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why am i restricted from threads?

By Shellbot ·
is this to do with you lot and your "elite" TR group?? Huh?? Go on, tell me, I can take it...
( *sob* no i can't. I can't bear to not have access to all the gossip and inappropriate carry on)

Now, if i try to access a post from a contact, it brings me to a page saying:
"You have reached a restricted page, click here to continue"
and clicking it takes me back to main discussion page.

Is this a big conspiracy? Is the Da Vinci Code true? Is Atlantis under the Antartic ice? And most of all..Why DID the chicken cross the road.

Please, anybody, I need answers to these questions.


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No, No, No and Forty-Two

by neilb@uk In reply to why am i restricted from ...

I can get into Insiders sometimes. Other times - like today - I don't have the option. So I'm half upset.

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that explains it

by Shellbot In reply to No, No, No and Forty-Two

*doh* 42..its always 42..i should have known that

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If you're restricted

by Cactus Pete In reply to No, No, No and Forty-Two

Just refresh the screen until is comes up. Works for me every time.

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That's where they take me to the virtual woodshed.....

by maxwell edison In reply to why am i restricted from ...

......for a verbal flogging. Believe me, it ain't pretty. You wouldn't want to witness it.

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ah but..

by Shellbot In reply to That's where they take me ...

woodsheds are useful for other things too.. ]:)

*sigh* so its even better than the normal area then..
just so not fair :)

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TRI is a sort of a test bed for new ideas about TR but...................

by sleepin'dawg In reply to why am i restricted from ...

occasionally some of the participants take it off on a tangent. If you want to be included send Jay or Smorty a pm offering annual midnight trysts on February 30th of each year and I'm certain they will gladly admit you.

It is kind of fun and you'd probably fit right in.

Dawg ]:)

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by Shellbot In reply to TRI is a sort of a test b ...

i'll have to consult my scheduale
not sure Feb is a good month for me to commit to on an annual basis..

what else do you reckon they'd go for :)

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It's a guy thing

by Tig2 In reply to why am i restricted from ...

I think that the insider area is kept strictly from women. They are afraid we will take over. It is a normal "guy" reaction to the presence of intellegent women.

Okay- you probably aren't buying that. Neither am I.

As I understand it, TRI is a space that things go to beta test. Sometimes that includes discussion about the boards and what is happening in the "outside of TRI" world.

The da Vinci code is a book, Where is Antartica?, The chicken had no idea there WAS a road- and besides, she was stapled to a disaffected Gen-Xer.

And 42. We cannot forget 42.

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so it is

by Shellbot In reply to It's a guy thing

a conspiracy then..yes, i have noted that only guys seem to be the ones included..

well tig, do we offer ourselves up for these annual midnight romps in an effort to be allowed in..or do we just walk away with our dignity intact?

(do we really need our dignity?)

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by Jaqui In reply to so it is

gadget GIRL, stargazerr, maecuff are all in it. ]:)

so it's not guys only.

heck, I'm in it so it's not even limited to normal humans.

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