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When will TR fix the "Search" option?

By jdclyde ·
There was a time that you could use a function on TR that was real cool. It was called a "search". With this "search", you could actually "search" TR for topics, you could "search" based on a members ID, or even "search" for a specific discussion if you rememberd at least part of the title.

I wonder if in the revamping of TR, they would ever consider this again?

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What search are you referring to?

by sMoRTy71 In reply to When will TR fix the "Sea ...

We currently have a couple of ways to search content on the site -- within the discussion center, within our member directory and within the entire site.

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looking for discussions

by jdclyde In reply to What search are you refer ...

There is the option to look for content, or authors.

In this specific case I was looking for my old discussion (thought I had it subscribed, but that is what I get for thinking....) "so many zelots, so little time".

Try to do just a search on "zelot" in title and "jdcylde" as author brings back nothing.

I USED to be able to put in just an id, and it would bring back ALL the discussions that person had been in, so you could kind of go back over the years. The last time this actually worked for me was when talking to M_A_R_K, and reminded him about how his reply to me got Mr. OZ to jump all over him in his first discussion. That was quite a while ago.

Does that answer your question?

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Hey, this is YOUR fault :)

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to looking for discussions

First, there's a discussion-specific search on the main discussions page. You can search for an exact phrase within this search by encapsulating it in quotes, as in "so many zealots".

Note that zealots has an A in it.

Perform this little function, and this is the third result.

Looks to me like the feature works, but you can't work the feature!

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yes and no

by jdclyde In reply to Hey, this is YOUR fault : ...

Did you try the "advanced" sort?

try the sort again using that please...... (without my typo of course!) I will do it in a bit as well.


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check this out

by jdclyde In reply to yes and no

the search is "must have 'zealots' in the title" AND "must have 'jdclyde' in the author"

The first few don't have zealots in the title AND I never even posted in the discussions. Matter of fact, the only one that was a discussion of mine was the Wardriving discussion, and it didn't mention zealots that I recall?

AH HA! So it WASN'T all in my head (this time!)


What do you have to say 'bout them apples, jay? ;\

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within a discussion thread

by rob mekel In reply to What search are you refer ...

The search function does not work properly.

Try any search argument, search within this thread
same argument, search within topic
same argument, search within discussion center.
Then head back to before first search.
Then try same argument and search within discussion center, the outcome from both searches with in discussion center are not the same.

This will be more clear if searching with the argument "fun" within this thread.
The first search (fun within thread) will deliver 0 findings.
The second search (fun within topic (not heading back)) will deliver 0 findings.
The third search (fun within discussion center (not heading back)) will deliver 404 findings as result (that is @ this moment)

Heading back to original starting point and search fun within discussion center will give 0 as result.

Not a problem to me but does make you wonder.
I found this out just for fun when I was searching for something I did know that existed.


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I get results for "fun" in all 3

by sMoRTy71 In reply to within a discussion threa ...

Weird. I get results in all three searches. In the "in this thread" and "in this topic," I get your previous post as the lone result.

The "in Discussion Center" provides several pages of results.

Could be a delay in indexing new posts.

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by rob mekel In reply to I get results for "fun" i ...

results for searching for fun increases as the word is more often mentioned within the thread.

The difference stay's if you first search on thread, then on topic and then on discussion center to what it will be if you start (with in the thread) and search directly within discussion center.
Or do it the otherway around, start with the search, within this thread, directly in discussion center; Result will now be 2 hits
Then headback and do it for thread; result 2 hits, go on to within topic; result 2 hits; go on to within discussion center; result 404 hits


edited for increasing result hits, where it was 2 it becomes 3 now. #@$%# on me as I used the word again in this post

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