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Whither goes the PC Technician

By terry.paul ·
PCs continue to drop in price and home printers are almost throw-aways if they break down after warranty expires.

What do you think the future of the PC tech will be? I remember back when I was growing up in the sixties TV Repairman was the big thing, but there are very few TV repair shops now. I see the PC tech going that way as well.

The future to me seems to be Remote Assitance to a users PC and also working at a company helpdesk.

The bench repair process of the PC Tech seems to have migrated to low paying jobs such as the Geek Squad. Not for me.

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First, welcome to TR

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Whither goes the PC Techn ...

There are at least four other Midlands members here, include regular blogger / columnist Justin James.

Second, I don't see computers being treated as a disposable commodity yet, especially the high end machines. I think you'll see less service work being done on hardware and more on software, malware removal, and data retrieval.

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Thanks for the welcome

by terry.paul In reply to First, welcome to TR

I know that PC are yet disposable, but I was just pointing out that some of the printers are after warranty runs out.

I agree, less service work on hardware and more software support.

When I started working at a local hospital in Columbia, SC in 1998, we were building our own PCs - case, motherboard, RAM, we bought it all and built it ourselves. We also supported it all in house. That is no longer economically affordable for companies to do becasue the price has dropped so much. I enjoyed bench work very much, but I believe that now that kind of work does not pay well enough. I don't want to join the Geek Squad or be a Fire Dog at cirucuit city.

I will update my profile on here soon.

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