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Where do you get the best deals?

By zlitocook ·
I like to have the best and fastest computer. So I thought this would be the best place to find out where every one gets the best for the least money.
I have had great luck on Ebay and Elby, I buy barebones because I like to customize my system and if I can get a great deal on a fast system I spend the extra money on the other stuff.

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Here in the Silicon Valley area

by mjd420nova In reply to Where do you get the best ...

I like Fry's Electronics. They have a very good cross section of built units, from beginner to advanced, and then all the upgrades and parts to build your own. Their return policy is quite liberal too, as long as you have the receipt they'll take it back. I can buid a fast unit with lots of memory, large hard drive, advanced video and super sound card for under $700. That leaves plenty left over for software and any extras you might need.

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by NickNielsen In reply to Where do you get the best ...

I usually check NewEgg or TigerDirect first. In my experience, they have the best prices and customer support. For some reason, I just don't like Ebay; maybe it has something to do with wanting to put my hands on it before I bid.

My other option besides on-line is a big-box mart (pick your color!). Not an acceptable option.

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by jdclyde In reply to Varies

You saved me typing it in.

newegg and tiger are were I get just about anything from.

Insite (will check the URL when I get back to work) is customer friendly as well.

I LOVE cdw. For finding and comparing products when your not sure which specific product your going to buy, they have a very good web site. Good detail and easy to find and compair.

We also have a local computer store (local as in head over to Flint) The prices are not quite as good as "on-line", but you can walk in NOW and get what you need. You can also pick up the part and compare like that. Something to be said for having something in your hands, huh?

Depending on what it is and who it is for, sometimes having a place that you can just run in and grab it, and if you have a problem, run right back, can be real nice.

Big box systems vs white box. Depending on your timing, you can now buy a complete system for less than you could build it for, (provided you need monitor and OS).

If for someone else, I send them to Dell and have them buy the four year contract so they don't have to bug me all the time! My buds mom/dad JUST got a new Dell, and they got a killer system for $700 delivered.

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by Philscbx In reply to "ditto"

I know of no other site or business, that pulled off a
miracle more than they did.
I'm in Palm Desert at the time from Mpls Mn with my older
business grade HP laptop.
After dealing with HP support, you will need $37,ooo
therapy, and endless no mind off shore idiots who argue
they will not give you any support unless you give them
the serial number. Yet I told them fifty times over the
computer will not boot up to show the number. They hang
up. If that guy ever needs a life line, I'll cut it.
My issue now, I need a new hard drive, but where do you
start, and I need it now. I start the search online on
another machine and see 1000 possibilities. I give up not
knowing what will work.

After deep Google search, I get a CDW rep who after
seeing the laptop basic specs. He suggests 2 options. It's
Friday, the order goes in, and mid-afternoon Saturday
while washing the car, postal truck pulls up with new hard
drive. Well some may get excited with a lottery winning,
but this takes first prize. 3 years later it still works fine.

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onion rings

by OnTheRopes In reply to Where do you get the best ...

Sometimes I feel the same about post titles as people do about 'tags". Reference the "tag" at TR link: Thank you Mr. Woychowsky! :^0

I?ve bought a lot of stuff for my few customers from Tiger Direct. I don?t recall ever waiting longer than three days. I have bought from both NewEgg and CDW with no problems.

As an aside: I usually steer clear of rebate items both on-line and ?brick and mortar?.

My wife has made 1000+ successful transactions on Ebay while I mostly use it for pc part cost comparison. I have bought a lot of music CD?s through them and just a few hard-to-find PC parts from established sellers.

If I?m buying a system for myself or an associate I?ll check for the best deals. I bought my latest PC from Dell after seeing a 6 month zero-percentage ?hot deal? at The Tech Zone over the Labor Day weekend last year. Since it was for myself I didn?t add any extra warranties so the price was less than if I would?ve built it myself. I?ll do an extensive search for the best prices on a system for myself only when the ?average? PC is twice as fast as my current PC and/or I have a need for the speed. I may not be buying again anytime soon.

If I?m making a recommendation to an associate I do as JD does, I advise them to get the Dell warranty with the best value. I also advise them to let me have their system for security set-up, tune-up, file transfer, garbage removal and backup shortly after they receive it from Dell under the theory of, ?Pay me now or pay me later?. Recommending this shows that the ?mileage may vary?.

For anyone ?needing? the biggest and/or baddest system I direct them to (owned by Dell now). I also give them the same warranty and set-up advice. I don?t want to and/or can?t afford to be responsible for several 1,000?s of dollars of friends or associates money by building a PC for them.

Even though I don?t ?need? one I?d love to be able to build an ultra-slick, super fast, glitter machine for myself. I like to think that even a relative noob like me could rival Alienware?s speed and style.

My dream machine would probably run a Linux distro but that?s still up in the air yet as I?m still working on getting Linux on my current machine. So close... but ?no ceegar?. Yet.

I wonder the best deal really is cost-wise!?!

I'll have to look and see how fast a great Linux cluster would be compared to an ultra top-end, stand-alone PC for a personal speed machine at the same price point. I?ll have to search for info on that type of comparison now that I?m wondering.

Edited to create an effective hyper-link, insert semi-proper punctuation and yada yada yada.

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When I'm looking for low prices,

by pennatomcat In reply to Where do you get the best ...

I start with TigerDirect or eBay (haven't been burned yet!) Newbies should take care to steer clear of obsolete parts!

When I need it NOW, I usually head for the local Staples or Best Buy. The local tech stores charge outrageously high prices!

I don't build machines for others anymore. If they're looking for a low cost computer, I usually send them to Best Buy for an eMachine. On the other end of the scale, I tell them to take a look at Alienware. No takers on the Alienware yet, but several people are very happy with the eMachine.

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by DelbertPGH In reply to Where do you get the best ...

Newegg is great.

I've also seen a site called, but I've never bought from them. They feature discounted stuff, clearance, opened box items, and seconds.

If you can date a schoolteacher or a college student, you can also get an academic discount on a lot of stuff. My wife's a professor. The discounts on software are fabulous.

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Newegg or Zipzoomfly

by jraster In reply to
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Will Not Use Tiger...

by wmlundine In reply to Where do you get the best ...

...Tiger Direct has too many rebates and I got burned 3 times (manufacturer denies rebate) so no more Tiger for it's NewEgg, CDW or the local computer store for me. Big-Box instant rebates are cool too.

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I never buy no-name brands based on rebates

by jdclyde In reply to Will Not Use Tiger...

When you go with a no-name brand based on price, you will get burned.

I have never had a problem with a rebate from a name brand, ever.

CDW is almost always more expensive, even before you take rebates into consideration.

I don't like rebates, and they usually don't determine what I will get.

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