to have much of an appitite! :p

        (always great to see the cute one pop in! 馃槨 )

        • #3277105

          I keep

          by too old for it

          In reply to boot disk

          … the latest version of Knoppix and CHNTPW around for similar reasons.

          Used to have a customer who would have his network password cancelled and a box show up for his laptop on a regular basis. Became quite adept at backing up his documents and sending the laptop back clean with Knoppix.

      • #3201973


        by jellimonsta

        In reply to ewwwwww

        Where have you been Cute?? Have not seen hide nor pointy ear of you for ages!! 馃榾

        • #3277287


          by cely

          In reply to Hey!!!

          They’d finally be able to read all my poetry and discover that I’m far more angst ridden than I look… I wonder how the suicide notes would go down… LOL

          I tend to open up to my computer a lot more than I do to strangers…

    • #3202048

      just work related :-))

      by 3xp3rt

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      On my PC you can find just work related documentation. (Work related it’s mean IT) Recently I write to DVD the most important documentations, and I was surprised when I see that is greater than 4.7 GB. So I take out some not so important for writing to a DVD.
      So far so good?BUT! I?m not an angel for curiosity 1% of my web navigation can be some not work related sites. The first thing after I visit that kind of sites is to erase all possible signs. So I?m clean! 馃檪

      • #3202008

        Just trying to

        by jdclyde

        In reply to just work related :-))

        spread awareness!

        Maybe not as noble of a cause as Tigs push for Breast Cancer, but still something people should think about.

        I just can’t help thinking of an old episode of “The Man Show” where they talked about this topic! Classic! 馃榾

    • #3202028


      by maecuff

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      First of all, I don’t think I’ve ever referred to anyone as ‘monkey butt ugly’. I have a great fondess for the extremely ugly, I used one as a science project once.. Unless, perhaps I posted it late on a Friday night and I just don’t remember it. 馃檪

      I don’t have anything on my PC at home or work that I’d be worried about. I’m pretty much a what you see is what you get kinda person.

      One time, my ex-husband did some contract work for a guy who owned a trucking company. This guy brought his wife’s PC to my husband and asked him to find out what was on it. (He had some suspicions) As it turns out, my husband printed of pages and pages of emails that she had from different people who were in her ‘slave group’. I guess she was cheating on him with multiple people of both sexes.

      • #3202005

        Slave groups are good, right?

        by jdclyde

        In reply to Okay

        As for the Monkey Butt Ugly, it was back in the divorce discussion when I talked about starting to date again, and being a little discouraged. Your statement was along the line of “As long as your not monkeybuttugly, you will be fine”.

        Don’t MAKE me find the post! B-)

        • #3202003

          I think

          by maecuff

          In reply to Slave groups are good, right?

          you’re going to have to find it for me. I’m not convinced..

        • #3201975

          You could at least fake it for me!

          by jdclyde

          In reply to I think

          Would it be so hard to just PRETEND that your wrong? :0

          I just somehow remembered that as YOU saying it instead of CorTech. ~sigh~

          [i] Sellers market

          JD –
          I don’t know you, but from the postings I gather that you are a intelligent, nice guy, probably mid-30’s, with a sense of humor. Do you know how rare that is?? Most of the single women I know in their 30’s or 40’s have a heck of a time finding a decent guy. Do you know how many jerks there are out there? I guess there are a lot. [b]As long as you’re not monkeybuttt ugly,[/b] you won’t have a problem finding someone to ride in that Vette with you.

        • #3201962

          It isn’t so much

          by maecuff

          In reply to You could at least fake it for me!

          that I can’t pretend to be wrong. I just wanted you to have to look for it. 馃檪

          You’re so much fun..

        • #3199547


          by gadgetgirl

          In reply to It isn’t so much

          it’s good being on the outside, and hearing that trap door shutting on the inside….

          I knew you’d get him!

          You go, girl! 馃榾


        • #3199541

          hey hey hey!

          by jdclyde

          In reply to Mae….

          my torment is NOT a spectator sport! :p

        • #3199537


          by maecuff

          In reply to Mae….

          Yes it is..

        • #3199535

          ah. Yus. Tiz. ;)

          by gadgetgirl

          In reply to Mae….



        • #3199520


          by neilb@uk

          In reply to Mae….

          well, that’s when it’s not a participation sport.


        • #3199506


          by tig2

          In reply to Mae….

          Mae does it with such finesse! 馃檪

        • #3199501

          Mae-My personal favorite

          by ontheropes

          In reply to It isn’t so much

          “Racism sucks a big fat choad spongemonkey butt!”

          That would make a nice bumper sticker.

        • #3199496


          by maecuff

          In reply to Mae-My personal favorite

          that would be a good one. It would get me shot in the little town I live in, as racism seems to be a family value..but still, a good one.

