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By just_chilin ·
Does anybody know why every time someone goes to any of CNet's websites they get redirected to a * site?
e.g -> -> ->

Is it a design flaw?

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I've wondered the same thing too.

by stress junkie In reply to Why

I'll keep my opinion about the domain name to myself, except to say that it isn't flattering.

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Well Ask Them

by BFilmFan In reply to I've wondered the same th ...

Host Master
CNET Networks, Inc
235 Second Street San Francisco
94105 US

Ain't Registration records great?

By the way, says they are using an Apache server too!

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I don't think so.

by stress junkie In reply to Well Ask Them

Anybody can ask the right people and get an answer. That's not the way I roll. I prefer to grumble and make vague criticisms in an obscure discussion. That's my way.

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by Jaqui In reply to Why

the base domain they use is
Techrepublic is a sub domian, as is builder, zdnet, cnet.. all second level domains.

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Yes but why?

by stress junkie In reply to because

Why have an umbrella class B address to cover all of those businesses? Why not let each business have its own class B domain? And why choose "com" as the class B umbrella domain name? If you're going to have an umbrella domain why make it so generic? That's what makes it a really dumb idea. Why isn't the umbrella domain name more applicable to the corporation(s)? And why do fools fall in love?

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I know, but why

by just_chilin In reply to because

redirect to

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