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Why aren't questions autoclosed

By Albert Franco II ·
This is an old issue. But, I would really like to know why questions from up to three years ago still appear as open.

What rational can justify cluttering up the questions area with this crap. Obviously, the original poser has left or is uninterested in the responses. So why not close or retire the questions?

Is it because TR wants to see inflated question stats? Do they think that because there are umpteen thousand questions we will be more likely to want to read them?

I think old questions should be retired after three months when the original author has not visited. ****, send the author a nag mail reminding him that his question is still open. Or at least let me organize questions by points and date... I want to see the high point recent questions before all the low point and dead stuff.

I think all that deadwood may be the cause in lower question traffic. After two years of not having time to read and respond to questions (I've never left a question open) I am back to what appears a ghost town. It looks like 70%-80% of the open questions are abandoned. I think that if TR doesn't want to die out (if it hasn't already) it should revitalize the question section. Get rid of the dead wood.

I wonder if anyone at TR actually reads these things or if the personnel is down to two techs that just keep the database running...

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Several issues

by TheChas In reply to Why aren't questions auto ...


There are a few reasons why questions are not auto-closed.

1. A while back, a peer was posting nonsense answers to old open questions simply to trigger the auto-close function and build up their point total.

2. I don't recall seeing any auto-closed questions since the site change a number of months ago.
This may just be a bit of code that got lost or was removed from the site.

3. With the recent change to the points system, a 1000 point "reward" was added for closing a question. Perhaps there needs to be a campaign to make peers aware of the "bonus" for closing a question.


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