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What would you like to give your CEO for Christmas?

By jardinier ·
OK so I'm a one-man business and wouldn't know a CEO if I fell over one, but I thought the rest of you guys and gals might like to let your hair down and suggest some creative gifts for the boss.

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Well Personally I would love to give

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What would you like to gi ...

The CEO of the place where I work a Holiday but he's such a tight arse he wouldn't let me take one.


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give what they give you

by systemsgod In reply to Well Personally I would l ...

In my case it would be cow chips painted gold.

It may look nice at first, but, upon closer examination you realize that it is nothing but a bunch of B.S.

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Give what they give = Nothing

by UselessFurball In reply to give what they give you

I work for a small company, so the equivalent to CEO is the owner (and his useless wife who draws a paycheck for doing God knows what). Normally, small companies are known for, if financially possible, providing nicer holiday parties. Or fiscal EOY parties or gifts where they show the employees how appreciated they are.

Well, the boss's wife about a month ago decided to make an announcement to the office manager and a couple of others here that, as Apostolic church members, they no longer believe in xmas. We all took it as we would have less of a time than last year where they used one of our vendor's xmas parties as ours, charged us for the time over 1 hour that we spent there and did everything they could to make us feel as if we should kiss their feet for being allowed to go. Oh, and the $10 basket of stale breads and other crud from Costco. The only thing that I got to enjoy out of the whole deal was the $25 gift card to Starbucks, which equates to like 2 cups of coffee at today's prices.

Instead of the nothing that was expected (although the vendor's party was here again, and much the same as last year), we got a gift from them after all...
The same basket of junk as last year. Instead of a gift card and a "Happy Holidays," the boss's wife made it very clear in her dour tone of just how much of an imposition it was to have to take time out of her day (doing what??) to go to Costco and spend all that money on these gifts. She ACTUALLY said that, not just inferring the thought.
This all after one of the most profitable years in company history.

So, I am giving them a great gift... I am sitting here in the office. Doing absolutely nothing and charging them for overtime when I have been taking off at least 1 hour early every day for the past week, on top of 1.5-3 hour lunches. Remember, they are never here to see this, and the Office Manager is with me.
Oh, I'm not doing absolutely nothing... I'm looking for a new job and enjoying Tech Republic.

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by Packratt In reply to What would you like to gi ...

Judging by one of the recently popular threads around here and my own experience at a couple companies...

It seems like porn is real popular with the executive set.

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The gift that keeps on giving...

by zdjm21 In reply to Well...

I completely agree with Packratt! Porn is quite popular with upper management...especially if they are in it.

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Now that's a winner!

by Packratt In reply to The gift that keeps on gi ...

With some of the bosses I've had, that could have been arranged quite easily with all the harrasment that went on in the office.

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Great idea

by AcesKaraoke In reply to Now that's a winner!

I'm currently self-employed, until I finish my schooling at ITT, so I could give myself porn.

At least I know what I like...he he he

Instead of the gift that keeps on giving, shouldn't it be the gift that keeps on coming?

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Serves You Both Right!

by up8444 In reply to What would you like to gi ...

I would like to go out on the street and recruit one illiterate/addicted/disfunctional panhandler.

I would then like to introduce him/her/it to my boss and inform him that, in the spirit of Holiday charity, I'm giving him/her/it my pay...and my job responsibilities, for the night.

Mr/Ms Executive-Suckup, meet Mr/Ms Druggie-Bum.

A pox on both your houses!

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by Packratt In reply to Serves You Both Right!

I do agree that the money going towards any gift would be better given to someone who NEEDS something than to someone who doesn't have any want whatsoever.

But that's the way American culture is, reward those who have it all and punish those who have nothing.

As for a pox on houses and so forth. I dunno that I would go that far... Maybe a plague of popup ads?

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Now Let Me Get This Straight??

by up8444 In reply to Huh?

I'm supposed to go to work, serve and enrich my employer, pay taxes on my income, and then donate a day's pay (for MY honest labor) to help a loser who doesn't care about anything but their next bottle/fix?

No way!!!!

I'll introduce the bum to the poseur who puts his name on my efforts....let HIM deal with it for one night.

Then, just maybe, he'll remember what competent help means.

We're just eliminating the middleman.

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