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What's With All The Roadkill?

By guerillawarrior ·
Hello Friends,
The other day I was driving right through the middle of Little Rock, and I saw three roadkilled coons. I also saw a squirrel that was sitting on Elm Street twitching it's little head. Then on Jackson Street I saw an animal but I couldn't tell what it was so I got out of my car and saw that it was a cat with its guts hanging out. It was disturbing. So I have to ask the question what's with all the roadkill?

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by completemoron16 In reply to What's With All The Roadk ...

Hey man.
The roadkill is kinda nasty, especially when the eyes pop out, and when people get out of their cars and start raping the roadkill, necro's. THEIR ALL SICK MAN, SICK I TELL YA!!!!!!!!!!!.

Neaner neaner neaner

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Ro'ad kill

by completemoron16 In reply to Roadkill

Road kill is gooood to eat!
Road Kill is nice
Road kill is freindly
Road kill will be my friend
It wont talk back

Ro'ad KIll is nice
Road kill is calm

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I think I have an answer.

by jizzmaster49 In reply to What's With All The Roadk ...

Iwas wondering the same thing so I watched the road one day. I was sitting on my porch with my dog on my lap and watched traffic. For no reason my dog, Rocky just jumped out of my lap and ran into the road. I watched in terror as a man with a license plate of BIG BALZ aimed for Rocky and ran him over. It was terrible. This made me come to only one conclusion, heartless people is the cause of all the roadkill nowadays.

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Times are A'changin'

by FuzzyPhuz In reply to What's With All The Roadk ...

Fellow Communers,
I must agree with Mr. G. Warrior, in that the amount of roadkill has increased, and I assure you, it has nothing to do with the seasons. There used to be a time when people respected animals, stopped for them, even assisting them across the street when they were in need. Today alone, I, for lack of caring, have killed a squirrel and a 'possum. Their bloody corpse decorate the onramp near my house. I figure, if no one cares, I shouldn't either. Just last week, my neighbors sonwas a victim of roadkill, mistaken for a shaved dog. So, Mr. G.Warrior, yes, the amount of animal roadkill will increase steadily as we uproot our earthly bounds, but I fear that the number of human roadkill, is also in danger of rising again from .00045% of the population (in my city) to about 15%.

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by fatflubsfat In reply to What's With All The Roadk ...

It seems that making road kill makes me feel funny... I feel primal when I hear a wierd noise coming from under my tires and I see a fuzzy kitty under there

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The TECHnology relation to this ...

by eZ In reply to What's With All The Roadk ...

I'm sure that somehow, somewhere, in some misterious reason, there's a relation between this post and TECHnology ...

Just got to find it !

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Fellow Central Arkansan

by Admin-Stuart In reply to What's With All The Roadk ...

The two roads you mention are both close to Allsopp park, one of the larger city parks. I'm sure the abundance of wooded area around there is why you see more roadkill around. Try going north of the river and drive up Camp Robinson/Batesville Pikesometime like I do every day. You'll dodge every kind of roadkill (including Levyites Ha!)you can imagine every minute. Has my blood pumping really good by the time I get to work at my network every morning!

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A serious reply

by petemcc In reply to What's With All The Roadk ...

Mostly young animals needing to make it on their own for the first time. Less experienced than critters that have made it through a couple changes of the season.

The new generation needs to find and establish territory and must travel to do so. Travel means crossing roads and... SPLAT!

Also a lot of animals (deer for example) mate in the fall and all those ragin' hormones get them moving and makes them do dumb stuff, like walking in front of cars.

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Roadkill redux

by janambient In reply to A serious reply

Technology offers us the chance to contemplate how vital the network of roads are to the support of twisted pair, switched and hubbed routes for information, and similar pathways of computerized knowledge and collaboration. Roads get me to work, but at what cost?

I say that roadkill is a symptom of a larger problem: netkill. Who knows how many users have lain beside their network logon, waiting for someone to notice their pain? Similar to our contemplation of roadkill, the netadmin can only wonder. We're on our 10/100 way, dreaming of Gigabyte speeds... with only our backups to remind us of what we've seen.

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Still trying........

by jgee22 In reply to Roadkill redux

to figure out the links between roadkill and IT. If anyone had answer, post it or delete this stupid discussion about roadkill. I came here for IT info, not roadkill.

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