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Where were you on 9/11?

By Oz_Media ·
I looked at my watch last night at 2:30AM and noticed the date. I instantly thought of 9/11 and where I was that morning as it all came back to me and I remembered the sheer terror of it all and the confusion as to WHAT was actually Happening in New York. First I heard America had been bombed and was at war, then more reports came in that it was a bomb in the WTC, then the seminar was stopped and a live feed brought into the conference room.

I felt for the men who were conducting the Macromedia seminar, most were from the USA and simply didn't know what to do, being away from home. Shortly after, the room dissipated and everyone ended up in one of the many local pubs.

I went and watched with friends at the Jolly Taxpayer (great name for a Canadian pub)it was some time before anyone really knew what had happened and I think that was the hardest part, how do you react to something you just don't have a clear grasp of in the first place, what do you do when you don't know what's going on?

I don't have a memory of where I was when JFK was shot but I know how it is said everyone remembers where they were, I never understood the true significance on this until last night when I had a mental flasback of that morning after realizing the date.

My deepest sympathies go out to all those who lost on that sickening day in world history, the way the American people came together was an example to all of how underneath all of our outward differences, we can all find a common heart.

With all my arguments and complaints aside, I think that today of all days is certainly a day for Americans to be proud and show their pride and strength.

Hold you heads high, God bless America

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Where I was back then

by Aldanatech In reply to Where were you on 9/11?

When I woke up that day it felt like any typical morning until a family member told me that a plane hit one of the towers of the World Trade Center and a rushed to check the news. I was shocked. A lot of ideas and questions began to go wild on my head "What a terrible accident", "How could this happen?? "Are there any survivors?", "What happened to the pilot?" "Was there a malfunction in the plane?? and stuff like that. At first I thought it was just an accident but I tried to remain calm and get ready to go to work, but shortly I learned that the second tower was hit. This is time I was certain that this is no accident, no mistake, someone is behind all this and it well planned out. My suspicions were further confirmed when I learned the Pentagon was hit and a fourth plane crashed somewhere out of Washington. I remained myself constantly updated from the web, television, and radio as much as possible. In the mean time I would continuously ask myself how the president and the country would react to all this and what kind of explanation would the government gives us regarding this issue. All this pondering would remain constant for several days.

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Woke to a very normal day.

by tbragsda In reply to Where were you on 9/11?

Woke to a very normal day. Showered, and turned on the TV for some quick news, as is my normal daily routine. It took several moments to get a grasp, but I went to wake my wife. I said ?honey, I don?t know if you want to get up to see this, but??

My sister lives in Manhattan, and I started calling. As everyone knows, this was futile. I walked to work, a bit late, to find everyone just not sure what to do. Several of us moved TVs from training rooms into offices so everyone could keep up.

I work for a financial company. The entire home office meet with the CEO leading a discussion of how to handle the next week, regarding worried investors, and more generally to let everyone know that we were all feeling it.

I reached my sister later in the day. Finally some levity on a tough day, she slept though it! Tough New Yorker.


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That one is easy OZ

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Where were you on 9/11?

I was in the Princess Alexandra Hospital waiting for Star Trek to come on when the normal TV service was interrupted by the news of the first aircraft flying into the World Trade Center.

I attempted to have a holiday by dropping a Mercedes onto myself and crushing my chest down to 10" from the side apparently when they pulled me out I was bleeding from the eyes, ears and nose but what was really funny was the way that the ambulance crew reacted when they arrived "And no I don't know who called them either" but they took exception to me having a smoke to settle my jangled nerves. What was even more impressive is to this day I still don't know how the car fell off i the jack stands it was on as it had been there for 3 days and was on there for another 5 days without falling off.

Incidental the holiday bit failed dismally as well because when I arrived at the ward after being admitted I had a cell phone and LT waiting for me kindly supplied by one of my staff so I could continue working even though I couldn't breath comfortable but I suppose I did get two weeks of minimal work.


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That's right

by Oz_Media In reply to That one is easy OZ

I remember the picture, I didn't realize it happened then though. My lawyers wouldn't release some of my accident photos to me, they decided that at the time it may be too traumatic, even though the paper had a nice cover.

Yeah jack stands are dodgy at the best of times, I usually leave the jack under the front cross member if possible, that has always given me the heebegeebees when under a car that's a ground lift. Good to see you're still around to tell the tale though.

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Actually OZ I trust jack stands more

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to That's right

Than jacks but if it wasn't for the fact that there was a trolley jack handy I'd most likely be long dead now.

But I suppose on the up side my medical case did make the medical journals and I had a constant stream of "Young Doctors" coming in to see me to see exactly what a botched hanging would look like as that was the closest medical term that could be applied. Apparently I was told that my heart was pumping blood to my head but it couldn't return back down into my body so most of the minor blood vessels burst under the strain. I still remember to this day one woman walking past me while I had sunk out for a smoke saying "Look at that poor mans birthmark" I was purple from about the nipple line up wards and even the whites of my eyes where blood red.

The poor bloke who had to take the photos was in a bit of trouble when I asked him how he was going to deal with "Red Eye Reduction!"


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Good ole Photoshop

by Oz_Media In reply to Actually OZ I trust jack ...

Adobe can fix you up like you never got hurt.

When I was talking about leaving a jack under the car, I meant in ADDITION to stands. It's always just a security issue in case stands collapse, the jack wil at least give you a little more time to slide out, I usually leave one about an inch from the bottom of the car, just in case.

Oh well, good to see you're still kickin around!

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by Black Panther In reply to That one is easy OZ


I take it you might live in Brisbane??

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Yep you got it

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Brisbane

I do in fact live in Brisbane I guess the PA bit gave it away didn't it?

I'm just another mad IT guy who works far too long and hard but worst of all I have a really lousy boss who will not allow me time off for anything. No if only I could manage to sue myself I might get a break.


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Thought So

by Black Panther In reply to Yep you got it

We are blessed living in the Sunshine State!
Don't know how lucky we are!

by the way do you play chess!

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Yes but not for a long time

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thought So

I used to play the Qld junior Champion a long time ago but since then have not come across anyone who knows how to play a decent game. I even tried teaching one of my sons girlfriends a while ago as she asked could I teach her but after 4 weeks things just fizzled out when she lost interest.

But there is a Chess set waiting here for someone to play with it.


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