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Why is it with males it seems

By zlitocook ·
More like we are harassing women and with females if they do the same thing it is just being friends? On a recent post of mine about reasions to skip work, I received some interesting posts about getting over my self. I treat everyone the same; I do not care if you are black, white, orange, male, female, gay, or what ever. I was just thinking about how people look at things and why. I have had manager and people training through the government were they do a profile study and psychology study. And I am a strong leader with low incentive to have others dislike me. I am a people person :) So why the big divide in IT for women?
I would rather work with a woman in certain areas because it has been shown that women think more interactively in certain ways then men do. But men think in terms that get the job done quickly.
I have read through the post and still wonder about the first question, why can we as males work with females in IT?

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I don't want to pick on the ladies

by mjd420nova In reply to Why is it with males it s ...


We all have our place..
I do hardware
My sister does software
Night and day???
Some times and mostly NOT
If you have the paper to
get yourself the job,
you should be paid the same
But can you do all aspects
of the job and I know I've
had few I had trouble with
myself. Why does there have
to be a difference, for the
same reason employers tell
their employees not to
discuss their pay with the
other employees. That way
preconceived ideas can be
perpetuated with outhaving
to be justified. Few
employers will be straight
up or forth coming unless
unionized. Unions are the
females blessing and more
power to them.

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by noyoki In reply to I don't want to pick on t ...

It doesn't have to be male/female. My dad can barely turn on a computer. My sister does CG & GD. My mom does almost everything software (but programming, though she can read code). I do hardware, networking, and (abit of, though taking courses to learn more,) programming: specifically C++, Java and TrueBasic...

Sure, it might take me longer to move an entire rack of servers. (I'm 5'2, 98 lbs.) But I can 98% of the time garantee that, if you give me something to do, I will figure out a way to do it. This includes having to take it apart and reassemble at new location or asking for help. But it will get done. (*Edit*: provided the users LEAVE ME ALONE LONG ENOUGH!!!!) By the same token, if you give me a GD project to do, again, either do it myself, or ask my sister for tips. My mother just came to me over a hardware issue (installing a socket CPU fan). Who can do everything? Certainly not you, me, or anyone else.

Well, maybe JD, but he's special.

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Ahaa tearsong

by stargazerr In reply to Actually

You are singing my song ...

I absolutely agree ... There is no "A MAN'S JOB" about IT


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The one reason i get for women not working in hardware

by stargazerr In reply to Why is it with males it s ...

is that they are not strong enough to lug around monitors .... I use that comment to my advantage and make the sales people do the heavy work ...

Being a tiny person makes my request sound convincing

But no ... There is no IT divide really .. Women are just as acceptable as men are ... More so, because we are more polite and helpful


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that don't hold water....

by Jaqui In reply to The one reason i get for ...

My 5'4" tall mom put together a chain link fence, using her fingers to twist the stay wires around.

She also was the person that would get 900lb sows onto the truck to take them to auction or slaughter.

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jaqui pay attention

by stargazerr In reply to that don't hold water....

I didnt say that I "cannot" do the lugging around the heavy stuff ...

I just like to see the sales people suffer


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by Jaqui In reply to jaqui pay attention

it wouldn't work on me. I know better. ]:)

it's the admin rats that should be lugging them around for you, the sales people actually do work, or no-one gets paid.

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The admin rats

by stargazerr In reply to and

are sitting in Oslo ...

The sales people might do work ... but they are also a pain in a lot of places ... ...

Sometimes they just deserve being made to crawl under tables. As for you ... I will come up with something when I need to ask you to do the heavy stuff ... Do you think "I am not feeling well <with a pouting face>" will work for you?? Or shall I come up with something a little subtler


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Me? Heavy lifting?

by Jaqui In reply to The admin rats

Why do you think I abandoned a 20 year career as a chef?
I destroyed my back from lifting and can't carry more than 25 lbs at doctors orders.


ohh, I shouldn't have laughed just then.. I still haven't gotten the rib that popped out of place monday afternoon to go back into place.

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be serious, Jaqui, stargazerr

by rob mekel In reply to Me? Heavy lifting?

A Serious question deservs a serious answer, so ppl come on and get a gripp on yourself

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