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Why does the home page load but the hot discussions doesnt?

By stargazerr ·
I am trying to access the discussion page but it gets stuck halfway ... Same with My Discussions ... It also goes as far to show "Problem with Site"

However, I have never seen the homepage get stuck .... Has anyone else?? Hmmmm .... now why would that be??

Sorry about the bitching about I have been doing lately guys ... I am just letting of some steam because I cannot get into some discussions (the "private" ones) ....


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that would be

by Jaqui In reply to Why does the home page lo ...

the adservers timing out.
all the site problems come from loading data from one of two adservers.

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I understand about the b!tching

by M_a_r_k In reply to Why does the home page lo ...

I get frustrated too. And I have no patience when something doesn't work but seems to have no reason for not working. Like my problem with posting messages a few days ago.

To answer your question, no I haven't had any problems at all lately with pages not loading. I used to have that happen all the time. Somebody fixed something at TR and things are running smoothly. At least for me.

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I got it a few minutes ago ...

by stargazerr In reply to I understand about the b! ...

Nothing except "Start a new thread" would work ...

So I did


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