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Who buys the buns on YOUR birthday?

By GuruOfDos ·
Not a serious discussion, but I'd like some feedback please, purely out of a warped sense of curiosity!

Well, it's my birthday tomorrow...21 AGAIN!! Here in my company, it's the 'done thing' for the birthday-boy (or girl!) to go to the local bakery and buy sticky buns, cakes, doughnuts or whatever and 'treat' everyone else to a little something to go with their morning coffee. Naturally, we don't work weekends and as it's Saturday tomorrow, I have to get the buns in today. In fact, being mostly old farts, we don't usually advertise birthdays round here; people just sort of 'find out' when a danish or apple pastry turns up along with the mug of 'brown and steaming'. Up goes the cry of "Okay, which of you old b%@#tards has notched up another year?!!", and then the guilty party owns up and its congratulations (or commiserations!) all round.

Hang on a's MY birthday....they should be buying ME the goodies!! So, all you other peeps out there in IT land, who buys the buns on YOUR birthday?!! Do you have any little 'traditions' for special occasions like this?

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by sue.donovan In reply to Who buys the buns on YOUR ...

Where is Miss Manner's when you need her. I say go with the follow of the rest of the office.

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In Spain the B-Day Boy/Girl pays

by Albert Franco II In reply to Who buys the buns on YOUR ...

Here in Spain it is the tradition that the birthday girl or boy invites their friend and family for drinks or dinner. In companies they also are pretty much expected to bring snacks and beverages to celebrate after work.

As an American I found this to be the opposite of my experience where your friends and family treat you on your b-day.

If you think about it it's cheaper the Spanish way since you only foot the bill once a year. If you have lot's of friends, family, and co-workers the American way can be a constant drain.

Buy the good stuff and show your team spirit. **** you only have to do once this year

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Nice way of looking at it!

by GuruOfDos In reply to In Spain the B-Day Boy/Gi ...

Couldn't agree more! But wouldn't it be good if you could arrange things at work so that everyone's birthday was equally spaced throughout the year! July and August are popular where we work...a lot of celebration cakes all at once.....then a lean few months until Christmas :-)

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Must be a Hobbit...

by Jack_Swayze In reply to Who buys the buns on YOUR ...

Whoever started the 'backwards' gift-giving tradition at your place must have been a fan of 'The Hobbit' (a science-fantasy book).

(ps: I am not a fan of the book, but I did read it once [just once])

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B-Day = Unequal here

by TomSal In reply to Who buys the buns on YOUR ...

Well since you brought up the topic I guess I'll be honest about it. First off in my family and my personal feelings are birthdays are no big deal, except for the kids. For my niece and my nephews (and I have a ton of them) we make big deals out of them..but once you even hit your teenage years it goes from a huge celebration to , "Happy Birthday, here's a card.".

No dinners, no parties, occassional little gifts, nothing major though.

As for at work - First off if you are in IT what the heck you letting people eat at their desks for? Let alone STICKY buns, pies or cakes?! (Seriously here you are not allowed any food at your desk, only hard candy).

A majority of our company is made up of women and I'm one of only about 12 guys in the company. On b-days, some people just get cards on their desks other people (mostly the women) get tons of gifts. One gal who just turned 25 had so much stuff for her birthday I had to help her take it to her car because she couldn't work at her desk!

So in that respect we are totally unequal, some get alot and some get "Oh its your birthday?". (Yeah I'm jealous and neglected and my soul is tortured by it can't you tell...ha ha ha...)..

Anyway, you asked..


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Strictly Stag!

by GuruOfDos In reply to B-Day = Unequal here

Where I work, we don't have any women! Not because we're sexist, but very few women would enjoy the sort of work we do. We did have one once, but she kept breaking nails in the line of duty so she decided to quit!

Eating buns at the desk isn't ano-no here, but if your mouse or keyboard screw up it's YOUR responsibility! We do however have a dedicated 'lounge' area for tea, coffee, cakes etc, so there isn't really any excuse! :-)

I won't get into the argument of smoking at work, but my PC does actually have an ash-tray fitted into one of the spare 5.25" bays!

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