        • #3199491

          Well Mae

          by ontheropes

          In reply to Mae-My personal favorite

          Since that’s one of your old posts :0 I thought you might have at least put that up for a t-shirt slogan or sumthin’.

      • #3201993


        by jaqui

        In reply to Okay

        if she was a “pro domme” she was earning her income from it. :p

        and nope, it does not normally include sex.

        • #3199561

          I dunno about that

          by maecuff

          In reply to really?

          but, if you believe her emails, it definitely included sex. With urine drinking.

        • #3199558

          Ah your majesty

          by jdclyde

          In reply to I dunno about that

          and there is this fine exotic wine……..

        • #3199557

          I really try

          by maecuff

          In reply to Ah your majesty

          to not judge. But, ewww..

        • #3199556


          by tig2

          In reply to I dunno about that

          There are just some things that NO ONE should know!


        • #3199553


          by jaqui

          In reply to I dunno about that

          yup she ws cheating.

          since bdsm is usually foreplay it’s not unheard of, but it’s also not required.

          very few pro dommes do engage in sexual activities with their clients, it’s the pain and control that they are getting paid for, not sex.
          [ cheaper to just buy a hooker than a pro dommes for the sex ]

          what? you never heard that drinking urine has health and beauty benefits?
          there are some cultures where it is common.

        • #3199545

          I still remember when

          by jdclyde

          In reply to then

          I first learned what “water sports” are on the web….. :0

        • #3199504

          And up till now

          by tig2

          In reply to I still remember when

          I thought “water sports” meant showering with your partner.


        • #3199500

          I didn’t even think THAT!

          by jdclyde

          In reply to And up till now

          I had absolutely NO IDEA!

          I figured swimming, or other outdoor activities! :0

          That day was a very educational day! I learned what to NEVER search for!

          Talk about a deal breaker!

        • #3199495

          as I am fond of saying:

          by jaqui

          In reply to And up till now

          better to be pisse off then pissed on, don’t beleive me? lie down, I’ll stand on ya and piss off ya, then piss on ya. ]:)

          which do you prefer?

        • #3199292

          That’s “water conservation”

          by nicknielsen

          In reply to And up till now


        • #3199534

          This is another case

          by maecuff

          In reply to then

          where a line from Pulp Fiction is appropriate..

          “Sewer rat might taste like pumpkin pie, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna eat the filthy m*ther f*cker..”

        • #3199499


          by ontheropes

          In reply to This is another case

          So now I have a [b]new[/b] favorite Mae post.

        • #3199544

          just proving

          by gadgetgirl

          In reply to I dunno about that

          that she was a REAL “pi$$ taker” then…..



          (sorry. having a bad day.)

        • #3199536

          I now understand HALF of the old saying

          by jdclyde

          In reply to just proving

          “Full of pi$$ and vinegar” :0

          So where does the vinegar come into play? Is she having a salad afterwards?

        • #3199532

          No, love, just a

          by gadgetgirl

          In reply to I now understand HALF of the old saying

          “golden shower”

          sorry, in stirrer mode….

          I alopojize host mumbly….!



        • #3199531


          by maecuff

          In reply to I now understand HALF of the old saying

          a tossed salad?

          Sorry, but that one was too good to pass up..

        • #3199530


          by gadgetgirl

          In reply to I now understand HALF of the old saying

          No, that just provides the “cream” for the cornflakes….



        • #3199497

          vinegar? from the

          by jaqui

          In reply to I now understand HALF of the old saying

          douche naturally. ]:)

        • #3199494


          by jdclyde

          In reply to vinegar? from the

          so it does all tie in after all……


        • #3199291

          Almost, JD

          by nicknielsen

          In reply to vinegar? from the

          But tying in is something completely different. B-)

        • #3199285

          Actually Nick

          by jdclyde

          In reply to vinegar? from the

          Tying [b]UP[/b] is what is a horse of a whole other color! 馃榾

    • #3202018

      Does Solitaire leave any traces?

      by dmambo

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      It’s amazing that people whose interests tend to a more “exotic” flavor don’t have enough sense to wipe their tracks. I was once helping out a neighbor who complained about spyware, and his cache had several pictures of young men in skimpy leather and chains. When I returned the box, I just warned his wife and him that they should know that websites can upload some nasty stuff. I didn’t really go into details.

      On my work machine, it’s strictly work (and TR) with maybe a little misc browsing, but I’m always wary that someone’s watching.

      At home, I don’t use the computers much because I do it all day at work. Also, in my house, I’m low priority in the queue.

