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Who is good desktop PC manufacturer??

By mrafrohead ·
Our business currently uses all Compaq computers for desktop use.

Lately the Customer Service of Compaq is lowering to the equivalent of NEC or Hewlett-Packard. Which is unfortunate as to how good it used to be.

We are thinking of changing toa new manufacturer for our desktop computers, and I am looking for opinions of people that have used other manufacturers.

Personally I would like to build all of the machines as I think that that is the best way to go. Unfortunately some of the software that we use does require prefab machines to maintain their warranty.

So if I could borrow a couple of seconds of your time, so you could throw your two cents to me, I would greatly appreciate it!!!

Thank you in advance and I look forward to your replies.

Also, if you would, please include why you like them so much.

Thank you.


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We've had good results with HP

by nordlicht_ha In reply to Who is good desktop PC ma ...

At my law office here in Dortmund we've had good expereinces with HP, perhaps you have to wait a bit longer on the phone sometimes, but the technical advice has been top quality. We now have the Vectra vI420 with a pentium 4 processor and have had used their instant support services when the wires got crossed on our office network.
If you tune into the CeBIT, you can get a lot of current news on desktop PCs for business for sure, you can check it out through this link:

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Good PC = Good Support

by waltknochjr In reply to We've had good results wi ...

For years we have been buying only Dell computers. We get 3 years on-site warrenty and 24/7 phone support. There has never been a problem getting parts replace under warrenty.

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excellent support

by Joe crisino In reply to Good PC = Good Support

I will have to go along with the previous reply I was at the last company for 5 years and we were exclusivley Dell and with the 3-year warrenty Next Business day on site and trhe 24/7 support I never had any problems. even now at my current job weaare usieng Dell and they are well worth it. you cna even upgrade the support if you need quicker response.

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Another vote for DELL

by MadWoodsman In reply to excellent support

Dell makes great computers. We have very few problems, but when an issue does arise DELL support makes it right.

My experience with Compaq is that they like to use proprietary hardware and they are typically slow to deliver new drivers when Microsoft belches out a new OS.

IBM makes some visually stunning machines, but I have not had a chance to play on those yet...just waiting for the opportunity to present itself.

- Gordon

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I am.

by admin In reply to Who is good desktop PC ma ...

hehehe... you probably are to.

If I need pc's for work though, It's Dell or Small Business Systems- a local company that builds white boxes. The support is excellent at the local white box. They will come on site, comp parts and all sorts of things the big boys can't do. If I can't use them, I use Dell. I recommend Dell to our employees for home boxes too. The ones that bought Dell never complain and often praise both the machine, but especially, the technical support. The ones that boughtCompaqs instead often complain. (As do the Micron and E-Machine,HP and some of the newer Gateway (Gateway used to build and support well...)purchasers.

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by Marlok In reply to I am.

Well, the company that I work for, and specifically the project/compnay that mine supports uses both Compaq and Dell. We handle the software, hardware, and custom software support for all applications used by this compnay. When something needs to belooked at for further research, hardware/software, it's usually sent up to the product vendor. Now, personally, I have no idea what kind of warranty contract the company mine supports has, but they normally get some kind of resolution within about 3-4 business days on both Compaq and Dell hardware related issues.

On a side note, my personal home PC is a "hybrid" that I built myself and runs quite well. I had to reboot this morning, but it was up and working without errors for about 4-5 days.Personally, if I knew absolutely nothing about computers, and wanted decent service and warranty contracts; go with the Dell or, many may disagree, Gateway. I've got friends that had no problems with Gateway service/support; just takes some while toget the system back if it needs to be shipped back to Gateway. Well, that's more than 2? but I try to give complete answers.

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Vendor relations

by ferocious In reply to Who is good desktop PC ma ...

I was in charge of purchasing computers for three years (among many other things). In order to standardize, I had to get at least 3 quotes, so on and so forth. We elected to go with Dell. First, location of Dell's factory was up Hwy 290 from Houston (our location). A part failed, I called them and the replacement was there the next day. Second, e-quotes were very useful to configure a PC. Submit the e-quote to your contact and they would discount it even further. Third, technical support. Atthe time (emphasized 2000 and earlier) they were very good.

What hurt them is what happened to the rest of the industry. I am sure many kind folks will be happy to share their experiences with companies that were at first very good or were never good to start with. Remember this: your own expertise with computers will keep you off the phone with a tech support person who would rather be somewhere else. Use the warranty to your full advantage and document everything that occurs with thosecomputers, so you will know what decision to make when it comes to purchasing new equipment later. Ask your associates at other companies, as well.

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For the Office Dell...Home Build it

by radiic In reply to Who is good desktop PC ma ...

Dell. Dell. Dell. nuff said. not yet. When I started at the last place I worked at they mostly had dell's, and the IT manager ordered 28 new gateways, when I came aboard just shortly after the gateways arrived, I walked in and said wow who's the ID-10-T who ordered this pile of crap. I guess I doomed myself from that point forward. But the fact was that after I proved the difference between the customer support, my boss started buying dell exclusivly. One good thing about them too is that you can order them without having the OS preinstalled. If your like me I like to make sure that the OS gets installed my way. Also you get the os media instead of some damn restore cd that aint worth crap. Well Obivously I am talking about Compaq. That is what I am stuck with in my new job. I would switch to Dell in a heartbeat but cant considering the amount of hardware allready purchased. I havnt (knock on wood) needed service from compaq yet, but i cringe on the thought that I do. Mostly when parts die inside these I dont even bother checking the waranty with compaq i just buy new hard drives, video cards, etc. and put them in myself.

Well if I ever work for another company I hope that I am blessed to work with Dell's again.


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Tried and True

by rick_davis In reply to Who is good desktop PC ma ...

I've been recommending Dell for over 20 years. Every box performed flawlessly out of the box except for a few, less than .01 percent. Everytime I had to call Dell for service, they were very quick in getting the information and parts that I neededto get them up and running again. The 3 year warranty and 24/7 helpdesk is a boon to first time users also. They just work! It's the best bang for the buck!

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DELL was founded in 1984...

by MadWoodsman In reply to Tried and True

that was only 18 years ago.

- Gordon

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