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Why I am voting for John F. Kerry

By wordworker ·
I am firmly in the ABB camp (anybody but Bush). I wish I had a compelling reason to vote Democratic this year - oh how I wish Kerry were a charismatic, likeable, appealing kind of leader.

Instead I'm relying on a time-honored rule in American politics: If things aren't going well, throw the bums out and start all over with new blood.

What is the exit strategy for Iraq? There isn't one. What justification does the current administration have for arresting people who legally carry anti-Bush signs in public demonstrations of their First Amendment rights? There isn't any. In what ways is my life better off because we invaded Iraq and kicked Hussein out of power? None whatsoever. What a different world it would be if we had focused on catching Bin Laden instead...

I imagine Mr. Bush is a decent enough man, but he has utterly failed to convince me that he is the right person to lead this country for four more years. Mr. Kerry can't do any worse.

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This gets my vote as the best "anti-Bush" message. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Why I am voting for John ...

...that I've ever seen posted on TR, not because I agree with the reasons, but because it doesn't demonize President Bush in the normal, partisan, and unjustified way.

Agree with the president or not, that's all fine and dandy, but "Mr. Bush is a decent enough man", as fasthands suggests, "but he has utterly failed to convince me (him)......" he goes on to say.

I can honestly say that I can't recall a single anti-Bush or pro-Kerry message that acknowledged President Bush as a "decent enough man", which he certainly is.

Okay, enough of the "sucking up". On to your "reasons"

Yes, there is - and always has been - an exit strategy for Iraq. There has been no specific "time-table" to withdraw troops, but there has indeed been a very well thought-out and sensible exit strategy. To say otherwise is to just buy into the political platitudes that are being repeated over and over again. If you ask me to articulate that "exit strategy", I'll be happy to. But think about it an a reasonable way, stay informed as to what is really going on - without the usual political rhetoric, and the "strategy" becomes obvious.

You ask, "What justification does the current administration have for arresting people who legally carry anti-Bush signs in public demonstrations?" Well, there would be no justification for such a thing - but that has never happened. First of all, the "Bush administration" can't arrest anyone. (Yes, the Justice Department is the law-enforcement arm of the White House, but they don't "arrest" demonstrators.) Anyway, people aren't arrested for carrying signs. However, people carrying signs might be breaking some other civil or disturbance laws, and the local police - who have nothing to do with the current administration - might make arrests if those local laws are violated. But to suggest that people are arrested for simply carrying signs isn't true.

There's ALWAYS "the rest of the story" that's oftentimes overlooked and/or not reported. Besides, local police departments - the ones doing the "arrresting" - have Democrat Party leanings just as much as Republican Party leanings. The Fraternal Order of Police did indeed endorse candidate Bush in 2000, but they also endorsed candidate Clinton both times he ran. (I don't know if they've endorsed either candidate in 2004.) But police officers don't arrest people for carrying signs; they arrest people who break the local laws that they're obligated to enforce.

Is your "way of life better off because we invaded Iraq"? Well, probably not. But there are millions of Iraqis who now have hope for a better way of life. I believe the world, as a whole, is safer without Saddam than it was with Saddam. And I think that Iraq now holds the possibility to be the impetus for democratic reform being brought to a region that has known nothing but oppression and hostility for hundreds of years.

But If you want to vote for a guy who you expect to take responsibility for you, personally, instead of expecting that "better way of life" coming as a result of individual initiative, then John Kerry's certainly your guy.

And what makes you think that the "powers that be", the ones in the trenches, have "lost focus" on catching bin Laden? Don't you believe that there are thousands of people - right now - whose only "focus" is to capture bin Laden? If bin Laden is indeed in Pakistan, for example, as is often rumored, what do you want? Do you want a "full scale" invasion of Pakistan, searching house-to-house for one guy? Do you really want to ignite that powder keg? Rest assured, they're doing everything they can to get bin Laden. And just because this administration can do two (or more) things at once, doesn't mean that full attention isn't being given to both (all).

Mr. Kerry, you say, can't do any worse? Oh yes he can.

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Please explain

by Aldanatech In reply to This gets my vote as the ...

Can you please explain in detail what this administration's exit plan for Iraq actually is?

