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Will Bush delay the election date for Homeland Security interests?

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Has anyone heard there are rumours of massive terrorist acts this election? If so, and the election is actually forestalled, how will they get a date that can be fair and inclusive for voters and yet keep the Terrorists from acting on that day?

For what reasons should we delay or not delay a Presidential election based on our security as a nation?

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No <EOM>

by maxwell edison In reply to Will Bush delay the elect ...
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No <EOM>

by maxwell edison In reply to Will Bush delay the elect ...
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Ain't gonna happen. not worth talking about.

by TomSal In reply to Will Bush delay the elect ...

This would be well beyond just a "rare" event. For starters, I don't believe the president alone has the sole authority to change the date of a national election. This would be something that would have to be approved by congress.

I just don't see this happening at all.

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That would be funy though

by Oz_Media In reply to Ain't gonna happen. not w ...

"I think we'll vote today. NAAAAAH, just kidding, I still have some more campagning to do in Delaware, maybe Thursday, I'll let you know by Wednesday afternoon how my campaign is going and whether or not I feel ready for a vote."

The citizens sit impatiently by radios and TV's all over the US waiting for the president to open voting season!

On a different note, it MUST be expected that SOME form of terrorism is planned. Whether successful or not is another story but I am sure it is in the cards somewhere. I am actually surprised nobody has said as much until now.

You have al-Qaeda members right in the USA, SURELY they must be working on something, even if a failed plan already.

I guess it's just wait and see, for the more morbid Americans who feel that everyone is against America if they don't like GWB, no I don't wish any harm or terrorism on your country or citizens.

It can't be ignored as a possibility though, and wouldn't Bush have egg on his face after claiming how much safer the world is without Saddam.

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by gralfus In reply to Will Bush delay the elect ...
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