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Where are the Iraqi Oil reports??

By Oz_Media ·
Today I was on a ferry and the guy in front of me was reading a newspaper, I'm not sure what rag though, it was a heading of world news, either the Globe and Mail or the Sun.

The report headlines were about Iraqi's lining up at the pumps for oil that equates to 5 cents per gallon USD and how America is subsidizing it.

Well I haven't had much time to look into it so I was wondering, has anyone else has seen any local reports to this effect?

Someone behind me at the Grocey store this afternoon mentioned it too but I was in too much of a hurry to stop and ask about the report.

Obviously this has hit Canadian news but I haven't been home yet or had a chance to even open a paper.

If this is true, then you can all rest assured that your effort to help Iraqi's are not in vain, they are lining up with gas cans and cars as far as they eye can see for this CHEAP CHEAP oil that is being subsidized at the US pumps. Finally you are actually looking as if you are helping Iraqi's (whether you chose to or not) and it is looking as if America is being appreciated for the time being. It is either a sincere move but a hate to say as nice as it sounds it is most likely a political suck up to get them to appreciate your effots a little more since the tides have been turning against you.

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Are you saying this is a good idea?

by admin In reply to Where are the Iraqi Oil r ...

If it works and solves some of the problems then I'm for it as an American citizen. I should be easier on my pocketbook come tax time and it sounds more humanitarian to boot. Bring our tired soldiers home and spend less..... hmmm calling that a "suck-up" sounds like some teenager trying to get another one into more of a fight with someone else so they can sit back and laugh.....

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by Oz_Media In reply to Are you saying this is a ...

Sorry but what do you mean by bringnig the tired soldiers home?
It's gonna take years before Iraq is able to opertate as a stable democracy, if ever.

The paper reprted something about how Iraqi's are lining up for 5 cent per gallon gas at America's expense, whilst you are paying ridiculous prices as we are in Canada. If this is true, then the only reasons to justify it are:
a)True humantitarian effort
b)Trying to win friends that are quickly learning to resent the allied occupation themselves.

Do you have another explanation?

I did not get an opportunity to read the article and was asking if anyone else had seen a similar report.

If you have, perhaps you can elaborate or post a link to further information. If not, well....

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Oz is a Bater - just like race baters - he is anti-american bater

by JimHM In reply to Are you saying this is a ...

Oz - has posted things just to get people to post to his messages - I call him an anti-american bater just like a race bater -

So ignore most of his posts... some are interesting and worth a post - others are like this one.... bateing the waters ...ignore him.

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Jim, watch the third person

by Oz_Media In reply to Oz is a Bater - just like ...

Third person posts are tacky and lame Jim.
I despise people without the balls to address me directly. Nobody is baiting anyone here, as I said, unless you have found the story, well......

I am not interested in a pissing contest, the issue is that this news is reported locally, how about in the USA, England, Australia?

If you have nothing to offer, dn't respond, if you haven't read anything about it feel free to say so, to offer third person perspective in an attempt to discourage others is again, lame and tacky. Grow up and be a man Jim, you servered in Vietnam, did you act like a schoolgirl then?

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by john_wills In reply to Where are the Iraqi Oil r ...

I would rather expect oil products to be cheaper in a land where the stuff gets pumped out of the ground than in one where a lot of the oil has been expensively shipped across the sea and is subject to tax.

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Of course

by Oz_Media In reply to expectations

I would assume that oil is cheaper in Baghdad, it should go without saying. Who's subsidizing it though? At who's expense? Where is this extra money subsidized from? Taxes? Pumps?

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