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Why We Need Ability to Flag Questions and Answers

By willcomp ·
Discussions in this forum have alluded to need for being able to flag inappropriate questions and responses. Check answer 6 in Q&A below for a prime example. It's possible that TR could get in hot water with such a post. Symantec likely would not be thrilled.

Although this is really directed toward TR staff, ideas and suggestions from peers probably would be helpful.

Some group of responsible users (if not all users) needs to have ability to flag inappropriate posts so that TR staff could review and take any action needed.


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Poor Ethics

by TheChas In reply to Why We Need Ability to Fl ...

I suspect that the anonymity of the web emboldens people with weak ethics.

Aside from people offering illegal copies of software, I have noticed other questionable posts here at TR.

Lately there have been a rash of posts offering a G-Mail invitation in exchange for money.

On an ongoing basis, people post asking for links to download movies, music and even software.

Not to mention the people looking for Microsoft Product Codes.

Since we have a peer moderated forum, I recommend that you use the help button, and send TR a note with a link to any inappropriate content you find on the site.


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Glad To, But....

by willcomp In reply to Poor Ethics


Would be glad to follow your recommendation, but have not seen any links to TR staff. Guess I need educating.

Looked under Help and still didn't see where to contact staff.

If you have a backdoor method, let me know what it is.

However, that still doesn't take the place of flagging what one deems an inappropriate post so that TR staff can review and resolve. If I didn't know how to contact TR staff other than this forum, have to assume a great many others are in same boat.



Reading The Whole Page Helps

When dummy here scrolled ALL the way down to bottom of page, he found contact link that Chas referred to.

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Re: gmail posts

by house In reply to Poor Ethics

I actually responded to one of those "gmail" threads, insulting the post, and offering some for free to hamper his corrupt effort. I am not impressed at all with the exploitation of these invites. They are being sold on Ebay too.

PS - I have a few to "give" away if any of my peers here at TR don't already have one. I keep getting them as fast as I can get rid of them. It's like a plague.

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same here

by apotheon In reply to Re: gmail posts

Let me know if any of you Insiders want/need a GMail invite. I've got a few.

I haven't seen those threads. I'm glad: I would likely have gotten into another argument, like I did with MrMiami when he started glamorizing electronic privacy violation.

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Renamed: RPG Thread. LOL

by house In reply to same here

...You've mentioned a few times that we should look you up. We can't interact with you. I don't know if you are past your monthly limit, or if you just didn't sign up for the contact ability.

I even went to your site to see if you had some sort of communication methods.

PS - RPG's rock. I have never been into the original pen and paper games, but I've been playing them in video game style since the 80's. Have you played Morrowind or Divine Divinity? Divine is one of the greatest RPG's I've ever played. When it was released, it was drowned by the success of Morrowind, Neverwinter Nights, and Gothic 2. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend giving it a shot.

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by apotheon In reply to Renamed: RPG Thread. LOL

I seem to have overlooked the fact that I needed to specify a number of messages I'd allow in a month, or whatever that was. I set it to "unlimited" now, but for some reason the PM option on my signature block thingie still doesn't appear to be active.

In any case, I've now inserted ICQ number and email information into my profile.

I've never been too keen on computer "RPGs". I'm a long-time pencil-and-paper style RPG lover, and have enjoyed the Internet-enhanced variations on that approach, but haven't been too big on actual computer games that pretend to be RPGs. They tend to get dull very quickly for me. I've been thinking about giving Neverwinter Nights a try, especially since it runs natively on Linux, but haven't felt the expense to be justified yet.

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Contact is working now

by house In reply to whoops

What about MMORPGs? These can be quite similar to pen and paper.

I think that it would be safe to say that any chat methods and numbers would be secure enough here at TRI. I wouldn't put them up on the profile page though.


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by apotheon In reply to Contact is working now

I accidentally typed "not" in referring to email and ICQ number in my last post here, when it should have been "now". I got your message(s), anyway.

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Tabletop RPGs all the way

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to whoops

I'm a latecomer to the RPG phenomenon, not picking it up until about ten years ago, but I'm a regular in a d20 Star Wars campaign and have run a number of tabletop adventures myself (highly recommend the BtVS game from Eden Studios). Tabletop is defintely the way to go.

And no, I won't bore you with details of my characters.


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by apotheon In reply to Tabletop RPGs all the way

Yeah, no matter how interesting a character is to a gamer geek like you or me, it usually isn't interesting to anyone else (even other gamer geeks, sometimes).

I think I need to find a good gaming group in my area, and get back into the habit of playing RPGs.

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