      • #3202002

        So you never found out

        by jdclyde

        In reply to Does Solitaire leave any traces?

        if the pics were his or hers? Bet that really changes the way you look at them from that point on? ;\

        A bud of mine gave me a visual one time that has stuck. We were in line at the bank and he pointed at the little cutie that was working one of the windows. “My bud was going out with her for a while. She takes it up the *$$ and [b]LIKES[/b] it”. :0

        That was 12 years ago, and to this day whenever I see her anywhere, “And LIKES it” pops into my head and I start laughing. Yea, I get a lot of strange looks and people give me plenty of room…… :p

        • #3199551

          Ya know, I think I’ll transfer the association

          by dmambo

          In reply to So you never found out

          From this point forward, those images are transferred to her in my mind. Ahhhh, that’s better. 馃榾

        • #3199543

          But how can you be sure?

          by jdclyde

          In reply to Ya know, I think I’ll transfer the association

          Maybe he is imagining YOU in the cute leather outfits when he sees you? :0

        • #3199540

          Careful, o pure one! ;)

          by gadgetgirl

          In reply to Ya know, I think I’ll transfer the association

          you’re heading for the slippery slope again!!

          (whips? chains? leather? young boys? which site? WHICH SITE?? [b] WHICH SITE?? [/b] )




        • #3277320

          Hey, how did a girl get in here?!?

          by dmambo

          In reply to Careful, o pure one! ;)

          This portion of the thread is the men’s locker room.

          Now I’m blushing!

          (And scrambling to cover up.)

        • #3277294

          *Glow Alert*

          by gadgetgirl

          In reply to Hey, how did a girl get in here?!?

          Men’s locker room? ooooooh, sorry, I didn’t know there was one in here….sorry.

          Sorry I looked, too. But at least I know I didn’t have to go back for the binoculars…. :8}

          [b] HEY GIRLS!!! – the men’s locker room is over HERE >>>>>>>>> [/b]

          Who’s got the drill? miniature camera? cables? wifi connection?



        • #3277292

          Just get some from your office loo

          by neilb@uk

          In reply to *Glow Alert*

          At jd’s instructions, I think that I did a bit of overkill… ;\

        • #3277282


          by gadgetgirl

          In reply to *Glow Alert*

          some? some?? how many did you put in there for griefs’ sake?

          Is that what’s hammering the electricity supply to the building? We thought it was just the builders, who are currently making a moat out there, cutting cables for the third time this week….

          How many??!!


          Oy, jd, I wanna wurd wiv yoooooo!

        • #3277229

          Well GG

          by jdclyde

          In reply to *Glow Alert*

          for some of us, you better make that a wide angle lense! :p

          As for power draw, I didn’t think the first 15 cameras would be a noticable draw, but I figured when we went to the next stall, it might create a bit of a spike! ]:) Say “Cheese”!

        • #3277222

          erm, jd….

          by gadgetgirl

          In reply to *Glow Alert*

          wide angle lens?

          just what are you incinerating, here, jdclyde?

          (be careful how you answer, I just used your Sunday name…..)

          I’ll have you know that I’m officially classed as “petite”

          (well, some parts of me still are!!! :p )


        • #3277217

          Please try to keep up dear!

          by jdclyde

          In reply to *Glow Alert*

          The wide angle is for the BOYS locker room. :0

          The GIRLS locker room has the zoom lense! ]:)

        • #3277208

          The BOYS??

          by neilb@uk

          In reply to *Glow Alert*

          Sorry but they all went into the ladies’ loo. I didn’t think to put put any in for [i]alternative[/i] lifestyles.

          Sorry, Boss. I’ve known you for long enough, I should have realised that they were for both…


        • #3277194

          Coherent help is so hard to find…..

          by jdclyde

          In reply to *Glow Alert*


          Wow, people are having a difficult time keeping up today! X-(

          I was just giving GG friendly advice that if she DOES wire the boys room up, she would be best served with the wide angle.

          Bad Neil! BAD!

        • #3277171


          by maecuff

          In reply to *Glow Alert*

          Don’t get so upset. No one here is surprised that you would give advice on setting up camaras in the boys locker room..

        • #3277142

          Hey, jd. Put the shover down!

          by neilb@uk

          In reply to *Glow Alert*

          You are standing in a hole and digging it deeper around you.

          Mae: he does feed you some easy lines, doesn’t he? 馃榾

        • #3277118

          As the boat took on water

          by jdclyde

          In reply to *Glow Alert*

          I figured if I drilled a hole over on the other side, that the water would safely drain back out it!

          How was I to know? :_|

        • #3277113

          Another thread gone awry

          by dmambo

          In reply to *Glow Alert*

          As soon as I realize that some discretion is needed and try the clean up the discussion, you people drag it down again. I guess I should have known.

          I’m keeping notes, people. When the Purity Police raid this place, I’ve got enough goods to put most of you in stir for ages and ages.

          (Of course, you lot will think it’s all one big orgy and enjoy it!)

        • #3277103

          I even

          by maecuff

          In reply to *Glow Alert*

          promised him that I would stop picking on him. But he makes too easy.

        • #3277096


          by maecuff

          In reply to *Glow Alert*

          I know you’ve got a lot of people fooled, but I suspect that you are no where near as innocent as you’d like us to believe..

