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Why bother to blog on TechRepublic?

By Beth Blakely ·


Welcome to the premiere issue of TechRepublic's Blog Roundup
newsletter. Each week, we'll be highlighting interesting or unique
blog posts on the TechRepublic site. We'll also recognize innovative
or leading bloggers whose posts offer helpful information or spur great
discussions with other members. This time around, though, let's take a
look at why you should continue blogging on TechRepublic.

Recently, BearyAnn sent me an e-mail saying that while she'd started a
blog, she'd noticed that it was difficult to find on the site. She
wondered, "why bother" blogging on TechRepublic if people weren't going
to be able to find it to read it?

This is not how we want our members to feel about our new blog feature!
I'm so glad BearyAnn took the time to voice her concerns. I wrote her
back with what I think are some great arguments for blogging on TR and
some insider information on upcoming features. I've posted a version of
my answer to her on my TechRepublic blog. Read it if you need a little
motivation to keep blogging, or if you just want to know what's up!

If you find a helpful post or know of a blogger who consistently
provides you with great information, fixes, or updates, please let us
know! Just send us an e-mail with the link to the member profile or
blog and a sentence or two about why you found it helpful. Please
include "Blog Roundup" in your subject line.



For this first week of Blog Roundup highlights, let's look at the
ways TechRepublic members are using the Blogs feature. Some have set up
blogs for "work-related rants," and true tales of tech love, while
others are posting about the trials and tribulations of tech life and
some solutions they've found.

DSTAHL has an axe to grind with some TechRepublic members, and he's
doing it by blog. In a post titled, "Of course you should support
employees Home computers," he argues refusing IT services for fellow
employees only perpetuates the unapproachable, unhelpful reputation
that haunts IT pros. "In an era when internal IT groups are constantly
under pressure to demonstrate business-value and differentiate
themselves from outsourced service offerings, I would think that the
last thing an internal IT group would want to do is turn away a
customer," he writes.

TechRepublic member GARRET has been writing about his adventures in
server migration in Well, Blog me down! He's still in the early
stages, gathering quotes from various suppliers. He plans to get the
scoop from his ISP, "the biggest gossip in the biz." Good luck,

Scott's Thoughts & Stuff by member SRALLENDER combines his work and
personal life. A consultant focused primarily on Web application
development and e-commerce, he's blogged about how to convert a .Net
dataset to an ADODB.recordset as well as about his infatuation with a
new woman, and the christening of his nephew. Try out his solution or
give him some tips for improving his love life.

Security is always a hot topic at TechRepublic, and that's certainly
true for blogs. Member THUD has blogged a great list of IT
security-related articles here.

Of course, he could have used our new Links feature for that,
but he's importing an already-established blog from Blogger, so
we'll forgive him.

If you're looking to argue about the value of education over common
sense when it comes to project management, you might want to take a
look at two blogs: MIKE.BARRETT's "Common Sense Management" and
ROJACKSON's "Project Management - In the Trenches." The two have
significantly different views about the need for training when it comes
to Project Management.

* Common Sense Management

* Project Management - In the Trenches



BEARYANN, a self-described "Teddy Bear in CybearSpace" recently had
to change server management vendors. A network administrator for a
medium-sized company in the Kansas City area, BearyAnn jumped through
quite a few hoops before hiring a new company that discovered a big
problem: Exchange had been set to retain all deleted messages for 2,362
days. The quick fix saved her company 10GB and thousands of dollars.
Find out first-hand from BearyAnn what could happen if you use a vendor
that leaves no documentation.



So, have we mentioned tagging? If you get the Community NetNote, you
already know how important it is to tag everything from Discussion
Posts to Links to--you guessed it--blog posts.

Tagging basically allows you to add specific keywords to the discussion
threads, links, and blog entries you post to TechRepublic. So, let's
say you want to post to your blog about VPN and Windows. Well, just add
'VPN' and 'Windows' in the Tags field on the Add a New Blog Post page.

* Search for VPN

* Search for Windows

Why bother? Well, first of all, it gives members more context as to
what the post is about. Further, tags span the site so members who
click the Linux tag on someone else's blog post will find any blog or
discussion posts or Links that you've tagged "Linux."

In later phases of community development, we plan to roll out e-mail
alerts and RSS feeds based on a tag. So if you are really interested in
Linux or even Star Wars you can get updated whenever new content is
posted with that tag.



The following blog posts may not be about IT, but they sure are fun to

ITGIRLI'S musings on "What to b!tch about today" never fail to crack me
up. Her missive, "Socks, and why I hate them," had me in stitches,
mostly because I could relate.

Our very own TRIVIA GEEK's post "What are America's lions coming to?"
caused me to snort, literally.

And finally, 'LAINE shares pictures of her hobby and side job: face
painting. Fun stuff.



We're starting some promotions shortly that will feature TechRepublic
members. We'd like you to answer this question: How do you use your
TechRepublic blog? (For example, is it your resume? Your place to vent
frustrations? Your fantasy land?) Post your answer in this discussion.

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