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What would you do?

By Oz_Media ·
I belong to a golf magazine subcription/club that entitles members to lower green fees, tour passes etc. They have a lot of advertising partners and often promote new products and allow members to test and keep products etc.

I received a package my mail (details on that in a bit) that contained a training video and DVD. The letter enclosed stated that it was an introductory offer and should I choose to keep it I must send payment or send it back with prepaid postage supplied.

Now this is common for MOST magazines, CD?DVD clubs etc....BUT...that's after you have agreed to take the CD's, magazines etc. to begin with.

Now I receive and have paid for the magazine subscription, but this additional offer 6 months after subscribing to the magazine, is completely independant. I am sure that this 'negative marketing' practice is illegal in BC and am looking into my obligations to either subscribe or box this stuff up and take it to the post office for return.

I suppose it is more of a morals issue, it's not a big deal to go into town and send this stuff back, but why SHOULD I anyway? I didn't ask for it or approve it in anyway, yes I read the magazine obligations regarding accepting associate offers.

Now back to the mail part itself.

I live in a rural area, mail is collected down the road from a set of community mailboxes on the side of the road. When I receive a package that doesn't fit the box, I get a 'pick-up' card to go to the Post Office and get the box. In THIS case, the mailman had left the box sitting on TOP of the mailboxes themselves. ANYONE including someone just driving down the road could have stopped and picked it up!

So given the above, I will find out my actual obligations here, what would you do?

Normally I wouldn't think twice and just send 'em back (like when Columbia House sends you the monthly 'music choice')but I haven't asked for this and don't want it. I certainly wouldn't subscribe to buying a whole set!

Just the double whammy, bad marketing campaign and even worse mail delivery really makes me feel unobligated to respond.

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Trash it.

by TomSal In reply to What would you do?

I think I understand what you are saying...usually a magazine will first offer you the chance to take up a deal for something like DVDs BEFORE they send you one.

I believe you are right -- you have no obligation here, they are the ones that gambled by arbitrarily shipping you a DVD before finding out your interest.

However, you can't (well at least if you want to be of clear conscious (sp?) anyway) keep it. I'd trash it. Don't open it or anything just -- plunk in the trash.

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Hi Tom

by Oz_Media In reply to Trash it.

Always happy to hear form you, thanks for your reply.

I actually opened the main box to fin teh DVD and video tape inside (letter says as thay don't know my preference they hae sent both, duh!)and the DVD is not sealed nor is the tape.

I viewed the DVD with a thought of possibly subscribing, but it was just another 50,000 things to try and remember on the golf course. these tips videos are a waste of time as you aren't supposed to think of that many hings at the tee, just one or two points each time.

I figured I could always burn a copy (it's not sealed) but it isn't worth it.

I think I'll trash it, cheers and have a great weekend!

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Keep it.

by mrafrohead In reply to What would you do?

You didn't ask for it.

For them to require you to spend time out of your day to accomadate them in their marketing venture is obscene...

I would just keep it, or throw it away before I would send it back. And if they tried to give you any crap for it, tell them to go you know where...

But that's just my opinion...


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by Oz_Media In reply to Keep it.

I see we have a lot more in common than we used to think.

Don't know how we got off on such a bad foot last year, we seem to agree on most everything now?!?

Oh well, thanks and enjoy your weekend.

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Too bad for you ;p

by mrafrohead In reply to Ok

That's probably not a good thing to be too much like me as I've been told I'm not exactly one of the greatest people in the world ;p

But at least I'm honest!

The only reason we got along poorly in the beginning was, well we both know why. No sense in bringing up old crap ;p

I think that we've moved beyond that.

Just remember, if I ever meet ya, No, I dont' want gravy and cheeze on my friez!!! Just chili ;p


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Return it to them - POSTAGE DUE

by SkipperUSN In reply to What would you do?

Return it to them with Postage Due ...

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by Oz_Media In reply to Return it to them - POSTA ...

They actually sent a shipping label, but I will still need to repack it and take it to the post office.

I say phuque'em

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Keep it/trash it - don't send it back

by Brinley-CNET In reply to What would you do?

This sounds like the poorest conceived marketing ploy I've ever heard. I say keep it if it's useful or trash it if it isn't. I definitely would not send it back. I'm not one for doing what is morally wrong, nor am I one for lying, but this sounds simply irresponsible. If they press you for payment tell them you never received it. If they used normal mail they have no way of knowing if you actually have it or not.

Pitiful. They deserve to be screwed by a few subscribers. Stick it to them, Oz!

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Thanks man

by Oz_Media In reply to Keep it/trash it - don't ...

That's about my take too.

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Play them at their own game!

by GuruOfDos In reply to What would you do?

Have you got a dog? Or, better still, do this yourself.

Take a shoe box or other cardboard carton of similar dimensions. Find a suitably proportioned polythene bag and deposit a nice big fat juicy dog-turd (or curl one down yourself, after a night on the Guinness) in said bag. Seal up the bag and enclose it in the carton with a covering letter and send to the DVD distributors:

Dear Sirs

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind DVD offer, which I shall decline to accept, but in return and as a 'personal thank-you' I offer you the chance to subscribe to my 'Turd Of The Month Club'. Please find enclosed your first installment from 'the heart of my bottom'. For the chance to recieve one of these fine individually crafted works of art every month, simply enclose a cheque or money order for $.... (choose an appropriate sum!) and return today!

I'm sure you will agree that a subscription to the 'Turd Of The Month Club' will reward you enormously. Over the months your collection will build into something you can be really proud of. Why not recommend a subscription to your friends, or even give one as a gift to the ones you love?

Remember, every 'Richard The Third' is guaranteed to be absolutely unique and in the unlikely event that you are not happy with any monthly installment, we will be more than happy to send an immediate replacement AND allow you to keep the original at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

This is a very special offer, not to be sniffed at, but is only available for a very limited time. Subscribe now!!

Sincerely yours

Mr R. Sole
Turd Of The Month Club


(Well, I thought it was a funny idea!!)

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