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Why the Pop-Ups for AMD???

By AndeAnderson ·
When I pay for a subscription to an on-line service I expect the pop-up ads to be removed.

Now, TechRepublic is starting to hit me with stupid Pop-Up Ads when I click on a link from the "TechRepublic NetNote" newsletter.

If that happens when I am a paid subscriber then it might be time to just cancel my subscription.

I do not pay to receive Pop-Up Ads, they are free to unpaying visitors.

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which browser do you use?

by Jaqui In reply to Why the Pop-Ups for AMD?? ...

since I have yet to see a single popup on my unpaying user account.
using seamonkey.
( mozilla suite, not the gecko based internet explorer called firefox )

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I'm not seeing pop ups ...

by stress junkie In reply to which browser do you use?

... but I see a full page ad displayed as the home page. There is a link to go to the real home page. I'm using Mozilla 1.7.8.

I am a freeloader. Free membership. No money involved.

I agree that paying members should not have to see full page or pop up ads. Ads that are embedded in the pages are ok.

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I don't..

by Jaqui In reply to I'm not seeing pop ups .. ...

front page for me is the front page of tech republic.
only ads are those mixed into the content.

now, if we could get the ads to actually target the viewer.. looking at windows ads in linux discussion is somewhat of an irritant.
the ads for linux stuff would suit the view better.
possibly getting a better response instead of just ignoring ads completely, since they are for products I'll never be buying.

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Interstitial pop-ups

What you're seeing is an interstitial pop-up ad being generated by TechRepublic.

TechProGuild is the subscription arm of TechRepublic. Subscriber content is as free as possible of banner ads and pop-ups. If you check the TPG Home Page as well as any of the articles linked there, you'll see there are no ads in many cases.

If you go to any 'free' content on TechRepublic, that content does contain ads. Plus, you'll occasionally get that interstitial ad when you enter the site at That ad is generated by the base server and because we're hosted by that server, you'll get it.

You probably won't see it if you enter TechProGuild directly at

Removing ads from subscriber content was a benefit we added to TechProGuild almost a year ago. Like yourself, we felt that subscription content shouldn't carry ads. That content available to all still needs to carry an ad in order for us to be able to pay for it. Additionally, there are ads that appear for architectural issues that we have no control over.

John Sheesley
Senior Editor, TechProGuild.

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"Interstitial" What?

by AndeAnderson In reply to Interstitial pop-ups

Whooaa. I had to look that 50 cent word up. I had never heard or read it before, outside of a medical dictionary.

According to The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing it means "A World-Wide Web page that appears before the expected content page."

In the medical world it means "situated within but not restricted to or characteristic of a particular organ or tissue ?used especially of fibrous tissue"

In my world I knew it just as an "Entry Page" which is used by some unsavoury websites and phishers to redirect your web surfing.

Thanks for the explanation, I'm always ready to learn new things. I may not like what I learn, but I do like learning.

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