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~whistling innocently while

By Jaqui ·
wandering away from sending sun microsystems a link to an entry in my blog~

and Red Hat

and even slashdot..

can we say I'm looking to create a slight disturbance?

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Just a little

by jdclyde In reply to ~whistling innocently whi ...

Just a little slap to wake people up. It IS needed every now and then!

Just check who is at the door before unbolting it for a while, ok? B-)

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by Jaqui In reply to Just a little

more fun to o[pen it while swinging big sharp knife at throat height. ]:)

[ I actually did that once..lucky for the twit knocking at 4 am he jumped back in time or he would have be slashed open. :) }

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Now there is a lesson for us all..

by maecuff In reply to ~whistling innocently whi ...

Never knock on a sadist's door before 4AM...

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Unless, of course...

by noyoki In reply to Now there is a lesson for ...

you happen to be a masochist. ]:)

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