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When will we know the results of the US election?

By jardinier ·
In Australia, provided there is a clear majority, it is usually known by about 9 - 10 pm on the day of the election, which party (and corresponding leader) has won.

Counting for marginal seats may take one to two weeks.

Counting of votes for the Senate also takes about two weeks.

So how long after November 2 will we know who is the next President, and which party has a majority in the House of Representatives and which has a majority in the Senate?

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I would hazzard a guess

by Oz_Media In reply to When will we know the res ...

that IF the electronic voting system actually works (as it stands now they say it isn't ready but the Repubs insist it is in place), if the people hired to tally can count, if everything runs smooth as silk, then they should be able to figure it out by about 10:30 PM November 4th 2008. Just in time to start counting the next ballot.

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OZ would that be

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I would hazzard a guess

Before or after thew Court Rulings as to who actually won?


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3 time zones!

by mlandis In reply to When will we know the res ...

This country spans 3 time zones. There are close to 13,000 people who have volunteered to be "poll monitors" and are travelling throughout various swing states to do this controversial duty on election day. Whether that will be enough to encourage voters to exercise their right to vote without fear of unfounded challenges or other impediments remains to be seen. This is a website if you want to read more about this:


Voter registrations are handled on the state level, meaning each state has its own codes and requirements that are to be met before one is a registered voter.

About 2 months ago, Colorado's governor had mandated that new voter registrations had to be on a certain weight of paper. It is unknown how many new voter registrations may have been destroyed prior to his rescinding the paper weight requirement.

There had also been articles that voter registration drives purporting to be non-partisan did not turn in the registrations of people who had chosen to be affiliated with the Democratic party. There may be many people who think they can vote, and will only discover at the polls that they were not processed for a number of reasons, including the couple I have outlined here.

The swing states will bear watching - Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio to name but a few. Ohio has "right to challenge" laws and there have been news reports of how many Republicans and Democrats have registered as "challengers."

Already there are news items about Florida mailed-in ballots gone missing, and it will only get worse. It was only a few months ago under court order that Florida had to put several thousand names back on the voter rolls. It is believed that the more people who actually do vote, the greater chance the Democrat candidate has of winning.

I dare not even hazard a guess when a winner will be declared, unless it is an overwhelming and fairly won landslide. That will depend on when the results will actually be in. There are challenges poised to be filed on the day after election throughout our nation.


Bush Jr. doesn't go around dressed like Hercules (in animal skins and carry a hunting club, as Commodus did.) There are certainly parallels between aspects of the Roman Empire's decline and the modern political scene. It is unfortunate for both ancient Roma and modern America that neither Commodus nor Bush is anything like the mythic and heroic Hercules.

I wonder if the ancient Romans had our modern technologies at their disposal whether their empire would have lasted as long as 800 years. It would make an interesting storyline for a good sci-fi novel, don't you think?

Latin Lesson for the day:

"Carpe narem" means "pick the nose"


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So do we

by HereInOz In reply to 3 time zones!

Australia spans 3 time zones too, Maureen, so we know the difficulties that are associated with that aspect.

I am marvelling at the stuff that you have written about the Governor of Colorado and all the other shenanigans going on. I thought that your country was the bastion of democracy and free & fair elections. Someone maybe needs to get stuck into these power freaks and let them know who they are really working for.

I suppose it makes it tough for the US to stand up and get stuck in to other countries for vote rigging and the like, when this sort of thing happens. From what you have been saying, the "democratically elected despots" of the third world could learn a lot from the US about making sure the vote comes out the right way.

We had a referendum here recently about whether we wanted to be a republic, and the questions were framed in a way to almost guarantee a negative response, and I thought that was democratically obnoxious, but with this sort of stuff going on, in the most powerful nation on earth? Wow!! And they say that Rome was corrupt!

2nd Latin lesson:

Lieus anywhereibus - the official name for the genus Politicium


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Happy Halloween! Now for the real Horrors!

by mlandis In reply to So do we


When Bush and Cheney were patting each other's backs about the recent elections in Afghanistan, and continued patting the backs while discussing hopes for the upcoming elections in Iraq, it disgusted me because they choose to be blind to the difficulties here. Of course, it benefitted them in 2000, and if matters continue unchecked it will probably benefit them again in 2004.

The electoral college issue in Colorado is huge - the issue to be decided is whether the electoral college votes should mimic the voters' choices in elections. As of now, winner takes all. I am not sure whether it will be in force if so decided in this election. I have to read up on that. I live in New Jersey - with our own shenanigans to deal with. I feel for the people in California - they have 16 issues on their ballot in addition to the national and local elections.

The electoral college history is an interesting one. This link is also informative:

This is another link that you will find informative:

Within that site you can search the various issues facing the U.S. Voters. Search by state and/or issue.

I had read about the Australian referendum. I was reminded of a witness on the stand in court being asked whether they saw the defendant at 5 in the afternoon. The witness had seen the defendant at 4:45, but not at 5, so the technically correct answer was no.


Latin is safer to discuss.


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Maureen if you think that is bad

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Happy Halloween! Now for ...

You should have seen our Senate Ballot paper. Only about half the Brazilian rain forest was cut down to produce that thing.

Honestly I've seen smaller table cloths so I guess that the possibility for error was so great that the incumbents stood a very good chance of winning just with the vast number of votes that where considered as incorrect and not counted.


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Actually its 5 time zones...

by TomSal In reply to 3 time zones!

If you are talking about the USA the country counted as all 50 of the has five time zones.

Aleutian (Hawaii and Guam)

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Tom you forgot Regan's 51'st State

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Actually its 5 time zones ...

Australia it has another 3 time zones as well but they are on the other side of the International Date Line so they are a day ahead of mainland USA.


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You are right about the time zones, of course !

by mlandis In reply to Actually its 5 time zones ...

Where I was in mind at the time of response is the bulk of returns is in the lower 48, 3 time zones, and I should have clarified that.

I stand corrected.



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Its cool..I was just being matter of factly, not trying to be sarcastic..

by TomSal In reply to You are right about the t ...

But...the 48 states have 4 time zones :)

Ok I'll stop.


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