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Why So Many Ads From TechRep Lately?

By tommyb ·
When I signed up for Tech Republic daily e-mails and etc., I agreed to receive PERIODIC e-mails about products and services. For a long time, everything was great. Once a month or so, I'd get an e-mail about a product or CD, and even purchased a couple. I can live with that -- and even appreciate having the CDs at my fingertips.

Over the past few weeks, however, the "periodicity" seems to have been increasing to the point that I am receiving at least one a day. Today, there were two in my Inbox! If this continues, soon I'll have so much junk from TechRep that I'll have to download my e-mail every 10 minutes so I don't exceed the 50 meg limit on my e-mail server! OK, that's an exaggeration...

Is anyone else experiencing an increase in the non-TechNote e-mails received from TechRep?

And if someone at TechRep is listening, PLEASE stop sending me such offers daily. While "periodic" may be defined as "daily" by some, the quality of your content is far too good for you to resort to tactics used by spammers. PLEASE go back to where you were a few months ago. I do appreciate the offers, but will start cancelling subscriptions to get off the lists if the frequency does not decrease soon (or even worse, will start reporting it as spam -- a situation that nobody wants).

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