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Who is this guy and what's up with his blog?

By M_a_r_k ·
Maybe he's got some hidden messages for a terrorist cell in there:

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Ok, no sudden moves -

by Mickster269 In reply to Who is this guy and what' ...

Back away from the blog. Don't touch anything. Try not to make eye contact, or any threatening moves.

Just stay calm, and we'll all get out of the blog without incident.

:: runs ::

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Hey there!!! It is talanted web pro from Iran!

by LukCAD In reply to Ok, no sudden moves -

Just one minute is to understand that guy love and want to be professional in this area.
One my friend is also from Iran. He is very smart and very aimed to have success by learning Microsoft programms. I glad that they are not terrorist or bad boys. They are normal people who have very good brain, and have good ideals in their life. Their image of life is without of alcohol and with great asian's aptitude.
Sincerely, LukCAD

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With a lovely

by Dr Dij In reply to Hey there!!! It is talant ...

theocratic govt to tell them how to think and what to do all day, and thro them in jail cells if they criticize the govt, which is known to give specialized explosive to terrorists, and also to counterfeit $10 billion in very good quality US bills (being a govt they were able to buy Intaglio presses to do this).

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Content deals with web programming

by gralfus In reply to Who is this guy and what' ...

Most of the content seems related to web programming. His name sounds Iranian, so perhaps the characters we see are the browser's best attempt at displaying Farsi or perhaps Arabic.

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Content deals with web programming?

by M_a_r_k In reply to Content deals with web pr ...

How can you tell? Do you read hieroglyphics? Sanskrit?

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Lose the racism, twit.

by gralfus In reply to Content deals with web pr ...

Just because somebody posts something to his blog in a different language doesn't make him a "terrorist". There are millions of Persian and Arabic speakers around the world that have no interest in blowing up others.

I realize your comments are derogatory, but Hieroglyphics are ancient Egyptian. Sanskrit is an ancient Hindu language. I already stated the poster used Farsi or Arabic (much the same characters).

Let's see, how could I know what he is writing about...
Repeated references to WebApplication, HTML, Javascript, VBscript, ASPclasic, charts on web application models, links to ASP.NET websites, etc.

Unless TR has an English-only rule (no German, Italian, Russian, Gaelic, Spanish, etc) then leave him alone. If you are honestly concerned, you could always add a comment to his blog and see if he responds to you.

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Sure, TWIT

by M_a_r_k In reply to Lose the racism, twit.

Hey, pal, who was being racist? I never referred to anyone's race. If this guy is Persian or Arabic, that's news to me. I think YOU are being racist because you are making the link between your friend being Persian or Arabic and terrorism. So what you're saying is, if your friend is really, oh I don't know...Lithuanian, then I am not a racist after all? Interesting...

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by gralfus In reply to Sure, TWIT

Your comments have been irrational from the start, and your last one takes the cake. The guys posts in another language, so you assume he is a terrorist and want him banned from TR.
Foreign language=terrorist
That is an absurd and racist conclusion, since you are grouping all foreign speakers into the terrorist group.

Actually, you are showing the classic signs of a newsgroup troll. Start a flame war over nothing and see who bites.

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Wrong again, my friend

by M_a_r_k In reply to Irrational

OK now I'm racist even if your friend is Lithuanian, not just Middle Eastern. Uh...I think I am the same race as your typical Lithuanian. I'm grouping ALL foreign speakers of being terrorists? Does that include people from Boston? How about east Texas? Have you ever heard a heavy east Texas accent? You may as well be in Mozambique. Ooops...sorry, I didn't intend to call Mozambiquians terrorists. Every Mozambiquian that I have known have been rather jovial chaps.

And now you are also accusing me of wanting your friend banned from TR. Dude, if you're going to make accusations, please back them up with some sound logic. I said no such thing. Where in the world did you pull that nonsense from? Which message did I say that in?

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To be a "racist"

by jdclyde In reply to Irrational

don't you have to be against someone because of their race?

All to easy for people to start throwing that word around these days. No wonder it has lost much of it's meaning and impact, and "race relations" are in such sad shape?

First, I think MARK was just thought it was FUNNY, not hateful when he posted his comments about the blog not being of any valid use to the primarily English speaking and typing community here.

Second, it sounds like you, gralfus, are being a little too sensitive over this?

Third, if you really think this is a troll, what does that show of YOU to be the one to "BITE"?

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