        • #3166818

          All those barns in Vermont

          by nicknielsen

          In reply to *Glow Alert*

          are there for a reason…

          I know, I’ve used a couple. ]:)

        • #3277252


          by cely

          In reply to Hey, how did a girl get in here?!?

          Personally I’ve always found peeping in the guys locker room more fun… 馃槈

        • #3277244

          Yes, but

          by gadgetgirl

          In reply to hehe

          are you M or F ???!!!

          Got access to mini cameras? cables? binoculars??

          馃榾 :p


        • #3166819


          by nicknielsen

          In reply to Hey, how did a girl get in here?!?


    • #3202014


      by jaqui

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      since none of them would be able to access my linux systems. ]:)

      and my wife knows the sites I visit, after all I met her on one of them 馃榾

      • #3202001

        Password reset is easy

        by jdclyde

        In reply to nothing

        provided you have physical access to the system, and *nix is no exception.

        Is there something else you have done to secure your systems?

        • #3201996

          something else?

          by jaqui

          In reply to Password reset is easy

          nope, it’s that my family are *x ignorant.

          they would have to wipe the partition strucutre and install winders to get any use of the hardware.

          it’s just they have never bothered to learn anything about linux to know where the password file is located and how to edit it.

    • #3202007

      Since I maintain all of the home computers

      by tig2

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      I know with certainty- NOTHING

      My partner doesn’t keep his pass protected… yet. He has learned the hard way that loss can occur- I have his PDA pass protected now. I have security enabled on the network, I run Crap Cleaner regularly, and have Zone Suite everywhere- all in an effort to insure that nothing we don’t want on the system gets in the system.

      I guess that we are pretty boring people. Neither of us has any interest in anything questionable. A search of my file structure would lead to a number of walking sites, a larger number of breast cancer sites, a massive file of pink ribbon graphics, an equally massive file of poster art and leave behinds, pictures of cats… hmmm… I should email that one to DMambo! and project management stuff.

      Partner’s pc currently has the skeletal structure of a programme he is working on, his budget information, Dilbert, and the grocery list database. Oh- and the CD/DVD database.

      See- Boring!

      Oh- usually, my home pc IS my work pc. When I have a machine issued to me, I don’t use it beyond the stuff related to the project.

      Nice to see all the pink ribbons!

      • #3201991

        Boring is good

        by jdclyde

        In reply to Since I maintain all of the home computers

        It is good to see people that are thinking about securing their home systems.

        I have kind of a mix. I have ONE system I have to reload regularly because I allow my boys to go to the game hints/hack sites to get cheat codes for their xbox. I am VERY specific to them NOT to use any other system than that one for doing that. It is locked down as tight as I can, scanned daily, but I still don’t trust rootkits and such, so a format and load is no big deal every few months. Yes, that system is segmented away from the rest of the lan, so if it gets something, it can’t attack the rest of the systems.

        As for ribbons, maybe it is time for a contest for the most original ribbon?

        • #3201985

          jd – ribbons

          by gadgetgirl

          In reply to Boring is good

          the problem there would be who you would get to judge the contest…..

          and the prize? Kudos, I suppose…

          or techpoints….

          (no point in saying t-shirts…[B] JAY! [/B])



        • #3201981

          I had given that a thought

          by tig2

          In reply to Boring is good

          But most of the TR staff are using my original ribbon and many folks here are using either HAL’s host or Young Gunner’s- or are on my photobucket link. I know that DE is using Gunner’s host- his changed to my shoelace ribbon just shortly after I changed and Gunner pulled the link to host. The Cute one is probably doing the same.

          I just want to get as many people involved as I can get. Only one person in this thread didn’t have a ribbon. And Beth has been so good about putting it everywhere she can. I would love to see all three featured discussions wearing a ribbon. Think we can pull that off by Friday? I will have access to TR after the walk day is through so will be (trying) to post updates as I have them. Walker geeks travel with computers, don’tchaknow?

          Back to your original subject- have you ever surfed It is the Steve Gibson Research site and has some REALLY good information and external tests for security. I use him instead of Windows to patch my computer- there are some things I don’t need in my life and M$ bloatware is one of them.

    • #3201971

      boring guy?

      by scifiman

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      I guess I’m a regular boring guy too. Nothing on there but average daily stuff. I do have a protected portion though but that’s only to prevent my 8 yr old from accidently damaging/removing my latest book in progress, and other important items such as the family’s Quicken/TurboTax, etc. Email is also private from the wife and kids.

    • #3199528


      by w2ktechman

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      I keep my work notebooks seperate from my private life. The only thing that I have on my system would be bookmarks to things that I might look up (hobby — gardening/landscaping, etc.) but no saved files. If my email was gone through, Dilbert jokes would be found, but not much else (except order confirmations for some electronic equipment — personal (IE computers, HDD’s, motherboards, printers, etc.)).
      I feel for you, I have been in similar situations before. I had the duty to gather all the porn on a managers PC to secure his termination, I have had to gather data on someones ‘other’ business using his work PC, and more. Sometimes it makes me sick to find what others use their work systems for, especially knowing company policy.
      Our company policy is that ANY and ALL information on a company system is company property, and you have no expectations of privacy while using these systems.

