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Where are we heading

By Black Panther ·
Is Technology really a good thing? Sometimes working in IT do you often think to yourself that as technology advances someone else suffers.

A new program or piece of machinery can easily replace manual jobs. Loss of a job means that a workers family and the economy will suffer all to make the extra bottom line dollar ( which in most cases ends up as a ridiculous bonus to a CEO. )

Users often request the system to be faster, %100 efficient and accurate, newer technology.

They soon step-back when I say yes it can be done with money but the downside is loss of jobs.

What are your thoughts???

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Putting it simply ....

by jardinier In reply to Where are we heading

Whenever technological advance makes an existng industry or vocation redundant, at the same time it creates new industries/vocations.

For example: whereas on the one hand a computer may replace a human (clerk for example), at the same time it creates a whole new set of industries: hardware and software development and sales; technical support; marketing via the Internet.

In order to create one thing, it is necessary to destroy some existing thing. For example:

In order to create sound (e.g. music) it is necessary to destroy silence.

In order to create a violin, it is necessary to destroy a tree.

In order to introduce a new system of government (in any country), it is necessary to destroy the existing system.

In order to create an area of farmland, it is necessary to destroy an area of forest.

And as my parting thought: whether you want noise or silence, you can't beat a drum.

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I say ask God

by Garion11 In reply to Where are we heading

His e-mail address is *grin*.

As to where we are heading in technology, weeeelllllll thats an easy answer, jus follow the smell of money.

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An astute comment ....

by jardinier In reply to I say ask God

Now why didn't I think of that? Of course you are right -- 110% correct.

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You sound like - The Uni-Bomber

by SkipperUSN In reply to Where are we heading

You sound like the Uni-Bomber disliking technology. Where would you be without it - lets look at Healthcare alone - yes many jobs were lost but these folks moved into a new career.

Shall we look at other industries - Banking or maybe you are talking about all the accounting programs - and the replacement of those guys with the arm bands and green eye shields..

As technology is created - it creates more jobs than it replaces - there are very few careers that you will put in 30 or 40 years without change. (The skilled worker is different - plumber).

You want to see where we are going - get the NSF 20 year report on Technology and where its going - it put a marker in the ground and we are going forward from there. Nanobots that search the body for deases and destroy them... To RFI tags - and everything inbetween..

You can't stop the progress of technology - it will double every so many months and that time frame is shrinking. It was years - then they talked 8 months - not its alsom everyother month - soon to be weeks.... get ready the Best is Yet to Come...

And if you are replaced with Technology - Switch Careers - Get more Education - Grow with it or Be Run over By It...

Technology is growing - and changing our world every day...

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The Link to the report

by JimHM In reply to You sound like - The Uni- ...

Here is the link to NSF Converging technologies for improving human performance - report...

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