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    Why not start Internet-K(nowledge)?


    by bballal ·

    It is time that somebody starts Internet-K,a network only for sharing,spreading,providing “Knowledge”.Internet-K would be a place that people would visit without any ulterior,mundane intentions;it would be a place where humans would dwell on thier real nature- the pursuit of Knowledge!

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      Good luck with that

      by rickydoo ·

      In reply to Why not start Internet-K(nowledge)?

      The Internet was concieved as a knowledge sharing network from ARPAnet, and within a decade was saturated by commercial interests and snake-oil salesmen (spammers) because of it’s inherent lack of controls. Since an Internet-K would be based on thesame framework, it would take a Hurculean effort to maintain content purity and would necessarily need some sort of commercial financial support (opening up abuse of information by “spinning” the knowledge base to the advantage of corporate sponsors) or be restricted to a paid-membership pool which would then restrict access to the “haves” i.e. credit card holders with the means to pay the dues, and excluding low or no-income earners trying to better themselves , or those who do not wish to be in debt to credit companies because of personal freedom or lack of willpower to stop buying (e.g. ME).
      I’m not saying it can’t be done, just that it can’t be done purely. It will simply be an echo of the Wild Wild West that is the present Internet.

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      Good If you could

      by dark flame ·

      In reply to Why not start Internet-K(nowledge)?

      Personally I think it would be a great resource if it could be setup but maintaining the purity of the content would be a nightmare because as unfortunate as it is in today?s society people are always trying to exploit systems and they will always find a way to do just that, its just about as futile as trying to remove pornography from the internet as fast as you stop one source ten more take its place. The only way you could maintain a semi-pure content on such a system would be to get users to pay to be a part of it but it would have to cost enough to discourage people from using it for purposes other than it was designed but not to the extent where it discourages genuine users. In short ist a nice dream but I cant see it becoming a reality soon.

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        It can work with a sponser

        by been there ·

        In reply to Good If you could

        The only thing to get into a knowledge base sytem would be to require registration and verification. don’t allow phoney names, require address for verification and update evey quarter by mail. If this is done and someone is dishonest then they couldbe banned or prosecuted. That would include threats, hacking ect. When setting up for use only allow first names with a key number. That way the sponser can trace evildoers.
        Don’t allow E-mail addresses to be shown unless the sender permits it. Keep all addresses confidential. Then it may fly.

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          Spam From Sponsors

          by dark flame ·

          In reply to It can work with a sponser

          I like your theory of needing sponsors but what would they gain out of it? In my experience company?s capable of acting as sponsors to such a scheme wont do it for free and if they did they would probably insist on advertising of some sort or the ability to sell on your details.

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