    • #3199442

      In my case. . . . .

      by maxwell edison

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      …a bunch of Word documents that are:

      a couple of books, or outlines for books, or ideas for books, all started but nowhere near complete.

      some scathing letters written, but never sent.

      some scathing letters written, which were sent.

      some nice letters, all of which were sent.

      some letters to the editors of various newspapers.

      some essays written just for giggles and grins.

      some random thoughts written in the wee hours of the morning when I couldn’t sleep.

      a list of goals that are completed.

      a longer list of goals that are not completed.

      And some:

      links to Web sites that are interesting, informative, educational, inspirational, motivational, etc.

      emails to a lot of people, but that contain nothing juicy.

      information about helping teenage boys become responsible adults, most of which are related to the Boy Scouts.

      and on it goes.

      Oh, and there’s also some pictures of ……. Hey, I can’t share everything with you guys, can I?

    • #3199437


      by neilb@uk

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      Has my half-completed plans for World Domination and my half-completed plans for cloning Isabelle Adjani.

      If I could just get around to finishing #2, I wouldn’t bother with #1.

    • #3199426

      3 things

      by jck

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?


      • #3199422

        They would sure get a shock out of finding

        by jdclyde

        In reply to 3 things

        the games, huh? 馃榾

        • #3199408

          not really…

          by jck

          In reply to They would sure get a shock out of finding

          strip poker… 馃榾

        • #3199288

          Mine would be surprised

          by nicknielsen

          In reply to They would sure get a shock out of finding

          to find the documents. 馃榾

        • #3277205

          I’m from a place…

          by jck

          In reply to Mine would be surprised

          where a document is what people tell you when you tell them you’re going to see your physician:

          Okie 1:”I’m going to see my physician.”
          Okie 2:”Physician?”
          Okie 1:”Yeah, going to get my checkup.”
          Okie 2:”Oh…it’s a doc u ment.” 馃榾

        • #3277158

          Sounds like you’ve been in the redneck dictionary

          by nicknielsen

          In reply to I’m from a place…

          aorta put a copy a vet on line! :^0

          Edit: forgot how ta speak redneck

        • #3277106

          don’t need the dictionary

          by jck

          In reply to Sounds like you’ve been in the redneck dictionary

          I grew up in rural, cow-raising, stetson-buying, wrangler-wearing, nocona steppin, yeehaw, cowboy-filled, pickup driving Oklahoma.

          I can talk to southern folk better than Andy Griffith chewin on straw and sippin on a RC Cola.

        • #3166814

          Well, shucks

          by nicknielsen

          In reply to don’t need the dictionary

          I’m just a d*mn proud d*mn Yankee…

          I [b]need[/b] that thing.

          Edit: Posted before I finished the thought. Mst be getting late.

        • #3229356


          by jck

          In reply to don’t need the dictionary

          Don’t worry about it. Stay up north. It might be colder up there, but you won’t have to worry about guys like this in Oklahoma:

          And people ask me why I left Oklahoma… 馃榾

        • #3229926


          by nicknielsen

          In reply to don’t need the dictionary

          When I was in basic training in San Antonio, we were told the only reason Oklahoma existed was to give the wind room to accelerate after it left Kansas. Having driven through Oklahoma on I-40 and the turnpikes several times in the 80s, I’m convinced it’s the source of potholes.

          Edit: I confused myself that time

        • #3201747

          Having flashbacks

          by jck

          In reply to don’t need the dictionary

          I can tell you some of the funniest…and some of the most depraved stories…that you could ever imagine…all based from that state.

          I-40, I-44, I-35, US-281/75/69 etc etc…driven em all.

          Know San Antone too…I-10/410, Culebra, etc…love San Antonio…especially during Fiesta/NIOSA.

          Would take a special woman…or a lot of money…to get me back to Oklahoma.

    • #3199396

      You know..

      by maecuff

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      the more I think about this.. It’s not what my family would find on my PC. It’s what my family would find in a little box waaaay in the back of my closet. I have a close friend who has instructions to find it and dispose of it(before parents and/or kids find it) in case my husband and I are killed at the same time..

      • #3199366

        Ah, we finally find out

        by jdclyde

        In reply to You know..

        what happened to your ex-husband!

        Talk about skeletons on your closet! :0

        I hope you at least have a lock on his coffin? ;\

        • #3199353

          Once someone is a skeleton

          by maecuff

          In reply to Ah, we finally find out

          locks are superfluous.

          Actually..there are no bones in there. But the contents have CAUSED bones..

