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Will the US ever bring Osama Bin Laden to Justice?

By AV . ·
Almost six years after 9/11, I can't believe that Osama and his #2 Al-Zawahiri are so elusive. If the recent $50 million dollar bounty offered by the US on Bin Laden doesn't produce better intelligence, than I have to think that someone with alot of money and power is hiding him.

Possibly he is in Pakistan in the mountainous regions or maybe he died of his health problems in the obscurity of a cave. The fact is though, that he has remained untouchable, dead or alive, for almost six years.

Then again, maybe he isn't in Pakistan at all. Maybe he is in Saudi Arabia. Even though he is the black sheep of the Bin Laden family, blood is still thicker than water or oil. Maybe the US knows where Bin Laden is but can't touch him because of politics.

If Bush ever wants to save his legacy and save face with America, he has to bring this criminal and his minions to justice.

What do you think? Why hasn't the US brought Osama Bin Laden to justice six years after 9/11?


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Even if

by w2ktechman In reply to Will the US ever bring Os ...

Osama was caught, the Bush administration will still suffer plenty of ridicule for the rest of their actions.

A bounty of any size, would only be good to the living. If anyone knows where he is, they are either too scared, or faithful to Osama to turn him in.

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Osama would be the big fish though

by AV . In reply to Even if

I've always thought it was peculiar that Bush, a couple of years into the war on terror, suddenly decided that Osama was not all that important to catch. Did he do that because we didn't have good intelligence or because it wasn't politically correct with Saudi Arabia or maybe Pakistan?

Surely there has to be one turncoat out there that wants to be $50 million dollars richer.

How far does faith go if you have to live like they do everyday? **** on Earth. Is Osama and his ideals, a rich man, worth it?


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I think it was political

by w2ktechman In reply to Osama would be the big fi ...

Why else would we not have aken Osama in Afghanistan? Why did we pay warlords to get him when we knew where Osama was?
I think that they wanted Osama to be captured by locals, to downplay our involvement to the Muslum people.
Then he moved on, to Pakistan or elsewhere. To invade Pakistan at that point would have turned many against us, as we were already in Iraq

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Thats a good point

by AV . In reply to I think it was political

If the warloads in Afghanistan took care of him, Osama would be less likely to become the ultimate martyr because the US killed him.

We definitely can't invade Pakistan, but there has to be another way to get more cooperation from them. Everyone wants something. I'm certain that Pakistan jealously eyes our possible nuclear deal with India, for example, not that I would ever like to see a nuclear Pakistan.


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Open your eyes :0

by dawgit In reply to Thats a good point

Pakistan is Nuclear.!. Has been for a while too. And, they the rockets to deliever the war-heads. That part of the world is a nasty little pot of sticky goo. -d

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yeah, I believe it was

by w2ktechman In reply to Open your eyes :0

around '00 or '01 when they proved it.

As far as Pakistan goes though, I think it best to let them run their country unless they are seriously threatened. Then we should offer assistance to their current govt., or a better one. As is Pakistan is a tangled mess right now, and with the ability to create nukes, it is a very bad situation.
If the current govt. loses power, what should our immediate step be?
My opinion would be to move quickly and block off nuclear sites from terrorists while working with the 'new govt'. If not, we should quickly squash the new govt. if it is a terrorist regime, which it will most likely be.

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Bush administration took its eye off the ball.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Osama would be the big fi ...

I fully supported our military actions in Afghanistan and still do. The administration, for whatever good or bad reasons, decided Iraq was the bigger issue. Resources that could have been used in Afghanistan and Pakistan against the proven Al Qaeda threat were instead used against a possible threat in Iraq.

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I think most people were behind the war in Afghanistan

by AV . In reply to Bush administration took ...

Bush definitely got sidetracked in Iraq while Osama and Al Qaeda, the people really responsible for 9/11, were allowed to exist in the mountains of Afghanistan.

We should step up our efforts now to find Osama and Zawahiri. Its never too late to bring them to justice and it would mean a great deal to this country.


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Afghanistan, good. Get Bin Laden, good. But keep eyes on the prize.

by DelbertPGH In reply to I think most people were ...

Striking back at Al Qaeda by attacking the country that willingly offered itself as a platform for their operations was a good thing. Al Qaeda is still an important foe, and it would save us some future trouble to take down their top figureheads. It would also make us feel good, which is important.

However, killing Al Qaeda (which will go on with or without its head guys) is not going to win the "war on terror." Our problem will be zealot crackpot Islamists who grow up in small towns and cities across the world thinking that their religion or their states are under threat from the modern West, and that their lives mean nothing unless they do something big, and attacking us is the key to life. Sooner or later history will shift and these people will lose this special fascination, but until they do, we have an ongoing problem.

Calling it a "war on terror" is a simplification. We've got to fight terrorists, but we've also got to not throw fertilizer on the garden that grows them. This is a complicated situation that needs careful management as well as war-fighting, for a generation or more.

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Keep eye on the prize?

by inachu In reply to Afghanistan, good. Get B ...

The only goal here is to further the Bankers goal to shove Coca cola and Pepsi down the throat of every muslim in the middle east and have them thank us for it.

All this and we still do not use Iraqi oil in USA which is done to keep prices high.

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