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Who is FrankPatchem ?!?!

By Skidoggeruk ·
And what planet does he come from???

Hilarious. Thanks for the laughs

If you haven't been to the Tech Q&A in awhile. Go have a look, quick.

Warning, may not apply to all senses of humor.

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Someone bored

by Oz_Media In reply to Who is FrankPatchem ?!?!

Souds like someone with nothing to do or say that just flew in to post for the sake of posting.

Either that or he's just out to make tech points. If he closes the nine questions (if those are questions) and awards the 10 or 50 points per question, he will gain 9000 points because you get 1000 points for closing each question.

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by Skidoggeruk In reply to Someone bored

I see

Still oddly funny

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Can they be pulled?

by Skidoggeruk In reply to Someone bored

Could TR simply remove these then?

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Yes and No

by Oz_Media In reply to Can they be pulled?

TR has come to the realization that cancelling a membershiop means nothing anymore bcause nobody is into tech points these days. They have even talked about merging Tech Q&A with Discussions (heaven forbid).

So when they threaten to remove a memberships, the person isn't risking the loss of half a million points that he has accumulated over 5 years, it's just a new email address at Yahoo and they are back.

I know there have been a couple of guys who have had MULTPLE accounts at TR and used them against each other in an argument or to favour one another, sad I know.

It just isn't respected or managed properly anymore and like most chat rooms has gone to the dogs. Even in serious technical discussions you read the same BS comments you do here.

Just ignore it, I wouldn't give it too much thought myself.

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