        • #3199321

          Missing letter

          by eramos

          In reply to Once someone is a skeleton

          Isn’t there an “r” missing in your answer?? 馃槈

    • #3199362

      I don’t know…

      by jellimonsta

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      I have so much junk on my PC, I don’t know what they would find. 馃檪

      It is mostly, games, web site files, misc docs, resumes, pictures of the kids, music and such.

      Nothing confidential really, and nothing very juicy. 馃槓

    • #3277089

      Lol, I just bought a new system yesterday.

      by danlm

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      I run a file server at my house, so people would have a blast going through my stuff.
      But, on my win-blows machine.
      1). I run winsweap at every boot up. I just got into the habit, and always do it. More to destroy any financial transactions or passwords that might be saved in ie/firefox cache then anything else. But, it does to help stop the girlfriend from finding anything incriminating. Or my daughter as a matter of fact. No history trace’s that are easy to find anyways.
      2). I sh read every file. Every single one of the. even if its a notepad document I was using for cut and paste as I code.

      My file servers. My family already knows what I have there, I run Apache on that server. And, errr. If they want anything from it, they can just go online and get it themselves.

      Hmmm, would they want to check out all the geek programs I have. Probably not, girlfriend already yells at me for all the short cuts I run off the desk top. lol, I have a 19 inch flat monitor now. More room to fill up the desktop with short cuts now.

      My secure area, which contains passwords and financial information is my thumb drive. And once I unplug it, its encrypted and requires a password.

      Hell, who cares anyway. I’ll be dead. Lol, I can hear the comments now. Damn, I always thought he was more of a pig then this. Shoot, the stuff on his computer is boring.

      The only thing you will ever find on my work computer is just that, work. I won’t even install better text editors on my work station. I will run them from my flash drive, but no more then that.


    • #3166670

      Without reading the other posts…

      by rknrlkid

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      I know that you can find all kinds of stuff.

      In my years of repair and rebuilding, I have found gay porn (the son of an upstanding churchwoman was looking at it on her computer), a guys girlfriend naked at a party (standing next to him), a note from a daughter to dad saying I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU, and many others.

      Corporate computers usually have sensitive information like names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, you name it. I have gotten two used computers that were used by counseling centers that had the clients’ full medical and counseling history on them.

      Its a good thing I am honest. One of the first things I do is low-level format the drive to get rid of all that, and start from scratch. It saves alot of embarassment to someone.

      • #3229636

        My PC tame

        by cbalness

        In reply to Without reading the other posts…

        My work PC is tame, locked down MUCHO cannot save/store/packrat stuff.

        Home PC has the usual selection of games, jokes and some pink pictures…

        I’m always blown away by the “stuff” user have on work PC’s…. in one past job in a “professional” environment as we were upgrading the OS on PC’s we had to do one final Boot, login as “network gods” and confirm users hadn’t started saving important work locally.

        I was mildly surprised by jokes, letters, and innapropriate wallpaper found in about 1/3 of the computers… there was a great deal of whining when they went from “free 95” to locked down 2000

    • #3229360


      by oldamigos

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      better use spell check!

    • #3230013

      My Exploits

      by jim s.

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      Humans are such a wonderful species, once I had a laptop brought to me because the user was having problem with it, mainly it was running slower then molasses, so I began my usual diagnostics and found tons of ad ware and spy ware, so I detrimend that the fastest solution was for me to do a new install and reload the system with the new anti ad ware and spy ware software that we had just purchased, so I push the button on the dvd/cd drive and behold there was already a disk in the drive, upon further inspection of his disk, which the title escapes my memory was a XXX movie, so I took the disk, set it aside and continued with my task, upon finishing I replaced the XXX disk, turn the system back off and I returned the laptop to the user, upon returning it I had let him know that he had left a DVD in the drive and that in the future he should be a bit more careful.

      This one is the most memorable, owner of company came to me, told me that one of the daughters was having problems with her notebook computer that just about 3 months ago I had purchased for her, I ask him a few questions, didn’t get any answers that I could have told him to try so I asked him just to bring it in to me and I’ll check it out, next day, his wife brings it to me, tells me that she has her college class work on it and needs to make sure that I recover all here documents for school. As I start working with it, on startup I notice that the hard drive is making a horrid sound, so this lead to the easy task of replacing the hard drive, but I need to get the files off, so after a few tricks (taping the drive on the table) I manage to get the drive to boot, so I instantly connect to one of the servers and download her “My Documents” folder. I then begin to search other folders on her hard rive just to make sure that I have the more important documents and after a few minutes I came upon this most interesting .zip file that was hidden or at least thought to be hidden in a few levels of folders. So I wonder to myself, what this is, so of course I opened it and behold! There were 15 very nice partially nude pics of the daughter in various poses and props, I have to say, they were done very tastefully.

      All in a days work.


