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Are you still trying to figure out your Halloween costume? I sure am. I
have a couple of parties to attend and I'd like a fresh look for each.

I've been a witch for several years running now. I've added a little
something to the costume each year; pointy-toed shoes, a cape, large
false eyelashes. It's been a blast, but I've been trying to think of a
technology-related costume to wear this year. I want to surprise my
geek friends with something really off the wall.

If you have any suggestions for me, please post them in this
discussion. That way, everyone can benefit from the ideas.

And while we're at it, let's take photos and share our Halloween
festivities with one another, shall we? Be sure to take your camera to
any Halloween parties you attend and SEND ANY TECH-RELATED COSTUME
PHOTOS TO CONTENT1@CNET.COM. We'll collect them and create a Halloween
Costume Gallery. (Please use "Halloween" as the subject.)

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JUSTIN FIELDING asks, "What would you think if you started working for
a company and found that they had no firewall protecting their Internet
facing services?" Sound pretty silly, right? But, "Is your Wireless
infrastructure properly protected?"

It turns out that HUTCHTECH is human. He wants one of the new
video-capable iPods. However, he says the real Apple story of late is
the new iMac feature Front Row, which allows you to use your iMac as a
full-screen media center.

Regarding the quick implementation of Microsoft patches, SONJA THOMPSON
asks, "What happens when an early bird tries to avoid a worm?"

NARENDRN promotes XML databinding in Java using Castor.

The ECCENTRIC TECHIE is excited about the possibility that "MSN & Yahoo
users can share Instant Messages soon."

How do you make a fanboy happy? Get someone famous to read his blog.
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CRAIG said, "The future or demise of Visual FoxPro has way more to do
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doing or will do." Do you agree with him, or does Microsoft hold all
the cards? Comment to his post, "Want to invent VFP's future?" and let
him know.

"Should you worry about password cracking?" JESPER JOHANSSON says, "No."
Find out why.

If you didn't like the answer to that question, try this one: "Are
usernames superfluous?" He said no again. Read his post to find out

MARK KAELIN wants to know, "Do politics and games mix?" It sounds like
a sticky wicket to me, but Mark says, "I have always thought that all
the hype over violence corrupting the youth, whether it was the Three
Stooges, Bugs Bunny, Rock and Roll, or Grand Theft Auto, was really
just a red herring for what is essentially the normal generational

Finally, LEOOFMARS insists that "We should be dumb," when he describes
a "smart number fetish" he's recently encountered.



What TV family has added new words to our dictionary? THE TRIVIA GEEK
knows. Do you?

ROD TRENT is torturing me with news of Xbox Karaoke at $1 per song.
That could break me.**6&messageID=1866798&id=4206738

ARSNAKE has posted some family photos. How sweet! Thanks for sharing.
Now just take some Halloween costume photos for me!



If I want to impress the geeks at any Halloween party, what should my
costume be? Please post any suggestions for cheap and easy costumes in
this discussion.

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an e-mail. If you're recommending a blog for the next newsletter,
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I have an idea

by ITgirli In reply to WILL YOU BE A BIG GEEK TH ...

get a cardboard box and spray paint it an eggshell white color, then get a giant piece of blue mesh from a fabric store (so you can see through it, but still write on it with a fine point sharpee) then copy the blue screen of death stuff on there. the bottom flap of the cardboard could be made to look like a keyboard and you can attach a mouse. I call the costume "Windows on a monday morning"

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good one

by Tink! In reply to I have an idea

very cool.

You can do so much with a cardboard box! You can be a computer as ITgirli noted or you can be a Video arcade game. I remember someone who did that. It was a long cardboard box (wardrobe box probably) and was shaped like an arcade game. had a joystick on it an everything.

Or set aside the box and play around with the "mouse" idea. Like be a computer mouse, but with whiskers, ears and the tail is still a computer mouse cord.

Me, i'm too busy to costume myself. I have 3 kids to dress up!

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by master3bs In reply to I have an idea

That's the scariest costume idea I've heard in a long time!

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go with a pun

by master3bs In reply to WILL YOU BE A BIG GEEK TH ...

My favorite "grown up" costume I've ever worn has been as follows.

I have someone use makeup to paint a large P (that's right, the letter P) over my eye.

You guessed it; I go as a "black-eyed pea."

I've done this several times now. Guess I really am a geek.

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I've seen that!

by Beth Blakely In reply to go with a pun

One of my friends used that idea as a last minute costume. However, she created a big cardboard "P" and used string to hang it around her neck. She used makeup to paint black rings around her eyes. Voila! It was really cute.

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by master3bs In reply to I've seen that!

I like the variation. Glad to know others are on the same wavelength.

I hope to hear other pun costume ideas.

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go with a pun

by NEES In reply to go with a pun

I love it. Very inspirational.

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by master3bs In reply to go with a pun
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great minds think alike

by Sonja Thompson Staff In reply to go with a pun

Ok, so elaborate costumes aren't my deal. One year, I went to a costume party wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black shirt. When people asked me where my costume was, I told them that I was a bruise. Get it - black-n-blue? I crack myself up!

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Try black jeans with white shirt!

by LukCAD In reply to great minds think alike

There are two colours (black & white) that suitable for any situation, even you are on the acceptance with lords or kings. But if you add a little of red it will corrida!!!! Don't forgret to add the big boxing red gloves to your suit you will so stylish that all around will with big respecting stretch their hands to congratulate you with winner beforehand. Mans will kiss you only in neck (i can't image the kisses to boxing gloves), women will very enviouse about your success and will more then usually polite with you and very friendly outwardly but into their body all will boil from furely and helplessnessly before your supremacy.


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