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    Where do you plan on buying “Revenge of the Sith”?


    by rexworld ·

    SO I know that a lot of us, including myself, will be trampling thru some store tomorrow to purchase a DVD of the last Star Wars film, Revenge of the Sith. But the question is which store?

    I noticed in the Sunday ads that many of the retailers have different freebies to give away with the DVD. Best Buy has some kind of lithograph, Circuit City has a collectible medallion, and Wal-Mart has a companion documentary DVD.

    Much as I hate to give them even more of my business, I’m thinking I’ll buy the Wal-Mart edition. That documentary DVD looked pretty cool, and more entertaining than the lithograph or the medallion.

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      probably Wal-Mart

      by master3bs ·

      In reply to Where do you plan on buying “Revenge of the Sith”?

      It’s close; its easy; and I need my Sith!!!!

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      Here is the full list with links

      by smorty71 ·

      In reply to Where do you plan on buying “Revenge of the Sith”?

      Here is a list of stores with their promos:

      1. Target
      $15.98 + free collectible coin
      Target also offers a documentary called “Star Wait” for $4.99. It shows fans waiting in line for the last 2 films. If it is anything like the Triumph bit from Conan O’Brien, it should be funny.

      2. Wal-Mart
      $15.87 movie only
      $20.87 movie + 1 hour documentary
      The documentary is hosted by C3P0 and R2D2, so I would expect that to be really lame (a notch above Ewoks maybe).

      3. Best Buy
      $14.99 movie
      Only BB Reward members get free lithograph

      4. Circuit City
      $14.99 movie
      Their site doesn’t show any promos tied to the movie release.

      I am going to Target to get my copy. My kids will like the medallion and I would like to see the Star Wait documentary (and I happen to be holding on to a $20 Target gift card, so the whole thing will be almost free).

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      If Wal-Mart provides what you want . . . . .

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to Where do you plan on buying “Revenge of the Sith”?

      …..why do you hate to give them your business?

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        Can be destructive to the community

        by rexworld ·

        In reply to If Wal-Mart provides what you want . . . . .

        For the same reason that I try and support other software vendors besides Microsoft. To make certain there’s choice available in the marketplace.

        Louisville is a big enough city that the effect isn’t so bad here, but Wal-Marts can have a very corrosive effect on local businesses when they drop one into smaller communities. I try to support local businesses whenever possible, to make sure there will be choice available in the future.

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          I have to agree with Rex on this one

          by jasonhiner ·

          In reply to Can be destructive to the community

          I cringe a little bit every time I spend money at Wal-Mart. They basically strip-mine local business in small communities (replacing small entepreneural opportunities with low-wage jobs), their labor practices are awful in many cases, they import masses of low-quality products, and bully some wholesalers into making virtually no profit on their products.

          Yeah, I avoid Wal-Mart whenever possible. I honestly view it as a bit of a disease that has infected the U.S. economy. Actually, it’s more like a drug. It feels good in the short term but the long term damage can be pretty nasty.

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          i agree all the way

          by rolloverman ·

          In reply to I have to agree with Rex on this one

          have u ever seen how a walmart pops up at a new locationg then bang there goes the buisnesses in the area walmart takes the right for the small buisness owners out and burns there butts with lower prices lets say u go into a cingular agaents store ok not a company store but a agent ok look at there prices ask them why the high price they will tell u cingular says they have to sell at that price then go to wallys ripem (wallmart) and look at there prices on the same phones there cheaper and no small buisness can compete with them also if u try to ask for help at the counter give it up thats a lost cause no one there can help ya

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          Then Rex and Jason (and others) should. . . . . .

          by maxwell edison ·

          In reply to Can be destructive to the community

          ….never shop at Wal-Mart, instead choosing a locally owned and operated business, even if it means paying more and/or getting less (no “free” extras).

          You said that you “try to support local businesses whenever possible”. Well, it’s ALWAYS possible, unless your bottom-line is more important to you than principle — the same thing, by the way, that Wal-Mart gets blasted for.

