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Why are managers firefighting instead of riskfighting?

By kontakt ·
I have been a project manager for 15 years. I know, that a lot of colleagues suffer. A project manager simply does have so many duties!

One of the duties are to keep the project away from risks. I know that the majority of my colleagues doesn't. They are much too busy.

So - my company has developed just the right risk management tool - RiskFighter. Using this tool risk fighting and risk tracking are so easy, that everybody just should do it.

I do not claim that the tool is fancy. But I think that the tool is very useful and easy to use. And most of all - I think that the tool does fight the project risks.

However - in the sales process i have now participated in meetings with about 20 companies. All of them were outmost positive. But nobody are using the tool. It is my impression, that they are too busy.

How on earth is it possible to tell project mangagers, that riskfighting will reduce firefighting? Why don't they see, that rikfighting will provide at much better feeling in there stomack? And most of all - why don't they see, that risk fighting is the best thing they can do for their career??

Best regards
Ren? Jorgensen

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by oneamazingwriter In reply to Why are managers firefigh ...

you, too have been busy. Two posts in two years and both trying to sell a product.


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Slam, slam

by kontakt In reply to Obviously

Sorry for that. I've got my license to this domain yesterday. I was never here before. So i think two posts are all right.

Right now my life is about risk management. And about selling our risk fighting tool. So that is what i write about. And i really think that it is a problem, when project managers does not conduct risk management.

Best regards
Ren? J?rgensen

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I was going according to what is listed on your profile page

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Slam, slam

Treated differently than other workers 08/18/04

That's what it says, and when I followed the link it was your name and the same kind of question.

So from where I sit it looks like you are trying to make sales.

Since members I respect have replied seriously to your post, I will apologize if I prove to be wrong.

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Don't feel bad

by Cactus Pete In reply to I was going according to ...

Even if he's having an honest discussion about it, he's still selling his own product. It's questionable.

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Thanks, dpetrak

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Don't feel bad

I wouldn't have said what I did, if I hadn't taken the time to check his profile and check his other post. According to his profile he's had membership for two years, and he said he just joined.

I don't mind ads on this site because they keep the site going, but I'm not fond of reading one when I enter a discussion.

I'll stick with firefighting my way. I'm a red head. We get firey!

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You hit a bulls eye. (And then split the arrow with another!)

by maxwell edison In reply to I was going according to ...

You were right-on with this clown. His discussion message is tantamount to spam. Not only is his sales pitch disguised as a discussion, but it's a thinly veiled and poor example of one. Moreover, even though I usually refrain from commenting on people's grammar, in this case, I'll make an exception and give him a failing grade in that regard as well.

Just like a poorly written resume, this one is in the trash heap already.

Okay, I gotta' go. I have a tech-fire to put out.

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My ancestors (Penobscot)

by oneamazingwriter In reply to You hit a bulls eye. (And ...

must be smiling. When Eagle arrives to tell me I split the arrow, I KNOW it's a good day!

Thanks, Maxwell

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Do you mean. . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to My ancestors (Penobscot)

...that you're related to THE Donald Penobscot, Margaret Houlihan's husband?

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by oneamazingwriter In reply to Do you mean. . . . . .

I mean the little band of people who used to get drunk on weekends and bring their canoes off the island in Maine and torment the white folks! LOL

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OH, if it's Maine. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Do you mean. . . . . .

...then it must be Hawkeye Pierce from Crabapple Cove, Maine!

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