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Win xp coa key id number

By burglr ·
I lost my key ID coa # for installation of windows xp cd is there a way around this product id number?

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No Bypasses

by TheChas In reply to Win xp coa key id number

There are no work arounds to get past the product key when installing software.

If you still have a working system that you installed XP to from this CD, you can recover the key.

There are a number of software packages that can recover the key on a working system.

Check out this TR article on Magic Jelly Beans key finder:

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by GuruOfDos In reply to Win xp coa key id number

If you have a valid legitimate copy of XP there are several ways to find the key. On all new computers sold with XP installed, the product key is normally on a sticker fixed to the case somewhere. On a laptop, it is normally located on the base of the machine.

If you registered your copy with Microsoft (as you are supposed to and prompted to!) then you will be able to contact them by telephone and they will give you a new key PROVIDE you can satisfy them that you are the original registrant, and that the machine you are re-installing it onto is the same machine that it was originally registered on.

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Notice email please

by dwdino In reply to Yes!

Burgalar @

'nough said.

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the email address came back as unknow/undeliverable

by hlnagy In reply to Notice email please

Tried your email address Burgalar @ Of course i took the spaces out, also tried using all lowercase and tried none worked.

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You realize that you are replying

by The Scummy One In reply to the email address came ba ...

to a 4 year old post, right?

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Here you go, XP CD key

by Dr Dij In reply to Win xp coa key id number

tHANKS to member Bizzo for this universal password, will unlcok every copy of windoz


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