      • #3201754


        by computerd}}

        In reply to My Exploits

        It’s just so fun to work on people’s puters and find things that they think they have hidden and then you confront them about it, just to see them deny it makes me feel good that there is one more person that knows that we are watching them.

        • #3201714


          by jdclyde

          In reply to hidden

          sUUUUUUuuure you don’t!

          “Someone must be getting on my computer when I am not there!”

          Hear both of those.

          A few months back, the same guy that prompted me to start this discussion called because his monitor “didn’t seem to be working”.

          I loaded up a monitor and a video card and do the hour drive to his location. When I get there, I can see where someone had a cup of coffee on top of the computer, and had spilt it on the monitor. You could tell “someone” had tried to cover their tracks because the only clean spot in the area was a section of the PC tower. (work industrial, so lots of dust).

          He and his boss came in and boss asked me if I had found the problem.

          “Yeah, someone spilt their coffee on the monitor”.

          Right away, the big guy starts up “I didn’t spill any coffee on it!”

          I explained that I never said HE spilt the coffee, but I showed where it was clear that coffee had been spilt on it. I also added that I was not on site when it happened, so I couldn’t guess who had their coffee there and spilt it, but as it was his office I was sure he could get to the bottom of it if he wanted.

          I left it as that.

    • #3201628

      None O’Yo Bidness

      by cranky1

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      To answer your only real question, on my business computer you find business data. On my home computer you will find nothing you need to know.
      Both have multiple PWs from the hardware level and both use a lot of encrypted folders.

      I have a question: Why are you mixing the issue of business need with personal privacy? Everyone must know that you don’t put such very personal data on a business machine.

      You did not bring up the better issue of Privacy in the Workplace. Nope, you find it necessary to insult a dead man’s physical appearance.

      You didn’t find any data but then you found all the data on floppies that “no one knows about”.
      WTF ??? You found the data and yet you still you felt the need to go all voyeur on him.

      You slam the guy as a (presumably unindicted) crook in a public forum. Sweet.
      I’m sure you feel better now for bringing him to justice.

      I understand your paranoia that someone just like you might feel the need to nose through your personal matters to vilify your name.

      • #3231076

        Clueless or just having a bad day?

        by jdclyde

        In reply to None O’Yo Bidness

        It seems that you didn’t read the original post very well.

        First of all, I said we NEVER found the floppies, so we don’t know what was in the files.

        Going through the history of a browser on a company computer is not going voyeur on him, and makes me wonder if this was just a little too close to home for you?

        You have no “personal matters” on a company computer, or didn’t you read that in the company handbook? I also have neither posted the mans name, nor told anyone here what I found about his browsing habbits on company time were, so your deluted “vilify your name” comment goes right out the window with the rest of your insane post.

        The slam that this guy was a crook came from the people that worked with and knew him that noticed the price we paid for products went up as soon as he took over and changed the suppliers we deal with. No, the price with the old suppliers never changed, and there was never a reason to move away from them. The supplier was also a local company, a friend of our purchaser. If it swims like a crook, it is a crook.

        As for mixing business with personal, it is fairly common for people that work in IT to have a home computer. hmmmmmmm. wow, what a concept.

        You have issues, and being too sensitive to this topic has it hitting pretty close to home, huh?

        WHEN you lose/leave your job, you can bet that there will be someone from IT going through it to look for data that the next user that takes your position will need. And if requested by management, as I clearly stated that I was, this is a certainty.

        Silly twit.

        • #3231021

          hmm company hardware and privacy

          by sepius

          In reply to Clueless or just having a bad day?

          Yeah, if you have a company computer, some one without a doubt will go through it. Your emails in and out get logged, and some companies have a “spam in a box” system filter that checks emails in and out.
          Our comapany has a pretty high turn over of staff and at least once a month, the email privacy thing comes up and I have to educate them that the computer is owned by the company as well as that little blue cable, and the little black router its plugged into, and the owner has every right to look at the data going through there.
          I feel pretty luck though, in 4 years with around 300 staff, we have only sacked 1 person for illicate material, and one warning for going to non industry web pages (this guy did not even need to be on a computer …he was a cleaner!) and one sacked for supplying competitor information, very big deal that one.

      • #3231058

        Goodness, Cranky1

        by maecuff

        In reply to None O’Yo Bidness

        They let you out of the home too early, didn’t they?

        There isn’t any personal information about a dead guy in the original post. It’s all generic. Where he worked, lived, name, etc. For all we know, he is a figment of JD’s imagination. What makes the difference?

    • #3230889

      Maybe a few questionable searches, nothing else interesting.

      by maevinn

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      I mean really, it’s amusing to search for things like lime Jello thong. 馃榾

      But–at a previous job, I discovered the person before me had maintained a journal of all the ‘bad’ thoughts he was having about a minor, including admissions that he was violating parole in having contact with her. Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwww. Turns out, the reason the position was vacant was because he was busted and in prison. I really wanted to go home and shower.

