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By rob_serve ·
i broke my personal computer the other day and i was completely out of my mind with worry at the amount of work that was stored on it, but i managed to fix it. Im interested to know, as administrators etc. has anyone got an interesting story about big mistakes they have made in the IT field at work?

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Testing VoIP device

by house In reply to whoops!

I was testing a VoIP gateway device that a client returned. Rather than reconfiguring it through LAN, I put it on the net, acquired a host, and picked up the phone before the reconfiguration...

Now anyone who knows anything about VoIP will understand that when you pick up the phone, it'll send a SIP request to the server, opening a new session, killing any other session that had been opened by that name. Not only that... the server will assign a new IP to the device. I didn't receive a phone call, so it's all good. The server got the IP back when a new session was opened by the actual owner.

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Way back in the dim past

by neilb@uk In reply to whoops!

I installed one of the first Netware 4.0 systems in the UK. I?d just done the update course and was raring to go. I had a week to switch the users over from 3.11 and onto a new single server system. It all went so well that their IT manager and I installed our first ?real? NDS half a dozen times for fun.

Switch-on day, we installed the system for the last time and went for a beer. Luckily, I was driving so not too much for me. When we got back I shut down the new server to give us a clean start for the users and it was then that I realised that I?d forgotten to activate the main NIC for the users ? we?d been testing on a separate LAN for the IT only.

I brought up the server without the config file. For those of you untutored in NetWare, it is possible to bring up servers without this file. In 3.1x, one is prompted for a server name and this name can be anything as it is discarded. Something similar happened when I brought up the new server and, because I was being harassed by a drunk IT Manager, I typed in FVCK_OFF_YOU_ANNOYING_B@STARD (only spelt right!), hit [enter], edited the config file and restarted the server with laughing (then!) IT Manager.

It came up fine, MERIDIAN_01, and all of the IT team logged in without problems.

Broadcast around the office ? ?OK, everyone. Log in, now.?

Login: MavisP [enter]

Cannot find server object FVCK_OFF_YOU_ANNOYING_B@STARD


Repeated on 150 terminals. I think the Managing Director?s PA threw the biggest tantrum but, luckily, most people were more amused.

To cut a long story short, the problem was fixed by a DS update after long conversations, first with Europe Tech Support (German, no sense of humour ? Plizz, vud you spell that?) and finally US support at Provo who, I thought, laughed TOO much (Rob, George, have a listen to what this English guy has done!). It was, it seems, a known fault but no-one had discovered it QUITE so graphically.

Now I?m VERY careful what I type on systems.

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Virus infection...

by mrafrohead In reply to whoops!

Back when I started with the business I'm at, I had a user give me a personal computer that they told me was infected with a virus.

I don't know WTF I was thinking, but I installed A/V onto the computer, then I put it on the network to update the A/V...

I updated it and the 'puter immediately said, HEY i HAVE A FREAKIN VIRUS!!!!

That second, it dawned on me that I put it on the network, even though it was infected. That same second, network admins were running around yelling, who knows who "***" computer is??? As it was trying to infect other boxes.

It was mine that I was working on...

The sad part is that I am smarter than that and knew better, but man o man, talk about a brain relapse...

Needless to say, I can state for a fact, it's something that will NEVER happen again... ;p

I guess I was more concerned about getting that update than considering what would happen when I plugged that nic in, even though I knew better, but just never thought of or even considered what would happen when I did it.

A very embarassing day indeed.

/me hangs his head in shame... ;p

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/slap forehead with frying pan

by CuteElf In reply to Virus infection...

Well, I've had a doozy this month

At home, was cleaning out my PC and backing it up. All my good stuff was on my slave drive.

I ghosted a copy of the master onto the slave. Sure, I had a nice clean backup!

I spent over 30 hours doing the RAW data recovery and digging around on my slave drive.

Won't do that again

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by jdmercha In reply to whoops!

On a PC, if you put your finger on the fan, you can stop the fan. We had an HP 9000 with that was making a noise. A PC tech out his finger on the fan to stop it to see if the fan was the culprit. It was, but it seems that the HP 9000 detected a fan fault and shut down. It would not restart again until we could get a new fan.

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Spent four weeks training people how to

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to whoops!

maintain a phased release of a system. Specifically by running sql commands on it's database.
Told them all before you do an update or a delete statement, do a select first to make sure you are going to affect the correct data.

Guess who was the first clever person to run an update statement without a where clause.
It was only a small table, called 'Global_Sys_Params'

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by afram In reply to whoops!

Was moving an exchange 5.5 system to another server.
Copied the 13GB information store to the target server. The exchange installation on the target server crashed and I had to format the whole thing and start again - oops...destroyed the first backup I just copied.

Part of the procedure calls for disconnecting the existing exchange server, then removing the target server from the domain and rejoining it as the original server. I was using a KVM switch and accidentally removed the existing exchange server from the domain. Didn't know the local admin password so I locked myself out of the computer - oops...lost the original copy of the information store.

So I had a tape backup I made before starting. Installed the backup software and tried to recover the backup on the tape...the recovery job kept failing after 2 minutes with the most generic error message.

I came in to work that morning regular time (8:30am) and started at 7pm when everyone left. By now it was 4 am.

I spent some time trying to hack back into my own server and when I had no luck I went to trying to getting the data off the tape. Eventually got the tape to work and had the system running by 9am when people started to arrive.

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biggest mistakes

by jdclyde In reply to whoops!

would be telling others that I actually made a mistake....

They will all die with me, buwahaahaa haaaaa.

Well, ok. Here is one anyways.

Was programming in cobol for the big Y2K rewrite. Was using RMcobol on a unix server.

went to compile a program and put a space between the RM and Cobol by mistake (oops)

Got an interesting error message that it couldn't find the file cobol, but the second file it found JUST FINE as it read this as a rm statement with multiple files to remove.

It took about two hours to rewrite that program.

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There was that time with the gasoline and the torch...

by TomSal In reply to whoops!

Just kidding..

But one time I was trouble shooting our switch cluster due to recent slow performance on our server connections particularly but also sporadic users complaining of slower than usual performance.

There were lots of QoS errors as well as FCS errors found. After identifying the problem, I researched the solution -- found the answer and that went all well and good. Then I got to the "apply the answer" step in my trouble shooting process. Well in the heat of all the complaints from everyone and with me being in my troubleshooting mode, it slipped my mind to warn folks when I had to restart the switches.

Needless to say folks were keying away on the database, some were on phone calls (VoIP)...poof everything just went out when I restarted the system.

Lucky for me on three accounts...1) This fell on day when lots of folks were off, 2) the executive staff were thousands of miles away at a trade show event and 3) we had just completed a full backup so while data was lost, it was minimal.

Needless to say I felt like quite the **** for the rest of the day, and to a lesser extent the rest of that week.

(Hey it did solve the performance issues though!)

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