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Why did we go to war?

By Aldanatech ·
So why did we go to war? Was it because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? Was it to free Iraq from Saddam Hussein? Was it because Iraq

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by dosmastr In reply to Why did we go to war?

I think President Bush saw Saddam as a threat in many different ways and just said: "end of the road" the UN will continue to just say 'hey don't do that, i really mean it this time!' without taking action, I'll take action, (i'm tired of waiting for the UN) and in doing so i'll promote democratic reform in the Middle East, make the US another ally, get cheaper oil, and remove a dictator who threatens not only the world, but his own countrymen (which in any other country he would be sworn to protect, not harm.)

Perhaps he wanted to finish the job his dad started, or perhaps he simply saw the same problem through the same eyes as his father and wanted to fix it the same way. I do not know. I do believe that if he thought the interm gov could handle the job to prevent a cival war he would pull the troops out that same day, as it is killing his political rating.

Thats my best attempt at being impartial
Below is my personal opinion which does go off topic

did you know that during the first iraq war no less then 50 scud's were fired from iraq at isreal? its obvious they wanted isreal to fire back, and then all **** would break loose, WW2 on a smaller scale we would have the arab nations rising against isreal for firing as a fellow arab nation.....again.

isn't it "interesting" how the many acts of valor our troops have committed in iraq are vacant from the news, while every mistake they make if on the front page? isn't it interesting how during all the death and murder of saddams rule there wasn't a bleep on the radar screen of protest from even other nations who wouldn't have citizens put to death for protesting? yet when the americans take over and do things which would have been considered on the mild to moderate side of A NORMAL DAY IN IRAQ under the rule of saddam, the only thing that changed is its not saddam doing it, it is the united states, and this one change has made a world of difference. "its ok for our brother to kill his family, but if someone outside the family does it, it is wrong." is about what it comes down to i suppose.

after hearing about more and more dead of my fellow countrymen, I say we should threaten to be more like saddam, perhaps drop a bomb or two in uninhabited areas to get the "9 out of 10 good iraqi's" to get off their @$$es and stop the "1 out of 10 who is a 'bad' iraqi" committing these murders. I know someone whos father here in the states is being put in jail likely for life, becaus he knew someone in posession and distrobution of drugs, he took no part, he just turned his back when he needed to, he's getting thrown in jail here, but over there, its nothing, "I won't kill people, but i don't mind if you go out and do it."

and btw, my email/sn is old school ms-dos. not denial of service, i have no clue how to do any of that.

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