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Why are some answer worth 5k, 10k, 25k,, .....

By Synthetic ·
I have read, and I understand the points policy in the Q&A, but I have yet to understand the fickle nature of point distribution in discussions. I might write a long, sincere comprehensive peace, and get 5k, another person write there only thought as the title sentence, and receive 25k or more. Anybody, beuhler, beuhler...

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People don't realize the scope of the points system.

by Oz_Media In reply to Why are some answer worth ...

You say you might get 5K, those are rare questions!

Most average 150 points, so at 5K you're doing well.

Th epart that bugs me is that the poster asks a question, you work at providing links and explanations fo rthe 150 points offered, the person rejects your answer anyway and closes the question with no thanks or explanation, then (here's the kicker) THEY get 1000 points for closing it out! You get SQUAT they save their neasly 150 and get a BONUS 1000 for closing a question and not even commenting on the rejected reply!

I've worked for 20 minutes or so, grabbing links, writing out a response and even offering follow up info and THEN realizing the poster is only allocating 4 points (or less) to the reply. They close it and get 1000.

SO if you had posted your question in Tech Q&A this time, you'd get 1000 for closing it.

They did it to encourage people to use Tech Q&A for questions, poor planning of a flawed theory if you ask me, but they are looking to get rid of it, or revamp it. They want to start addressing these issues but have their hands tied with fixing other areas now to keep the TR bosses happy.

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Nasty bug that.

by Synthetic In reply to People don't realize the ...

I didn't realize a person could get points for closing their own issues. No matter, I agree with you, that is a nasty way of going about things. My question is really with the general discussion, such as this one. I have 5K for posting the questions, you received 25K for your response, now I will receive another 5K for mine, then someone will post some flippant comment, and get 50K. That is the points issue that has me boggled.

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We're looking at revamping TQ&A

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Nasty bug that.

This is one of the issues we're hoping to address when we revamp TQ&A at some point this year.

For a bit of clarification, the 1,000 points for closing a question is decision that was made several years ago (and was considered a feature, not a bug). I believe the intention was to give users an incentive to close questions.


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I seem to remeber that

by Oz_Media In reply to We're looking at revampin ...

But it sure as heck didn't work did it?

I NOW think the oringinal post was regarding Discussions though??

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Did'nt work, did it?

by deepsand In reply to We're looking at revampin ...

The sad irony is that, if answers were properly & truthfully rated, so that the solution to the problem were then known to all, we would have a sizable store of knowledge freely available for the benefit of all members.

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Points in discussions??

by Oz_Media In reply to Nasty bug that.

I haven't seen any points in the discussions forum before.

Where did you get this from?

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Oz, you would have earned about 45 million points

by neilb@uk In reply to Points in discussions??

And had them all taken away for typos!

Looks strange without you top of the leader board, though.


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I am usually not #1 anyway,

by Oz_Media In reply to Oz, you would have earned ...

I've only spent breif moments in teh #1 slot.

BFilm fan had that one pegged solid for a while then others come here and post madly for a month etc.


EDIT: as for 45 Million points, it would be more like 6 points, I would have rolled over that counter several times already.

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OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH! I know what you're talking about!!

by Oz_Media In reply to Why are some answer worth ...

You're talking about the little icons that say 5k,10k etc. and are blue or gold when higher points are held.

This isn't actually a point value awarded to the Discussions, there are no points in discussions at all.

Those are accumulated points that the poster has gained by helping in the Tech Q&A forum.

At one time, many moons ago, the TR gods spoke of offerings for those who had earned points. Never came to be though.

SO everyone has all these points, many from an old system that could be scammed to give you 300,000 or more, if you were patient enough.

Others have worked hard and answere4d tonnes of questions and been awarded points. But this is mainly for Tech Q&A help.

When using Tech Q&A and getting 5 answers, you may want to pay attention to those peers who have higher points values, indicating that they are well known and rewarded for their replys, other than that, it's just bragging rights.

You had me going for a while there though !

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Where do you see these listed?

by j.lupo In reply to OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH! I know ...

Oz, where do you see tese little point numbers listed. I haven't seen them. Maybe it is just me and I am not looking in the right places.

Thanks for figuring out what was being discussed though. :)

EDIT: Never mind found it. Guess my points will never go up. I have been more active in TQ&A, but it seems that people don't rate the responses and close questions, so no points awarded.

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