          And don’t stop there. Avoid Home Depot like the plague? Go to the mom and pop hardware store instead. Sure, it’ll cost more and the selection might be less, but it’s the principle of the thing. Right?

          And forget about those computer mega-stores. They all do the same thing that you said Wal-Mart does. Go buy all your computer stuff from the one or two man shop down the street. Just because that hard drive might cost $20 or $30 more shouldn’t matter.

          And Internet purchasing is doing the same thing to smaller local business. So don’t buy anything over the Internet either.

          Home Depot
          Sam’s Club
          Micro Center
          Dick’s Sporting Goods

          All of them are the same, but for some reason Wal-Mart is the only one demonized.

          The only reason I shop at Target instead of Wal-Mart is because I like the dog they have in the commercials. He’s a cute little sucker, if you ask me. And he reminds me of the dog I used to watch in all those Spanky and Our Gang reruns when I was a kid.

          Sorry, didn’t mean to divert your thread. I just think that Wal-Mart is unfairly demonized. After all, they couldn’t do it if the consumer (you and me) didn’t facilitate it. So it’s really the consumers who should be blamed. (Besides, I’ll bet those corporate big-wigs at Target started the whole thing!)

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          No, selection is different

          by rexworld ·

          In reply to Then Rex and Jason (and others) should. . . . . .

          I’ll have to disagree with your premise that you can “always” shop local. National chains are always going to have stuff you can’t find at local stores, and vice versa.

          Music is the obvious one–certain labels don’t even deal with the small record stores, so you have to buy their product at the big-box retailers. By the same token you’ll never find recordings from local artists at the big-box stores so you have to go to the local retailers for that.

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          How ’bout them town killers…

          by jkaras ·

          In reply to Then Rex and Jason (and others) should. . . . . .

          I agree and people shouldnt shop there but eventually you will get a thing or two from them. My problem is my family gets me gift certificates from them despite my anywhere but there attitude each holiday season.

          what did you think about the news reports of WalMart trying to muscle out possible infirm employees? The memo that the head of HR wanted to implement to reduce possible workman’s comp cases. The funny thing was most so called experts weighing in on the issues was like that is what the HR person is supposed to do, all companies use this tactic or some form, so no foul?

          It is a painful reminder of the decline of our economy, work ethic, and quality that we have deviated from over the last 40 years.

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      Be Patient and Pay Less Than Half Price

      by kjq ·

      In reply to Where do you plan on buying “Revenge of the Sith”?

      Don’t get me wrong, I love Star Wars, but since went from being a DINK (Double income, no kids) to a SITKOM (single income, two kids, oppressive mortgage), every penny counts.

      So, I wait 3-4 weeks then head to the video store and by a “previously viewed” (and usually pristine) copy for 1/3 to 1/2 price.

      If you’re a “gotta have it day one” kind of person or a collector who doesn’t actually open and view DVD’s, then this won’t work for you. I personally collect movies I like so that I can watch them whenever I want to.

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      no where

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to Where do you plan on buying “Revenge of the Sith”?

      since I have no interest in seeing it.

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        First video games, now this!

        by smorty71 ·

        In reply to no where

        You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch. First, you reject video games and now Star Wars! Have you no limits, man?

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          not rejecting star wars,

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to First video games, now this!

          I just wait until it’s on the ‘tube when I’m at someone who owns one. ~L~

          sorry, but my fun involves interaction with people..and whips,…

          no booze, no drugs. ~G~

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      Anyone have any reviews on the DVD?

      by peter spande ·

      In reply to Where do you plan on buying “Revenge of the Sith”?

      Either the extras on the disc or the freebies from the various retailers.

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        Can’t say…

        by rexworld ·

        In reply to Anyone have any reviews on the DVD?

        …because it would expose the fact that I was watching the DVD this morning while here at work 🙂

        Haven’t watched all the special features but the deleted scenes were quite interesting. Whole large sub-plots were axed from the movie, though it’s probably the right decision because they would have slowed down the film.

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