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Which Operating System?

By operatorX ·
Here is the question. I'm building another computer. I really want to use Windows 2000 Pro as my O/S. But, I play alot of games, all relatively graphic intense. The last time I built a computer I installed 2000 pro but when I went to install directxI got an error saying that directx was not compatiable with 2000 pro. But when I go to the directx website, they have a download for 2000 pro O/S. Is anyone a gamer/multimedia type using windbloze 2000 pro?

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Moved from Me to XP

by James R Linn In reply to Which Operating System?

That way i get the latest and greatest Direct X, better compatibility with older apps, but more stable than ME.


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by grimreality In reply to Which Operating System?

I have used and currently use multiple OS's and I have never had any problems with Win2K and gaming or multimedia applications.
I do not trust or beleive in the viability of WinXP yet as nothing that has coe out has not needed multiple fixes beforeit is secure and sturdy enough to use. Win2K has all the fixes and the adantages of WinXP without any of the issues as to hardware compatibility.

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Use Win XP Pro

by MTBerJim In reply to Which Operating System?

If you just built a box, you should not run in to compatibility problems. The problem is the 200.00 bucks for XP Pro. That's why I'm still using Win 2000 pro. I Like Quake2-3 and my son plays Diablo 2. With exception to some of the older games, ex- doom, quake1. We seem to have very little trouble with Win 2000. You can update to direct X 8.1 right from Microsoft's web site.

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Multiple OS on a system

by slam5 In reply to Use Win XP Pro

Well, if you are building your own system. I think the best to do it is to use a HD caddy to make your HD a remove media. With the current price so low. You are better off running different OS on different drives. The only problem is with that you can't buy multi copies of OEM version of MS OS. At least, that is what I believe is MS's official OEM policy.

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Go with XP

by timseery In reply to Which Operating System?

W2K Pro is a good operating systems but is not a great gaming platform because of backward compatibility issues.

Windows 98 is good gaming platform but is dated and is not my personal favorite.

XP game compatablity is on par with 98 and is a lot more stable than 98.

In short go with XP.

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by mrafrohead In reply to Which Operating System?

stay away from xp...

use 2k - and yes direct x 8.1 will work with windoze 2k pro...


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But you dont say why

by James R Linn In reply to

I have used W2K in business and moved to XP - I find XP marginally faster at some tasks, and even more stable than W2K, though both are better than 9X.

I had some minor problems installing the Java Virtual Machine but those were resolved, and SP1should eliminate that problem.

Are you expressing some resentment at the registration process?


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by mrafrohead In reply to But you dont say why

No resentment towards the registration... I use a workaround for that... I personally feel that if I paid for something, I am not going to be told how to use it... So I just do it my way

Although, yes, if I didn't have a workaround, you can bet your kittens that I would not use the software...

I don't care for it because it doesn't work properly on my boxes. My computers use 3dfx cards and MS didn't write proper drivers for either of my cards...

Not to mention it is lacking in some of the security features of Win2k.

And I didn't notice any speed enhancements...

But this is just my opinion


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I use the Pro version

by James R Linn In reply to

Which is comparable to Win2K -are there any security features not in Pro?


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by mrafrohead In reply to I use the Pro version

The absolutely mandatory one for me is that you can not lock the computer when you are not at it. I run servers on my box so my computers are always on. I need the locking feature to keep nosy people out of my box when I'm not there. And also to keep my kids out of my box so they aren't "helping" me reprogram anything:)

You have to use a third party program to do that, and that's just not an option for me.

There is still the encryption software built into XP Pro though, which is nice:)

I also, this is not confirmed yet, think that XP talks home a lot... I don't want to be running anything that is telling anyone what it is that I may be or am doing on my computer. That is my business alone and whoever else I am involved with doing what I am doing at the time.

That's a reason that I don't trust XP...


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