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Why is Discussion" so bad?

I try the discussion is here and the people they just say bad thiungs and talk about how they are so good and get mean. I have no tolerance for this! I come here for good IT work and they do not have good work in discussion. Even if one does and you cannot ignore all the ones that are stupid. The Q&A is good though! Much help I recieve here! Thank you! How do you send mail to stop terrible discussion about the ***** and whales?

Thank You.

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by dmiles In reply to Why is Discussion" so bad ...

If you are offended by the language that is being used you can send a email to tech republic,giving the thread and persons alias.
Each tech member is suppose to uphold the integrity of the site,which is stated in agreement when signing up.
Sometimes though you have to not take this personal and make like a duck and let it roll off your back,because you will not be able to police evrything that another member post.
Hope for the Best

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by Oz_Media In reply to Why is Discussion" so bad ...

Well sir, you still haven't found the right medium you are lookig for.

You mentioned that the Discussions don't offer enough relevant info, I agree, we could all use some better topics. When topics of interest run out, other OFF topic discussions start. These often go along several diferent sgues until people are ranting and raving at earch other.

Fortunately, most of the people here understand that dicussions are just that, DISCUSSIONS, not sermons and simply laygh and ignore what they don't want to prticipate in. Others get offended.

You seem to be disappointed that the topics are not relevant to IT, they often are and will be very intelligent when they are technical. There are some really great minds at work here. We all like to just enjoy a laugh or off topic discussion.rant to ease the day.

I'm sorry if they don't live up to your expectations, perhapse you will find mroe satisfaction out of helping others that have problems in the Q&A section, I often do when bored. not only do you get to help people and get the instant satisfaction but you also get to learn new things and gain points for when you have a problem.

Either way, it's nice to hear you found something you like here and can gain benefit from TR. Sorry you didn't like the battle of Discussion.


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by Oz_Media In reply to Why is Discussion" so bad ...

NOTE: for someone who asks questions here, you will get more responses if you rate and close them once in a while.

For every question you close and assign points to, you gain 1000 points. It doesn't make sense but have fun with it anyhow.

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by TheChas In reply to Why is Discussion" so bad ...

The discussion forum at TR is NOT moderated.

Those of us who use the discussion forum, like it that way.

Yes, there is some content that I would not want young children to see.

I suggest that you avoid the non-technical discussions if the content offends or bothers you.

In the time I've been a member of the site, I can only recall 2 peers that were enough out of line to be sanctioned.


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by Jennifer.Gardner In reply to Why is Discussion" so bad ...

You can feel free to start new discussions if there's anything specific that you wish people were talking about. Just look at all of the intelligent non-slanderous responses you received from this post!

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