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Which file-sharing software is spyware free?

By Blackcurrant ·
Hi everyone

I have never used P2P file sharing software and would like a little advice from other members...

I have seen many articles which condemn various P2P programs because they are supposed to be infested with spyware and/or adware.

I realised that I really don't know very much about this beyond the hype...

So, do any of you use P2P software which is free of known pests, and what would you recommend? I would like to know if there is a 'safe group' of programs. And, are the majority of P2P programs OK?

Thanking you all in advance...

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More than one issue

by gralfus In reply to Which file-sharing softwa ...

The installation software can be infested with spyware or adware, such as with the regular version of Kazaa. Many people opted for the hacked version called "Kazaa Lite", which cut out the code that loads adverts, and left out the other adware it wants to load at install. I'm not sure if this is still available for download, since they may have been shut down by the original Kazaa.

The other issue is that any software downloaded can also be trojanized or open security holes in your system.

Not that I'm advocating downloading cracked software, just trying to answer the question fully.

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Kazaa Lite not trustworthy.

by deepsand In reply to More than one issue

I personally know of 2 installations that trusted Kazaa Lite, much to their regret.

As it fell to me to rehabiliate one of those, I feel confident in stating that it should not be used.

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by deepsand In reply to Which file-sharing softwa ...

To date, this is the only one that Im aware of that has been independently tested & found to be free of malware & malware extensions.


One of my clients has used it for several years, with no ill results.

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don't bet on that.

by husp1 In reply to LimeWire

I also use limewire and have found that both the regular and pro version add "bearshare " to the system after activation. (not sure but I think the software is dependent on it.) try bittorrent, have not seen anything from that yet. haven't heard of it being used in a business but I think it might have some use there.

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I tried it out

by Blackcurrant In reply to don't bet on that.

I took the plunge. I decided to install Limewire and monitor the installation to see what would happen.

Neither Norton AV nor MS Antispyware detected any threats. Also ran AdAware after and still no threats detected.

Did find this on bearshare though for anyone who's interested:

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Curiouser & curiouser.

by deepsand In reply to I tried it out

1) Computer Associates describes BearShare as being a P2P system distinct from LimeWire; and,

2) Audit My PC says some versions of BearShare contain spyware.

3) Computer Associates description of LimeWire says that (some) distibutions of LimeWire contain (malware.)

It seems that the potential for risk is not inherent in either of these 2 P2P systems, but rather is linked to particular distributions. That is, certain parties who are providing downloads have bundled malware with legitimate P2P systems into their distributions.

This is precisely what happened to Kazaa Lite.

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No Bearshare here

by Synthetic In reply to I tried it out

I have been using Lime wire for years, recently bought the latest version, and I have no additional programs launching in the reg, no additional services running at boot, and ad-aware, spybot s&d, bazooka spyware scanner, and hi-jack this, do not report anything I that should not be there. is just being sloppy with their reporting.

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Beware of using LimeWire contain's Trojan's

by smithz_96 In reply to LimeWire

I recently tried out LimeWire and it was OK for a while until one bad download had this in it
Win32:WimAD-I (Trj) a nasty varment that infected my PC , so my answer to you there is not a safe file sharing program out there, actually anything you download from the internet be careful, little worms are getting smarter by the second

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Even if you find a "safe" P2P product....

by geekchic In reply to Which file-sharing softwa ...

that is only half the battle, I think I would be more concerned about what will be in the files that you download from the shared sites...pretty dangerous stuff.

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Who said that life was safe?

by deepsand In reply to Even if you find a "safe" ...

And, what makes you think that the "stuff" on my machine might be "pretty dangerous?"

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