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Which country is America's real military target?

By jardinier ·
This is an item which I picked up from one of my enewsletters, and which I in no way pretend to support. But it is such a radical postulation, that perhaps it might stir up some lively discussion.

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They are earnest,eager and young and they are so very very wrong!!!!!!!

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Which country is America' ...

I've seen these types before. They are part of the youth revolt against parental and establihed authority and they think they possess all the answers to the worlds ills. They really do seek world peace but unfortunately there arguments always start out talking about the need for disarmament, specifically ours and that we would set an example for the whole world if we would disarm, unilaterally if necessary. Most will drop away once the disillusionment of the futility in their argument sets in but for the present they will see conspiracies under every bed and imagine fleets of ICBM's and bombers hurling nuclear destruction about like children with fireworks. They wouldn't be so bad if they weren't so damn noisy in espousing their theories. You can **** their pathetic little claims away by asking to see up to date documentation, photography and video. There is none or if there is its usually too old to be credibly useful. Always remember that the armed forces of any nation exist to protect that nation's interests abroad and can be regarded as an extension of foreign policy. As hard as I try I can not imagine the US or any of its past or current allies progressing very far down this road although it would not surprize me to see intelligence activities in these areas. To do less would be very remiss.

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Nothing but hot air ....

by jardinier In reply to They are earnest,eager an ...

Your posting has not addressed a single item in the article, and as such is meaningless and irrelevant.

Where did you find in the article any reference to: "the need for disarmament, specifically ours and that we would set an example for the whole world."

Quite the contrary, in fact, as the article refers to deployment of US military personnel in various former Soviet Republics, and says NOTHING about "disarmament" -- a word which does not appear anywhere in the article.

You have chosen your alias well, "sleepin'dawg," as you are obviously too lazy to address even one item in the article.

Please post again when you are able to discredit or vindicate just ONE portion of the article.

But then I suppose I shouldn't expect too much from someone who is apathetic enough to choose such an alias.

No hard feelings, chum, but please put up or shut up.

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Gee what'd I say ?

by Oz_Media In reply to Which country is America' ...

Well Julian, interesting find, funny enough so soon after Max posted his thread about pulling out of Germany.

I see this as being creidble or discounted in several ways.

1st) Right wing supporters may instantly dismiss it due the the relationship, even if only in a nonprofitable relationshi, with the United Nations.

2nd) Right wing advocates may even completely ignore it as it is leftist greenie weenie BS.

3rd) It may be dismissed because people don't really like people wanting to save the planet without conflict or use of force.

Then there are just as many FOR it as well.

1) This is NOT the UN and merely a spectator who is actively working IN these countries.

2) It is a voice OUTSIDE the government and mainstream media (this may also take away validity for some though)

3) It goes AGAINST curent US policy and that may convice many Democratic supporters.

Peraonally though , I think it is just ANOTHER source of information that must be considered fully before being completely dismissed. There is always some truth that fuels such reports. If the author is even slightly biased that is easily seen in the writing, as is quite noticable in places here, but then again the message can't be complete fabrication and must be weeded.

It deserves just as much credibility and attention as anything else coming from the world's governments and media.

Interesting find, also that same page links to another stoy (one I don't buy too much due to the source being the Washington Post) "AMERICA'S EMPIRE OF BASES" which is foud by clicking on themore than 100 military baseslink.

Once again though, these reports must be somewhat heeded, we listen to Bush, we listen to Kerry, we listen to Democrats, we listen to Republicans, we must listen to ALL sources and weed out fact from fiction as best we can.

In the end, we will probably find that BOTH sides were equally correct and equally wrong in their assumptions basd on what we have been ALLOWED to see. Then the truth comes out, not while the pres. is in the 'House' but always after.

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