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Which college courses have enhanced your IT career?

By pennatomcat ·
I've taken almost enough accounting courses to qualify as a minor. That allowed me to easily find employment with a company that produces software for credit unions.

A series of technical writing courses have helped me to expand my writing and marketing skills and to connect those concepts with my computer skills. They've definitely helped in getting my current project off the ground.

Which individual courses or general disciplines (other than computer science) have helped your career?

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Which college courses hav ...

Writing has definitely helped my career. For some reason companies like it when developers can actually explain the how and why. Gone are the days when companies tolerated people taking secrets of how the system works to the grave, or to their next position.

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by Mickster269 In reply to Which college courses hav ...

I took that course as part of my electives- and it has basically been the one course I have pulled the most out of.

Not only does it help in problem solving, but I also can use it to explain concepts and ideas to co-workers and clients

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The most important classes I took were Physics and Calculus.

by X-MarCap In reply to Which college courses hav ...

I have worked for NASA, and a Nuclear plant. I have also used tons of math for my coding. Matrix math has been a help for least cost matrix solves.

Math, Math and more math...

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by Dalicoder In reply to Which college courses hav ...

I'm a career-changer. I started out in another field and then took some classes in CS. A position became available at my company and I got it because of my one Java class (and, I suppose, my enthusiasm and other intangibles). I got 5 years of experience out of that and leveraged that experience to get my next job.

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