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Who's "smarter"?

By Melar ·
I've noticed over my time, watching forums, chats, blogs, etc, that every time a Windows Vs Linux discussion comes up that its more often than not the Linux fans that resort to language like "m$ winbl0z sux0rz. bill gates blows goats!".

I think that just about everyone agrees that your average Linux user has a greater understanding of what makes their OS tick than windows users. Not everyone would agree that the average Linux user holds a higher understanding of computing in general (survival of the fittest).

So why do they insist on making themselves look like immature brats in a school yard argument.

Now I'm not trying to start a flame war (though I think I just might have), but I am getting sick of seeing these "winbl0z sux!$@#@" messages everywhere.

I do agree that windows does have a lot of problems, I'd just like to see a well thought out, grammatically correct, discussion.

For your reference, I do use windows, because it is the operating system I work on and support. I also like to play around with Linux when I get spare time (rare occurrence).

Please also note this is not a "Windows Vs Linux" discussion, simply a discussion on why otherwise smart people resort to petty insults when this topic comes up.

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It's not just this topic and it's not just linux users

by ITgirli In reply to Who's "smarter"?

Any time you get a normally civilized group of people to talk about something they are passionate about, more often than not, it will in some way deteriorate into such vulgarities. Maybe the Linux users use "winblows" and other such cheapenings because there are more of them than anti-linux slogans. I really don't know. But to say that it is only linux users seems a bit callow to me. Maybe you should look closer at the real issue.

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Real issue is....

by JamesRL In reply to It's not just this topic ...

...those who too easily take offense.

This is the internet. We can't see facial expressions or body language. We can't hear tone or inflection. And many techies are not the most articulate individuals on the planet. Yet instead of making allowances, developing a thicker skin, or laughing off the goofiness, many chose to be offended. Worse still, people are offended because we don't agree with them. Thats a pretty immature viewpoint.

It would be a pretty dull world if we all agreed on everything, and frankly a society with a diverse range of viewpoints and freedom to express them is in the long run stronger and healthier than a monolithic society.

You can be passionate about your own beliefs without being dismissive and insulting about someone else's beliefs.


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Yes. However,......

by ITgirli In reply to Real issue is....

Getting people to admit to their own shortcomings, (oh, there was a joke there, but I'll ignore it)and society and people, as individuals, have a hard time admitting it to themselves and they are sure as **** not going to admit it to anyone else. So we continue to be obstinate. Some are more puerile than others and we as a whole need to relax. Not likely to happen for most, but a good thought, though.

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I can happily admit my shortcomings

by JamesRL In reply to Yes. However,......

Perhaps when I was young, like you, I couldn't, but now I am older I am more comfortable in my skin.

I'm sure others here have their own list, but here are a few for starters:

I like to tell stories, mostly about my experience. I'm not smart enough to know when to stop because people are bored.

I'm not sure whether its my memory is going or whether I have too much going on in my head, but I can't remember reams of detail like I used to.

I am too empathetic. I can agree with both sides at times. I can speak in other people's accents. I can mimic others. This can have positives and negatives.

I can be short when I need caffeine.

I'm Canadian - something I am proud of. But we have our own perspectives, and shortcomings as well.

I'm sure others can come up with their own list of my shortcomings. I rub some people the wrong way.



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by amcol In reply to Real issue is....

The real issue is the power of invisibility.

Here on TR, just like everywhere else on the Internet, posts to forums like this one are done anonymously and invisibly. We can all hide behind our aliases and screen names.

Imagine you were actually invisible, that you could walk around without anyone being able to see you. Would you act the same as you do normally? Would you still constrain yourself to act according to the rules of civilized society, or would you take advantage of your invisibility?

What's the point of being invisible if you CAN'T take advantage of it?

When I'm in a meeting I conduct myself in a certain way. When I'm on TR I conduct myself in exactly the same fashion, because I've never been able to understand why the rules of decorum and civility should be suspended just because I'm not identifiable.

"You can be passionate about your own beliefs without being dismissive and insulting about someone else's beliefs." Precisely. You can disagree passionately with me without insulting me, just like you'd do if we were face to face.

I challenge anyone who's flamed anyone in these spaces in any way to meet me face to face and speak to me, face to face, in exactly the same manner and with exactly the same words. I'd be willing to be a week's pay you can't do it.

Hiding behind an alias and throwing flame is just plain cowardly.

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We don't disagree

by JamesRL In reply to No

I tend to let my guard down in certain contexts at work - when I am in a small group with peers I sometimes react differently than when I am with my senior management or with a customers. This is not to say I am rude with anyone, at least on purpose. But familiarity will allow me to be more casual. I might say some things to Jaqui (Hi), Oz(Hi) or others that might come across as rough. And I will treat rude newcomers rudely. But in interacting with most here, and most in my business and personal life - I try to be civilised. Its the golden rule, treat others as you wish to be treated.


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by Jaqui In reply to We don't disagree

treat em all the same, like crap!
then no-one can accurately accuse ya of playing favorites.

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Maybe for some ...

by stress junkie In reply to No

... this is true. I consider my TR moniker as a personal name in this forum. My posts influence people's opinion of me. I've occassionally been embarrassed by some rash post that I've made. You may not know my street name but you know my TR name. My reputation on TR is important to me. I care what other TR members think of me, even if you can't look up my phone number and call me or even if you wouldn't recognize me on the street.

When I work with people face to face I often say pretty much the same things that I say here. I don't hesitate to ruffle a few feathers if I think that it's appropriate or if I just succumb to a fit of temper. So I act the same face to face as I do here.

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More than just some

by amcol In reply to Maybe for some ...

Frankly, it's epidemic. And it's always bothered me that there are far too many postings on TR that would be considered hardly acceptable on Yahoo...not because I'm thin skinned (anything but), but because the participants herein are supposed to be members of the professional IT community. I can be as ribald and profane as anyone, when and where it's appropriate. Not here, and for the reasons you say.

Good for you acting as you're unfortunately among the few.

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well, as to that

by Jaqui In reply to More than just some

I actually use my real name.
I'll say exactly the same type of things to people's faces.

and for the acceptability part..
I know a few forums that actually have content fitering diabled, allowing anything to be posted.
where they set a ground rule for the forum:

anything goes

in the 4 years the one I visit has been up, there were only 5 people barred, not for what they posted, but for copyright violations they commited against merchants on the site.

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