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Who should TechRepublic recruit?

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
Despite what some of you may think, we at TechRepublic realize that ours is not the only online community for technology professionals. There are other forums out there, which presumably many of you participate in, and there are likely members of those communities whose skills and insights you respect and, on some level, follow.

Well, we just aren't okay with that.

So, what if TechRepublic were to go out and recruit some of the "rock stars" from these other forums and get them to start making hay on -our-site? What forums and sites should we be targeting?

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Dear TR

by ippirate In reply to Who should TechRepublic r ...

I have given much consideration to this article ever since you first posted it yesterday. To be completely honest, my reaction was one of incredulity. It has changed little.

My opinion. There is little need to run out and recruit "star players" at the present. Talent doesn't make a shop half as much as the support they run on. What I mean is this, TR has become the land of the disappearing post. I noticed earlier that this has apparently infected the work of one of your fellow editors Bill Detwiler, if not that malidy then most definately he has been striken with the curse of the unpostable post, oooops! now we have three copies.

These two items are causing no end of headache. I've had posts take forever to appear and therefore, they are generally no longer relevent or timely to the subject and often, no only serve to confuse the matter. I have had posts that have shown up 24 hours later in Tech Q&A which was missing information and therefore, I am quite sure, terribly confusing to the author. As it stands I have an answer hanging out somewhere in your Db right now that isn't showing up.

Recruit top talent? Not until you fix the ghosts in your machines as they stand, otherwise, it'll just be a waste of everyone's time.

To put it in one of the colorful eupamisms that folks are famous for where I grew up, "You can't polish a turd, it just makes a bigger mess".

Please, fix the problems at hand first. Leave the other philosophy to MS.

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I concur

by ITgirli In reply to Dear TR

Just today I have been having problems with answers and comments disappearing in Technical Q&A. Why would anyone want to be "recruited" to a site with such issues. I'm thinking of taking myself somewhere else, why would I want to bring people here?

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Tell me more

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to I concur

Hmm....could be a clustering issue. We recently tweaked our clustering software. Let's see if we can't narrow the scope of the problem:

How long has this been occuring?

Is it just in Tech Q&A, or also in Discussions?

In Tech Q&A, does this occur in conjuction with commenting, responding, or both?

When this occurs, do you have multiple TR windows (or Firefox tabs) open simultaneously, or just one? This could point to a session replication issue.

Your help is really appreciated.


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just Q&A

by ITgirli In reply to Tell me more

Just Q&A on an answer and comment. I've just experienced it today. One window only. The person who placed an answer and the comment I responded with, also remarked that it had disappeared. he posted another answer and I commented again and it disappeared again. the other answer I had received was still there. I had received the answer I wanted so I closed it this afternoon.

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Experienced it in both

by ippirate In reply to Tell me more

In Discussion center I have had comments take up to 24 hours to post as well as taking several tries to get it to go up, meaning, when submitting, I have gotten page currently not available. Refresh, there it is, sometimes, but if so, duplicated. Thanks TR for the additional cool points during debate.

I have also experienced the same in Q&A. Recently I had a post that didn't register until after the inquiry was closed. To date, both commments and responses. Haven't had anything with submission yet.

I have had multiple windows open to the web but not to TR concurrently. As for the duration, about 2 months now, maybe a little longer.

Anyway, that's my two cents.

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I noticed

by jck In reply to Tell me more

about noon that things started going kinda batty.

Then I noticed between 3 and 4pm ET that the formatting of the pages changed and that I no longer could see previously used links in a different colour.

Was your tweak an upgrade? If so, is there a way you can set it to show previously visited links?

That'd be a great improvement. Then, recruit me to do QA :)

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Tech Q & A for me...

by caestelle In reply to Tell me more

I have experienced this in Technical Q&A recently. For example on a question(I pasted the link below) I posted an answer and it initially showed up, but when I went back a couple of hours to see if it had been rated, it was no longer there, but there were several other posts after mine. So, today I checked again and mine is there again and in the correct order. I only have one session to TR open.

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by ITgirli In reply to Tell me more

now it has happened to me in the discussions. this bytes.

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Thought I saw it once

by Oz_Media In reply to discussion

But I had posted in the wrong place, what else?

Ever since you fixed the clustering issues, the threads have seemed to work much faster and I haven't seen any hanging submits anymore, it doesn't seem to time out like it used to.

I have seen several pages not load completely, the page says it is loaded, but you can't get to the bottom of the thread, even after numerous reloads, back and forth etc.
Just 2 cents.

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Me too

by AV . In reply to Who should TechRepublic r ...

I had my post show up 2 or 3 days later in the past week. I only had one window open when I posted it.

I've also noticed if I hit the back button after posting instead of return to discussion, My post will appear twice.

Over the past 2 months I've had my posts disappear and reappear. This seems to happen in longer threads.

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