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Win XP reinstallation

By Dreaded Mahn ·
I've re-installed windows xp on my computer, but the programs aren't in the start menu. How can I link them all to the start menu again? Is there a way I can set it back to the previous settings?

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by TheChas In reply to Win XP reinstallation

Unlike W98, when you re-install XP over itself, it wipes out all of the old installation.
This includes updated files, and the registry.

You will need to re-install ALL application software and Windows patches.

For the few programs that can run without adding DLLs to Windows, or keys to the registry, you can browse to the application file, and create a shortcut.

By the way, this is more of a question than a discussion topic. It should have been posted in the Technical Q&A section.


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thank you

by Dreaded Mahn In reply to Re-install

Thank you, this reponse has helped.

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Instead of reinstsalling

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Win XP reinstallation

Try Repair next time off the install CD. Al that you have to do is to is=nsert the CD into the drive and when prompted chose repair instead of install. This way you will at least retain your existing enviroment and all programs.

If you must reinsatll then wipe the drive as XP isn't as happy on a dirty HDD as what it is on a clean and bare HDD it just works better. But of course if you only have the one HDD you will need to backup all your data and this includes e-mails and your favourites listings as well as all your other data. This is part of the reason that I always run at least 2 HDD's with the smallest one having the OS on and the other larger one having all the programs/Data stored on it at least that way if something happens to the OS drive your data is safe. Of course this is all pointless if you are using a LT/Palm/Tablet but for any PC it is a really good idea because the likely hood of 2 HDD's failing together is very remote.

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