When to replace Wkst UPSs?

By njcsamuels ·
I wanted to ask the TR community what critera they use when determining when to purchase new UPSs to replace old ones. My feeling is that I don't want to wait until it fails to decide to replace it. Is there any monitoring I can do to help aid the decision?

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Well, if the red 'replace battery' light is lit.....

by robo_dev In reply to When to replace Wkst UPSs ...

A lot of 'it depends'

For a mission-critical system, a good-quality server-class UPS is going to be well made, live a life, hopefully, in a cool dust-free server cabinet, and probably work just great after five years or more.

In terms of a stand-alone $50 UPS that's under a desk somewhere:

The batteries themselves will fail after a certain number of charge/discharge cycles, and the cost/hassle of battery replacement often means that you just replace the unit after three years or so.

My experience has been that the electronics do not fail very often. When they do, it's either due to a power event or if the unit is really old (>5 years).

The other 'It depends' is what brand you're using. If it's a APC or TrippLite, I would expect it to be working well after 5+ years. If it's a very low cost consumer-grade unit, then I would tend to go towards the three-year end of life timeframe.

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some of our apcs 10 yrs and running

by njcsamuels In reply to Well, if the red 'replace ...

Its a no brainer to replace these, but there's more in the building. Corporate prolly wants to squeeze as much time as possible out of the units. I guess the question to be asked is when do UPSs have a frequent rate of failure. I agree the five year mark is prolly a good gauge

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Hard to predict the future....

by robo_dev In reply to some of our apcs 10 yrs a ...

I have worked with literally hundreds of UPS units over the last 20+ years.

I've seen only one unit fail badly. It was a 8-year-old APC whose main regulator board just burned up, blowing sparks against the wall under my desk.

I've seen a couple of units fried by power incidents.

Otherwise, I've replaced batteries on at least a dozen units, typically after five years or so.

I've seen a couple of APC units where the control panel was flaky, so that you could not silence alarms.

On some units the transformers start getting a bit noisy over time, some get VERY noisy.

But that's it.

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I look at the Makers mostly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to When to replace Wkst UPSs ...

If they are the APC and similar Quality Units I check the batteries every 2 years or so and just live with them. I expect those to last a very long time and other than Battery replacement not require any input.

The cheap Domestic Type however are a different kettle of fish entirely. I've seen a new one blow up in under a hour while testing. Needless to say that model wasn't used after that. But with the cheaper ones I check the Batteries every 6 months and then if they appear to work replace them after 2 years with the better grade Batteries available. With the really cheap units the replacement battery costs more than the original UPS did but they work.

The Actively cooled ones I clean every few months as they clog up very quickly at the Desktop and the others I just check.

Here it all depends on how critical it is to have the unit working. I've also been known to leave older units on CEO's/Owners systems who complain about the costs involved as these are not Mission Critical but they do create lots of Good Press and I do get to replace a lot of older units without any arguments when they fail.


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