      And, though I didn’t feel it was appropriate, I was instructed to delete all the files from the computer.

      • #3230848

        Keep that one under your hat

        by jdclyde

        In reply to Maybe a few questionable searches, nothing else interesting.

        Destroying evidence of a crime is not something you want haunting you. That is a big no-no.

        I would never mention the handling of those files again, if I were you. CYA.

        • #3209247


          by maevinn

          In reply to Keep that one under your hat

          I’m clear–stature of limitation on the crime has expired, and he was convicted and put away for it anyway. Wouldn’t have changed anything–it was just enough to really gross me out. I threw away plants there were his and got left behind, and made them buy me a new chair.

          But yes, I was not impressed with the boss telling me to delete the files. I was 22 at the time, and didn’t have the brass to tell my boss no. Mea culpa. Would never happen again.

    • #3230838

      Seen many strange things B-)

      by aaron a baker

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      On many occasions I’ve had the opportunity to work on many systems and the stuff I’ve run across often left me wondering what was going on in these people’s heads, everything from Movies, to Dirty Movies, to Porn Pics [Adult] and so forth. then there would a plethora of lists that they had contacted or were in the midst of chartroom talk.
      Usually, these were a disaster and had to be assigned to their own individual folders, thus my view and knowledge of them.
      Then you get the complete Bank Accounts and statement and personal information that leaves you gasping.
      Too easy to get to by Hackers.
      I can’t tell you how many time I’ve discovered the wife having an affair on one side on ICQ, and the husband doing the same with somebody else on the other.
      Yet when you go in, they are all Love Dovy in front of you.
      I “Of Course” take the position that as long as no laws are broken, ie child porn etc, I consider it to be none of my business.
      I have always treated a clients computer with the same level of care and secrecy that I would if they had asked me to go through their wallets and re-arrange their cards and personal information.
      Everything is Top Secret and treated as such.
      But what always got me was the hypocrisy and lies. 馃槈

      • #3230808

        Beware the 1s and 0s

        by tech.paul9

        In reply to Seen many strange things B-)

        It is incredible to me that so many smart people are so ignorant of what computers and modern technology reports about them!
        I have a policy: if it isn’t something I’ld be proud for the whole world to see, I DON’T WRITE IT DOWN (much less email it, or store it on a disk.)
        My own sister had no idea her ex was reading her email. She still believes delete MEANS delete.
        A friend’s rental car reported his speeding to the authorities and there was a ticket waiting for him when he returned it.
        Another friend was cleared of a crime thanks to a traffic camera showing he was in a different place/time (though he paid big dollars for a lawyer/private detective to obtain the pic.)

        I’m sure you all have stories.

        If you have a cell phone, Big Brother knows (or can figure out)where you are.
        OnStar in your car? Forgettaboutit!!

        I agree that if you’re hired to look at a client’s machine, you are assuming a trust. Your client’s files are HIS files (and considering them Top Secret is wise).
        People like the fact, and pay me for the service, that I can securely delete..they don’t want to know that they can too–they’ve already got too many things to try and figure out on their machine. Encryption? They all tell me, “I’ve got nothing to hide.”

        Privacy is dead. Know that somebody’s Reading Your Mail. (If not today…)

      • #3199763

        That is part of what tripped my EX up

        by jdclyde

        In reply to Seen many strange things B-)

        Using MY computer to have an affair.

        Spector is a wonderful package and was well worth the $50.

        One of the things that helped me “get over” her years ago was to keep going back and reading what she had done. It allowed me to not get sucked in by her being nice to my face. Every now and then when she tries being all buddy-buddy with me, I read through some of her letters that I have copied off and keep in my car, so that I NEVER forget who and what she is.

        Rule for secrecy. If you want it to be a secret, you don’t tell anyone, and you don’t write it down EVERY or ANYWHERE. If you break that rule, it will not STAY a secret.

        The other thing is the way people handle “their” work computers. It really amazes me when I go on-site to work on a computer and they have a nudie pic as their desktop. :0 wtf are they thinking? And yes, my FEMALE co-worker was the first to discover this and was REAL pleased with it…… ;\

    • #3140830

      Ahem, well…

      by jeff hayes

      In reply to What would family find on your PC’s?

      I’m 48, pushin’ 49… single, never married or even seriously “involved” yet (still looking, though), but, uh, well, let’s just say a fella HAS to find an outlet SOMEHOW, huh?

      I don’t have anything involving CHILDREN or any SNUFF porn on my computer… nothing with two guys, either. Otherwise, well, there’s LOTS with the ladies, and I have a GOOD FRIEND who has EXPLICIT INSTRUCTIONS to be the first one to access my computer and remove, destroy, or keep for himself any and all such files in the event of my sudden demise (I asked him this after I had a mild heart attack earlier this year).

      Everyone has “secrets,” and NO, most of us DON’T want just anyone knowing all of them, huh?

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