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Who is Alberto Gonzales?

By G.Brown ·
Well, with Ashcroft gone, Bush has decided to put some other psycho terrorist in his place:

He's the guy who did the legal work to justify the torture at Abu Ghraib prison.

The Bush administration wanted to torture people and needed a legal justification.

They needed someone to torture and twist the law and the constitution to justify bush's position in case torture and murder came to light. Alberto Gonzales was the hatchet man who did the job.

Here's an example of his work. This is a guy who should be in jail for war crimes - not as attorney general.

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Who do you trust

by jdmercha In reply to Who is Alberto Gonzales?

Where did this come from? Who is Marc Perkel? Why would you believe this?

Why doesn't this document exist on the Office of Legal Council's web site?

Why doesn't this document match other documents on the Office of Legal Council's web site?

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Try google

by G.Brown In reply to Who do you trust

Check here ... there's lots more interesting information.

And on your other questions ... i'm not your investigator ... hunt and ye shall find :)

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Thank You

by jdmercha In reply to Try google

This is a much more credible reference, thank you.

I'm no legal expert (obviously), and I am also a Bush supporter, but I agree, this doesn't sound right.

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