It's not that Bush Administration itself can arrest protesters, but it has happened (I've seen reports on television and newspapers). In some ocasion they are simply forced to move to a bay area or someplace where they can hardly be seen. Here is an examples:

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Transcript From Bush Speech on American Strategy in Iraq

by maxwell edison In reply to Please explain

I'll let President Bush speak for himself.

As I'm sure you've neither read nor heard this speech before, in full or in part, please read it carefully - and don't overlook that it covers five Web pages.

Contrast to John Kerry who has ONLY said he'll do it better, but never says what "better" is; and that he'll get other nations, including France, to send troops, even though the Frencs said, no they won't.


And having disruptive protestors "removed" isn't the same as "arresting" them, which has been asserted. I still challenge that statement - the one that said the administration had them "arrested". To that I say prove it or retract it. (Those are the kinds of "lies" that otherwise intelligent people, for some reason, choose to believe.)

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Ah! That is the difference

by TheChas In reply to This gets my vote as the ...


I think you have discovered our difference on GWB.
Where you see him as a decent and honorable man, I see something very different.

I see the guy who sits in the cube across from you and plots ways to steal your ideas and present them to management.

I see the guy who steals your study notes the night before final exams.

Between George W. Bush, **** Chenney, John Ashcroft, and Karl Rove, I don't see even 1 ounce of decency, honesty, or integrity.

I would not trust any of them with my life.

If for some reason I were to meet GWB in person, I would not shake hands with him. Not out of disrespect, but because I would not trust that I would get my hand back.

I see an administration working to restrict personal liberties, and impoverish the middle class.

I look at Bush Administration policies and programs and see the hastening of the downfall of America.

Patriot Act:
Good idea if you are a law abiding sheep.
Bad idea if you are a free thinker who does not fall in step with the administration.

Health Care Savings accounts:
Good idea if you are rich.
Bad idea if you make less than $80,000 a year.

Charter Schools and related education programs:
Good if you can afford to live in the better areas of town.
Bad idea if you have to live in low cost housing and can't afford to transport your children to another school.

New Economy:
Good idea if you own a business.
Bad idea if you are a worker who is not able to earn a college degree.

As to GWB's speech to the Army War College, our actions as a nation HAVE made us a target for the terrorists.

One last thing, how can GWB claim to be campaigning on hope for America when he uses FEAR to inspire the faithful?


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I think this is one of the. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Ah! That is the differenc ...

.....saddest messages I've ever read.

Not that I agree with it, as I don't, but to see how so much contempt can reside in, and poison one person's heart.

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I have tried

by TheChas In reply to I think this is one of th ...


I have tried to open my mind and my heart and listen for a positive hopeful message from GWB.

I just don't hear anything that leads me to believe that GWB is interested in doing anything positive for the average American.

Right now, every speech and every action from Bush and his administration only strengthens my belief that the US cannot survive another 4 years of this administration.


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I'm with you

by Aldanatech In reply to I have tried

I understand how you feel Chas. Contrary to what some people might think, I have given the administration every chance to make me believe they are doing a good job and failed just about every single on them. Four years is all it took for them to mess us up. I can't even imagine what they would do in another four years.

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Common American

by rmgorilla_laptop In reply to I have tried


I don't know how many small business owners you know, but I'll give you an example of how the Bush tax cut has helped two friends. One owns a chain of three dry cleaners, his personnel income tax was 750,000 during the last year of Clinton. After paying expenses he made 68,000 of that 750,000. While under Clinton he had to work 60 hours a week consistantly. The Bush tax cuts enabled him to expand his business by upgrading equipment, hire a new employee and provide insurance for employees. He was also able to cut 10 hours off his work week and spend more time with his family. My second friend is a doctor. The last year of Clinton she made approximately 850,000 and got to bring home 200,000 after paying expenses and taxes. Don't get me wrong she liked bringing home 200,000 but she was also able to bring home more money and hire another staff member with the Bush tax cuts. Did the Bush tax cuts help me personnaly no, but when I see small business hiring new employees, getting insurance, and getting more personnel income I'm all for the tax cuts.

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I have the ultimate answer on Bush and Kerry..

by TomSal In reply to Ah! That is the differenc ...


the end.

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But I have the correct answer

by maxwell edison In reply to I have the ultimate answe ...

Only Kerry sucks.

The real end.

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