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Why do I get Restricted Page??

By stargazerr ·
Sometimes when I am trying to access a discussion thread, "Who is your favorite Tech Author?", in this instance, I get ... You have reached a restricted page, click here to continue.

Any Ideas why?? Is this within Tech Pro Guild?


P.S I finally got rid of the us_geeks_rule name tag ...

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Did you mean to leave "RR" on the end?

by neilb@uk In reply to Why do I get Restricted P ...

Feel free to re-edit your name and leave me looking silly. I'm used to it...

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Didnt have a choice neil ...

by stargazerr In reply to Did you mean to leave "RR ...

Apparantly at least 15 other stargazers exist at TR ...

And here I was, soaking in all the compliments at what a wonderful handle I had chosen for myself ..


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I've just checked.

by neilb@uk In reply to Didnt have a choice neil ...

There are hundreds


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which brings me to ...

by stargazerr In reply to I've just checked.

a feature request ...

Should inactive accounts be removed after a time, so that other people can use the handles if they wish?? That way, I can have a satisfied ego.

Actually, stargazerr is not bad either ... I am feeling slightly (ok ok ... a lot )resentful towards NZ_Justice and underage .... the "rr" rhymes with grrrr


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old accounts

by jdclyde In reply to which brings me to ...

if they still get the newsletters, it is hard to know what is active or not. That was all I did for my first two years as a member, read the newsletters and articles.

Thinking back, I really don't remember what it was that sucked me into the discussions. Wonder if the sort feature is fixed enough for me to go back and see?

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It's like Yahoo or Hotmail IDs

by M_a_r_k In reply to old accounts

Have you ever tried to get a simple, easy-to-remember Yahoo or Hotmail ID? It's impossible. They're all used up and most of those accounts have probably been dormant for decades. You always have to tack on some long string of digits like Mark09856134756 to make it unique.

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And that makes it so much harder to remember

by stargazerr In reply to It's like Yahoo or Hotmai ...

I personally never ever bother to remember a username if it has one or more numbers in it ..

Have to save my brain cells for the sales guys


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by compuaid34482 In reply to It's like Yahoo or Hotmai ...

Hey Mark... I can appreciate exactly what you said about ID names. What I've done to get around that problem is add my zip code for a geographic location. I guess that idea will be used up soon too but by then I'll have to come up with something else if I need it...

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Why so many daydreamers in TR?

by M_a_r_k In reply to I've just checked.

There are 47 stargazers. And only one of them does not have the default silhouette head avatar. Can anyone guess which one that is?

Wow there are over 5000 Johns. And there are 126 Tricks. That's 50 johns for every trick. There must be a lot of busy prostitutes around here somewhere.

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Dont know about day dreamers ....

by stargazerr In reply to Why so many daydreamers i ...

but you sure have a LOT of extra time ....


P.S Will someone answer the question I origially posted in this thread ...??

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